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Got blood level

8thNov 20, 2012 by nickgqc
i wanted to thank evryone who joined my charity:

joe1110 we hardly know eachother but thanks for joining i will remember that and i owe you 1 sorry you got 13th :S

mancebo i dont know you but i know you are a strong player from seeing you in survivor so i couldnt risk you staying and winning povs while my friends get evicted over you sorry man

sherman77 sucks you joined by mistake but i did save you with pov it was funny lol you seem like a cool guy hope we get to play again

snix thanks for joining even if you needed to go to bed.. your a great guy and i hope we can forget what happened in that frookies and move on i like you as a friend

zingbot23 great player bro and you always make me laugh lol evrytime i see you.. sorry you didnt make it further :(

cecumecu you know i love you i was sad you had to go :( your always there for me and you know its the same with me beeing there for you :P

rasgrand sorry man idk what happened you were suppose to stay.. i know you needed the ts ill make it up to you someday i promise.. I think i might of screwed up idk i remember saving you but supposely i didnt so.. sorry :S

im_amazing ilysm babe i know you needed ts and i was hoping you could get ts back.. you spent all your ts to join and you came so close :( im very thankful you joined and i know it ment alot to you.. your amazing and dont forget that :P

skye10 you know i love you and i helped you get your money back like promised.. im sorry you got 5th but if you made finals you couldnt join aes charity :( im very happy you joined we hardly talk to eachother lately and i miss you alot :(

jb237613 jb your the oldest friend i have on here.. lots of memories and lot of history between us.. your a awesome guy and i wish all tengaged would see that.. your always there for your friends no matter what and its incredible how much you protect them.. Love ya bro

aes222aes ily and i always have fun talking with you :) i think if it wasnt for you i wouldnt even of had my charity tbh cauz i hate asking people to join and the chat for your charity was the reason why i could gather evryone.. ty and i hope your charity works out like mine did :P

damo1990 grats on making finals :) i was hoping you would make it in f2 cauz i feel bad in cecus charity i screwed up and you got 5th.. i dont even know what happened that game but it was a honnest mistake i voted real quick and was distracted.. im happy you joined chaos cauz your one of my bestest friends :) nothing personal but i hope they dont vote for you loll

so thanks all of you and thanks to all my other great friends who couldnt be there to join

love you all


omg grats! :D
Sent by atti12,Nov 20, 2012
Congrats! =]
Sent by Swifty,Nov 20, 2012
yay grats :) < 33
Sent by Kekshe,Nov 20, 2012
congrats nickgqc
Sent by STOKES2009,Nov 20, 2012
grats on blood!!!!
Sent by tommyboy614,Nov 20, 2012
Grats and sorry:(
Sent by aes222aes,Nov 20, 2012
Sent by im_amazing,Nov 20, 2012
grats :)
Sent by damo1990,Nov 20, 2012
im glad you waited so i could join. ily babe
Sent by im_amazing,Nov 20, 2012
Sent by sturner161,Nov 20, 2012
grats hun < 3
Sent by cecumecu,Nov 20, 2012
Grats Nick =]
Sent by Orlando652,Nov 20, 2012
Sent by sturner161,Nov 20, 2012
Sent by jenzie,Nov 20, 2012
congrats buddy!
Sent by tadds,Nov 20, 2012
Grats Nick! < 3
Sent by Buildie,Nov 20, 2012
Sent by Chlltownofcourse,Nov 20, 2012
gratz man :)
Sent by Fredcrugar,Nov 20, 2012
(clap) :)
Sent by Snix,Nov 20, 2012
Sent by aaronstevens4444,Nov 20, 2012
Sent by Steel,Nov 20, 2012
Sent by mancebo,Nov 21, 2012
congrats Nick!
Sent by torimarie,Nov 21, 2012
congrats < 3
I'm so happy for you :)
NotAfraid < 3
Sent by NotAfraid,Nov 21, 2012
Sent by kavalle,Nov 21, 2012
Sent by tayman14,Nov 21, 2012
Gratz! X
Sent by Clogsy,Nov 21, 2012
Sent by egaga911,Nov 21, 2012
Grats! =D
Sent by mattkwon1,Nov 21, 2012
Sent by JGoodies,Nov 22, 2012
Sent by im_amazing,Dec 2, 2012

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