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Hello, my name is Teresa

Hello, my name is * °♥ ˚ • ★ *˚ .ღ Teresa * °♥ ˚ • ★ *˚ .ღ

Teresa, there's so much good stuff to talk about you. you are one the most amazing person I've met on this site. if you left this site I would have to to cause I couldn't do It without you. Know matter what anybody else says about you just know that you are amazing .You are truly my best friend on here. please don't stop ever being you! I love you so much :) :-:) :) (heart)(heart)(heart)(heart)
BB7fan aka Zach

Teresa, you are literally one of the best people I know in my life. You are always there for me no matter what the situation is and I couldn't ask for a better person in my life right now. We met 3 years ago, but have only really gotten super close these last few weeks. I've gotten to know you so well and you are so damn sweet you give me cavities girl lol. I could go on and on and on about your unhealthy obsession with coffee or your computer trying to take off in to space or your ancient typewriter of a keyboard. I could tell you how much I love you and that you are too awesome for this place, but you already know all of that. Thank you so much for everything, I love you <3333

P.S. Your dog snores louder than me lol Khart92 aka Kyle

Teresa you are one of my bestfriends on this website. I know that you actually care about me which is hard to find on here. i love you so much you have helped me through so much listening to me rant lol. Our calls late at night are freaking hilarious nobody understands us lol. Remember the time we were talking and then i asked you what you were talking about and you said you didnt know and i didnt either lmao.. Its hilarious when we are on call with other people and they get us mixed up. Anyways thank you for being such a great friend!!!


Your simply amazing. You have a selfless heart and you are just soo nice. Our skype convos are amazing and OMG your a an idoit... Enrolling in a fasting and saying "Hi, Im new here". Yes your new here because your 2nd on the HoF (at the time) and have simply amazing designs! I cant wait to get to know you better and become even better friends! :))

Ily. baza76

Teresa we haven't been friends for too long, but I think you are an incredible person. You are really fun to talk to and play games with. You're super funny and really really nice. I also love hearing that southern charm in your voice! I'm still waiting for my horse driving lesson! Thanks for becoming such a great friend!


Stokes – Teresa, we met because we were mutual friends with Tartra aka Kiera and from what i see, you are a very nice, sweet down to earth girl who is very loyal to her closest friends. I think we also have kinda a automatic understanding when we are in the same games together, you are a good ally to have because you rock the challenges..

Teresa, what to say hmm you are one of my best friends on this site and it wouldn't be the same with out you, i'm so glad to call you my friend no matter what happends we always seem to work out our problems and i'm just so happy we are still friends .... you are very sweet and have a big heart and you are a very forgiving person and I love that about you, xoxoxo Faygo

Teresa, you're an awesome friend and im so glad I got to know you and I always love playing games with you
Stay Perfect <33333


Teresa your a kind, caring and have a amazing personality :) you respects others and i remember ever since i was a little green level you have always threated me with nothing but respect.. I always looked up to you.. Also you are the pov queen of tengaged ily teresa

Nickgqc <3

xbadgirlblondex - Teresa <3 , What can I say LOL? We were so close when I was just a little noob and then we split apart but we started talking again ! You are probably one of the sweetest people on this site and I hope we can stay friends for a while <3

Since i have joined tengaged you have always been there for me, we have played countless games together and your one person on here who i am sure i can 100% trust no matter what! I am so grateful to have you as a friend on here and know that we will always play games and be good friends on here! ily so much! =] <33333 From: Tycoon1234 (Alex)

Stokes! I love you! Your so amazing, caring, nice, trustworthy and awesome person i know on tengaged! Thanks for sticking with a noob like me :P. Honestly you are the nicest person i know on this site! You can talk to me about anything and thats what i love about you! Good luck in the future and your gonna look good as #1 in the hall of fame ;). Love you <3 ~ Horror_Bull_710 aka Randy710

STOKES: im sorry i backstabbed u in that one game. but you are the best person i know! You are so sweet and like my best friend. always, Kitty Kat

I literally am in absolute love with you. You are so kind and nice and im so glad to have a friend like you on this site. We have had our ups and downs but we are still great friends now. Lets be bffs 5ever <3333333333


You are such a bright light! I always enjoy talking to you because you are so happy, cheerful and fun to be around. I miss all the fun we used to have. I know the good times have not ended. Hopefully we can catch up soon! You are amazing! Never change for anyone :P Luvs u girl


You are probably the future number 1 as noone knows it. It will only be a matter of time before you pass phenoanimal, then Finkle, then bbdamian and Jesse. I imagine you are a good person outside of tengaged too, nurturing your friends and having fun. I hope you and me can continue to play Frookies and more games. Wish you the best in life. Peace in love <3 (heart)

Teresa te quiero mucho y deseo que algún día me va a llevar a que el buffet de asombro que ocultar al mundo porque estoy seguro de que tienen la mejor comida allí. Honestamente yo quiero mucho y espero que tendré mis bebés después Mark.

by vh1luvr15 1 min ago

Or the centaur. Ok, so as everyone knows you are the Tengaged Centaur and I think first off you need to clean your hooves out, they're lookin a bit raunchy. Next, you need to not sleep-whinnie it's really disturbing when I'm trying to sleep and I can hear you from the stable. and third and most importantly you need to not have sex pics as your skype pics because I feel like they're what you'd find in the book "50 Shades of Gray"! LOL jk Teresa I love you tons and I'm so glad we started talking recently.....and btw you can thank #Coug4life for getting me started with that centaur stuff xD

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