Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Nick Girard

Soo what can I say about myself..

I live in Gatineau Quebec, im 25 currently doing a SME (Small and medium entreprise management) course at algonquin college in ottawa.

Im a huge fan of survivor I watched every single episode and i found tengaged searching for a online based survivor game.. Fell in love with it <3 I just recently started watching big brother too and its really good..

I really love fast fames and survivor :) it gives me a bad kpg but I dont really care i play just for fun tbh its just a game dont have too take it so seriously :p

Ive met alot of awesome people so far and i hope i get too meet many others :D Dont be shy too mail me Im friendly and I anwer evryone..
Looking foward 2 meet you all


Total games played- 842
Frookies Finals- 306
Frookies Wins- 163 (143 2nd)

Frookies Final 2 Streak- 7 (Done twice)
Frookies Winning Streak- 5

Percentage of games made finals in (306 out of 842)- 36.34%
Percentage of games won (163 out of 842)- 19.35%
Percentage of finals wins (163 out of 306)- 53.26%


Total games played- 59
Crookies Final 3- 31
Crookies Wins- 8 (17 2nd and 6 3rd)

Crookies Final 3 Streak- 6 (Currently 1)
Crookies Winning Streak- 4

Percentage of games made final 3 in (31 out of 59)- 52.54%
Percentage of games won (8 out of 59)- 13.55%
Percentage of finals wins (8 out of 31)- 25.80%


Total games paid for- 27
Survivor total merges- 40
Survivor highest merge streak- 7 (Currently 7)

My Games 1642 games played

24 Sep, 20
14 Sep, 20
11 Sep, 20
10 Sep, 20
4 Sep, 20
30 Aug, 20
29 Aug, 20

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