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Liars Cycle 1 (Based off the show PLL)

This is a Real Time Competition to figure who the Murderers are before you get killed yourself.

This game is based off of the TV show, Pretty Little Liars

How it works, 14-20 contestants will enter the game.

2-5 will be randomly chosen to join the "Murderers"
These 2-5 have the job of hiding that they are committing the murders.

I will play the role of "A" feeding you truths and lies about the murderers and the other citizens. The Citizens must decide what is true and what is a lie.

The remaining players will all be citizens. Their Job is to figure out who the murderers are.

Every day change, a poll will be put up to decide who you all think is the murderer. The person who receives the most votes will be arrested.
Periodically throughout the Cycle, a few special events will happen.
1) The Murderers will be asked to decide 5-11 total people, throughout the season, to murder. Their goal is to eliminate the people who are getting close to discovering them. (They can be people in OR out of jail.)
2) At certain times, 4 citizens could be asked by "A" privately who they would like to be proved innocent and let out of jail. Every person who receives 1 or more votes from the 4 asked will get out of jail. *This even can occur 1-6 times throughout the cycle)

How to win:

Citizens: If the citizens are able to get all murderers in jail, then all the citizens who are alive and not in jail will receive 1st place while the Citizens who are in jail will receive 2nd. The dead citizens receive 3rd place along with the murderers.

Murderers: If the murderers can survive with at least 1 of them out of jail for 15 votes, then they will win and receive 1st. All other Civilians will receive 2nd. Dead civilians will receive 3rd.

1st: They will automatically continue on to the next cycle
(Murderers may or may not be selected as a murderer for the new cycle.)
2nd: In next cycle but will begin in jail.
3rd: No prize, out of the cycles

*** if you are eliminated, you can re-apply after 3 cycles

Green Check = you are currently safe and living among murderers. (murderers can have green check too)
? = you are currently in jail.
Black and white= you have been killed

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Liars Cycle 1 (Based off the show PLL)

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