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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Scott

Not German, but like my name implies I'm a tasty treat...

Skype: phoenixforce83

Goals on Tengaged:
(X) Enter a Fasting Game
(X) Enter a Castings Game
(X) Make Final Three in a Fasting Game
(X) Survive Castings without nomination
(X) Make Top Ten in a Castings Game
(X) Make Final Day in a Casting Game
(X) Win a Castings Game
(X) Win a Fasting Game
(X) Enter Rookies Game
(X) Make Top Five in a Rookies Game
(X) Make Final Day in a Rookies Game
(X) Win Rookies Game
(X) Enter a Frookies Game
(X) Make Jury in a Frookies Game
() Make Final two in a Fookies Game
() Win a Frookies Game
(X) Merge in Survivor
( ) Enter Stars Game
( ) Make Top Ten in a Stars Game
( ) Make Top Five in a Stars Game
( ) Make Final Day in a Stars Game
( ) Win Stars Game
(X) Get my yellow color level
(X) Get my orange color level
(X) Get my light green color level
(X) Get my dark green color level
(X) Get my blue color level
(X) Get my purple color level
(X) Get my red color level
(X) Get my brown color level
(X) Get my black color level
(X) Get 20 Karma
(X) Get 50 Karma
(X) Get 100 Karma
(X) Get 200 Karma
(X) Get 300 Karma
(X) Get 400 Karma
(X) Get 500 Karma
( ) Get into Hall of Fame

Group games:
TheWinner's Fast Big Brother Season 1: Winner (2 HOH, 3 POV)
Libanz's Big Brother Season 1: Runner-Up (4 HOH, 6 POV)
Joel_N's I Love Money 2: 8th
Mariah's Survivor Greek Isles: Winner
NBReality I Love Money 2: 13th
MJF Big Brother 3: 6th
TTRS Season 47, The Gauntlet III: Winning Team!
Chris2pei's Pokemon Tournament: Runner-Up (top scorer)

My Games 167 games played

18 Mar, 23
28 Dec, 19
30 Nov, 19
29 Nov, 19
14 Aug, 19
3 Jun, 19
29 Apr, 19

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