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Hello, my name is Cswaggerr

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"ugh ur the best and your making me broke but ily too much not to support you." -(Tommy)-

"You have given me so many gifts and it's time I repay you even just one of them. You're my rock and my #1 and yes I'm still waiting for my birthday present :) Enjoy your new hoodie and make sure you always think of me when you put it on. Te amo mi amor <3" -(Tony)-

"You are the most genuine shop owner I have ever met, thank you for not only helping me out with gifts, but also gifting people with few gifts so they can enjoy a good looking avi. Enjoy this shirt, my bad on voting you out of survivor back when we met. :D" -(Justin)-

"Time will not erase all of the tears streaming down our faces for you. We'll miss you baby boy." <3<3<3

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