Mearl's Survivor Westeros (APPS OPEN)

                                       Welcome to Mearl's 2nd Generation of Survivor!           
                                                               This is Season 3:                                 
                                                           Westeros APPS OPEN                           

Congratulations to DBWs, the winner of Survivor: Egypt!

A group of new castaways find themselves in Thebes, Egypt. To make it to the end of this game they don't only need to survive the harsh temperatures and dangerous animals; they need to survive each other. While the castaways will be working in tribes early on in the game, by the end they will be working on their own.

The game of Survivor is known to be made up of three aspects: Physical, Social and Strategical. However, this season there will be a lot of focus put onto one aspect. Since we are in Thebes, Egypt, a rumored birthplace of Hercules, it is only fitting that the physical aspect of the game will be more crucial than ever. In the end, whether they prove to be a master at the physical game, or they can use their social or strategical games to get around it, one person will prove triumphant and be the sole survivor!

    History/Rules/Golden Tickets                                                                Viewer's Lounge                                   

Applications for next season can be found.. (to be posted)

S3- Survivor Westeros- Mid February 2014
S4- Fans vs. Favorites

Day 2 Ta-Opet: MrAdamMan12 (6-2)
Day 2 Thebai: Bradyspaulding13 (7-1)
Day 3 Amun-Ra: PhillipA (7-0)
Day 3 Ta-Opet: Gametime (5-1-1)
Day 4 Thebai: Blueu22 (5-1-1)
Day 4 Amun-Ra: Dragotistic (6-1)
Day 5 Amun-Ra: Lukonia (4-2*)
Day 5 Ta-Opet: Rickyr777 (5-1)
Day 7 Jflora18 (Medical Evacuation)
Day 8 Amun-Bai: DrPepsi (4-2-1*)
Day 8 Opet-Ra: TheEclipse (4-2-2)
Day 9 Opet-Ra: Skittles22399 (4-3)
Day 11 Amet-Baira: ThatLoudDodrio (8-3-1*)
Day 12 Amet-Baira: Rstar51 (8-1-1-1)
Day 13 Amet-Baira: ILikeBugs (6-2*-1-1)
Day 15 Amet-Baira: JetteJ (Medically Evacuated)
Day 16 Amet-Baira: TDO88 (4-3-1)
Day 17 Amet-Baira: Sarah48 (6-1)
Day 19 Amet-Baira: Ninja41 (4-2)
Day 23 Amet-Baira: SplozoJames50 (3-2)
Day 25 Amet-Baira: Jamesthepezboy (2-2)

* indicates self vote

-=-=-=-Finishing Order-=-=-=-
24th- Bradyspaulding13 (7-1)
23rd- MrAdamMan12 (6-2)
22nd- PhillipA (7-0)
21st- Gametime (5-1-1)
20th- Blueu22 (5-1-1)
19th- Dragotistic (6-1)
18th- Lukonia (4-2*)
17th- Rickyr777 (5-1)
16th- Jflora18 (Med Evac)
15th- DrPepsi (4-2-1*)
14th- TheEclipse (4-2-2)
13th- Skittles22399 (4-3)
12th- ThatLoudDodrio (8-3-1)
11th- Rstar51 (8-1-1-1)
10th- ILikeBugs (6-2*-1-1)
9th- JetteJ (Medical Evacuation)
8th- TDO88 (4-3-1)
7th- Sarah48 (6-1)
6th- Ninja41 (4-2)
5th- SplozoJames50 (3-2)
4th- Jamesthepezboy (2-2)
-----FINAL TRIBAL------
3rd- Econ21 (1 vote to win)
2nd- Hudspith (1 vote to win, got golden vote)
1st- DBWS (5 votes to win)

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