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  1. Showalterstar me in <3
  2. RightToCensorStar me in
  3. kyleddI want to join! Coreyants I was with you in The Dream Stars years me in.
  4. TaurusMoonAl dente
  5. Fredou127votez pour moi sil vous plait
  6. AshleyKissCoucou, votez pour moi svp :* by french-colombian gurl
  7. mbarnish1watch darknarwal (Yoshi multi) show up also
  8. SharonMaItemsbonjour BITCH~!
  9. D882Hello all
  10. ItsAlexiaHi
  11. DaddyDevjk love u fufu
  12. DaddyDevew fufu
  13. maturowhen can I get the electoral points
  14. ItsAlexiaHey tab
  15. maturoi want the electoral points

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Nominated for 13th in Stars

2 bigbrotherlover7, Aug 19, 2019

I'm not going to lie to you, I came right out of the gates swinging. And that threatened people. I refused to take "orders" for dumb sets. People who I figured were my "friends" *cough cough* Mbarnish1 decided to sheep the exact people who were after him. Anywho,..

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