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Pokemon go Jul 29, 2020
send me your trainer codes I got a bunch of gift :)
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Looking for.. Jul 27, 2020
People who play pokemon go mainly for giving eachother gifts or what not
Mail me your trainer codes!!
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Whose still here? Mar 8, 2020
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Met with a ex BB cast member Jun 25, 2019
If you want to have a chance to talk live with a ex Big Brother cast member then this blog is for you!!!

I havent been around lately because I recently started live steaming and it kicked off pretty well so im focusing my time and energy on improving my stream. Recently I met Bruno from season 3 and 5 who is also a streamer and we became buddys, we also live not far from eachother so thats pretty cool!! He also got me to meet johnny mac :D

Tonight he is doing a live podcast right after the BB premiere, he just recently started streaming and his chat isnt too crowded. SO IF YOU WANT YO ASK QUESTIONS TO A EX BB CAST MEMBER THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!!! He will be on shortly after the episode ends here is his channel to talk in his chat you must create a mixer account. Dont forget to click on his follow button!!!

If any of you want to support me please come check out mine as well 

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I had a great idea the other day!! Mar 7, 2019
Since ive came back I have seen alot of people talking about multis saving people in stars or say "Get multied out". I don't know if anyone already thaught of this before but why not make a rule that you need to be a higher level to vote in stars (Maybe orange or light green). It would avoid this problem or at least make it harder to do for the multi users

Just a thaught randomize
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NOMMED FOR 13TH Feb 11, 2019
imageI'm not surprised people want me out for being a threat and it didn't help that I was playing hard but being such a target, it's not like I can play a under the radar low key game!!

I've been honest and loyal to the deals I have made but all i've gotten in return is beeing backstabbed and lied to my face. Makes me wonder if I should turn to the dark side and use my jedi powers for evil doings 馃槇 Nah i'm just messing around in the end it's just a game and I wouldn't let it get to me.

If you want to see some action and see people playing hard definitely keep me in the game, If I go no biggie and was a fun ride!! Thank you to everyone who saved me including the silent voters and goodluck to the rest of the cast if I go xo
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