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Hello, my name is Cactus Jack

I'm Canadian █ ♥ █

♛Highest Rank: 164th♛

✮TV STAR 484✮

➼ ➼ ➼Winner of The Hunger Games #286 ➼ ➼ ➼


just another loafer


♛Arris is my brother from another mother♛

✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦Sports are my life✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦

✦Proud Supporter of the Detroit Lions #DefendTheDen #OnePride

✦Borussia Dortmund fan! In Marco Reus WE TRUST

✦Chelsea FC fan #ComeOnChelsea

✦I'm a #BeLeafer of the Toronto Maple Leafs even if it takes 30 years to rebuild

✦Toronto Blue Jays fan #ComeTogether and Josh Donaldson 4 MVP

✦Toronto Raptors fan #WeTheNorth

★Stars 327★: (20 Person Stars) - Debut in Stars (7th Algoed)

Nommed for 17th (SAVED)
Jouix 57.3%
JasonXtreme 42.7%

Nommed for 11th (SAVED)
SuperFreak 52.8%
JasonXtreme 47.2%

Nommed for 9th (SAVED)
nikki101 54.1%
JasonXtreme 45.9%

Algoed (Algo Evicted) - 7th
Auto Elimination because of 20 person stars

★Stars 356★

Nommed for 12th (SAVED)
tennisplayer963 58.3%
JasonXtreme 41.7%

Nommed for 10th (SAVED)
Bradyman7 56.2%
JasonXtreme 43.8%

Renommed for 9th (evicted)
JasonXtreme 51.5%
dallas1 48.5%

Amazing Birthday wishes I will never forget

[6:18:05 PM] jamie andre: we’re in frat seat game! and jason guesses wrong...
[6:19:01 PM] Christos (Χρήστος): jason
[6:19:03 PM] Christos (Χρήστος): being useless
[6:19:06 PM] Christos (Χρήστος): like usual

[10:42:41 PM] Ahmed (Άχμεντ): let me tell u this much
[10:43:00 PM] Ahmed (Άχμεντ): i better not see u on the toronto streets bitch

[11:54:08 AM] Jason Snow #➋➐: Jon is the best and everyone knows it tbh
[11:54:15 AM] Imtht Jade: u know nothing jason snow

[11:45:52 PM] Imtht Jade Lahey: JASOn
[11:46:00 PM] Imtht Jade Lahey: GET ON U LOAF

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