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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Conza1994

8 months. 200 games. TV Star 191. Yay?

Hunger Games record- 5th, 1st (21st hg), 2nd, 2nd

26 Survivor merges- Tribe "Chairing is Caring"

[24/02/13 11:18:14 AM] Danny Irishman: you're my favourite
[24/02/13 11:18:15 AM] Danny Irishman: in the world
[24/02/13 11:18:19 AM] Danny Irishman: full stop.

HelenCoops 0 min ago
Snix doesn't have a small penis

[6:56:05 PM] #Steven (Regularise): cause youre better than me in challenges

[8:17:12 PM] Ben/Snix ;): my other best friend is Korean
[8:17:18 PM] Conor ;-;: disgusting.

LeXXXy 26 min ago
virgin? LMAO wtf ? are you ok?
you can't literally sit there and pretend you've fucked or been fucked by anyone or anything for that matter because who the fuck would wanna hit it with your greasy ass, dirty body
i literally feel sick thinking about it. nobody wants to be with you irl or even touch you because you haven't showered in god knows how long

Snix you're right tbh, i shouldn't
but it's just annoying i'm losing to the most ugliest, annoying, vile creature i have ever had the misfortune to come across, that's all
Sent by LeXXXy,Aug 17, 2015


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