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Sam's Survivor

Status of S3: TBD

SEASON 2 (Fiji)
Placements: (* indicates idol was played)
18th: Papi (Dabaebae) (4-2) (Luvu)
17th: Isla (Systrix) (4-1-1) (Ua)
16th: Bryan (iTy990) (5-0) (Luvu)
15th: Royaltyy (Royaltyy) (4-2) (Yase)
14th: Jornsy (Jornsy) (Quit/Removed) (Luvu)
13th: Lindsay (LindsayMiaw) (6-6*-1*) (Ua, Merge)
12th: Marcus (Yandereboy12) (7-4-1) (Luvu, Merge)
11th: Pavaneli (Pavaneli) (6-2-1-1) (Yase, Merge)
10th: TJ (dripteejay) (7-1) (Ua/Luvu, Merge)
9th: JJ (moviemusicguy123) (5-2-2) (Yase, Merge)
8th: Matty (MrMinaj) (3-2-2-1) (Ua, Merge)
7th: Nick (nickgqc) (lost do or die) (Ua, Merge)
6th: Thomas (Tcold312) (5-0) (Yase, Merge)
5th: Lions (lionsden121) (4-1) (Luvu/Ua, Merge)
4th: Owen (penguinowen126) (lost fire-making challenge) (Luvu, Merge)
2nd/3rd: Jay (teamclay) (Yase, Merge) & Ryan (arskinsky78) (Ua, Merge)
1st: Scott (gbpackxlvchamps) (Yase, Merge) (5-1-1)

SEASON 1 (Cambodia)
Placements: (* indicates idol was played)
16th: Here (Here) (7-1) (Bayon)
15th: Oedipus (Oedipus) (4-3-1) (Ta Keo)
14th: Michael (FairyBoss) (5*-2) (Bayon)
13th: Tayler (Tayler_Barlowe) (4-1-1) (Bayon)
12th: Tester (Tester) (5-4) (Bayon, Merge)
11th:  Owen (PenguinOwen126) (6-3-1-1) (Ta Keo, Merge)
10th: Lindsay (LindsayMiaw) (4-1) (Ta Keo, Merge, Bayon)
9th: Hector (Hector) (3-2) (Bayon, Merge, Bayon)
8th: Luan (LuanPedrinho) (Medically Evacuated) (Ta Keo, Merge, Bayon)
7th: Ruby (RubyStretch1) (4*-3)
6th: Scott (GbpackXLVchamps) (3-2-1)
5th: Bailey (Bkeast) (4-1)
4th: Huzzy (Huzzy22) (lost fire-making challenge)
3rd: Veigar (Veigar)
2nd: Destiney (Vaultg1rl)
1st: Robbie (Robson704) (4-2)

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