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Hello, my name is Corey <3's Heather

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TV STAR #317 BOUGHT ON APRIL 19th, 2014 @ 4:35PM EST


Supergoten: I've been waiting a long time to say I VOTED FOR COREY TO WIN STARS <3. And now, I have a message to the haters. Please don't vote for someone to win because they sent you a message asking for a vote, or because you hate Corey over a frookies you played two years ago. Please vote for the person who made it to the end UN-NOMINATED. I haven't played Stars in a very long time but I can say for certain, that getting to the end unnommed is EXTREMELY difficult. Please reward good gameplay, not who is the most popular. Ily corey <3

Stars Games:
Stars 274: 13th Place: (Evicted against Bigbrotherlover7 - 66.3/33.7 on February 11th, 2014)
Stars 286: 12th Place:(Evicted against Danio 60.8/39.2 on May 6th, 2014)
Stars 294: 7th Place: (Evicted against Panda13 59.6/40.4 on July 4th, 2014)
Stars 300: 4th Place: (Evicted against Tyler93 57.4/42.6 on August 16th, 2014)
Stars 313: 14th Place (Evicted against KrisStory 58.3/41.7 on November 10th, 2014)
Stars 322: 1st Place (Won with 40.8% of the vote against DanielleDonato 35.7% and Seemlyrough 23.4% on January 18th 2015; unnominated)

Anarchy Winner's Board:
S1: Tanya
S2: Tanya
S3: Eddie
S4: Sandy
S5: Eddie
S6: Bryan
S7: Marwan
S8: Heather
S9: Adam
S10 (All Stars): Andrew
S11: Bryan
S12: Latisha
S13: Keaton
S14: Holder
S15: Lance
S16: Tanya
S17: Aaron
S18: Holder
S19: Tanya
S19.5: Ellis
S20: Jayden
S21: Essence
S22: Eli
S23: Brian
S24: Holder
S25: Glen
S26: Lilly
S27: Lilly
S28: Lee
S29: Logan
S30: Heather
S31: Marcus
S32: Lilly
S33: Lance
S34: Omen
S35: Lance

Pink Box
S1: Heather
S2: Alex
S3: Mason
S4: Holder
S5: Lilly
S6: Dev
S7: Logan
S8: Logan
S9: Dev
S10: Halloween
S11: Marcus
S12: Austin
S13: Lilly
S14: Edgar
S15: Logan
S16: Jayden
S17: Kyle
S18: Nino
S19: Rozlyn
S20: Eddie
S20.5: Cameron
S21: Batya
S22: Ben
S23: Dev
S24: Cam
S25: Jenna
S26: Cameron
S27: Dev
S28: Jenna
S29: Hunter
S30: Heather
S31: Marwan
S32: Ida
S33: Jason
S34: Fufu
S35: Dev
S36: Jenna
S37: Lexey
S38: Dev
S39: Rob
S40: Lexey
S41: Donny
S42: Bryce A
S43: Ethan S
S44: Joey
S45: Jake
S46: Dev
S47: Dev
S48: Tris
S49: Birks
S50: Birks

Anarchy Box
S1: Latisha
S2: Jenna
S3: Eddie
S4: Lilly
S5: Kiiaran
S6: Heather
S7: Rob
S8: Lilly
S9: AJ
S10: Rozlyn/Latisha (co-winners)
S11: Latisha
S12: Eddie
S13: Tris
S14: Marcus
S15: Marwan
S16: Ida
S17: CJ
S18: Fufu
S19: Marcus

Survivor Greenland: JL

Corey's Big Brother 1 (7-3) Devon
Corey's Big Brother 2 (6-2) Devon

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  1. You know I never understoodvote
  2. lol stars is so boring
  3. who else is excited for the
  4. say what you want about Heather Leigh Cameron
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  6. Happy 23rd Birthday
  7. Let's say your friend was in your skype game
  8. hosting pink box in 10 mins
  9. congrats
  10. You guys realize
  11. CONGRATS TO7th
  12. pink box 10pm est
  13. Congrats
  15. I haven't played Stars in about a year
  16. YASSS
  17. i swear
  18. Has anyone ever had
  19. Lmaoooo dev

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