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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Nominated for 5th in stars!!

6thJan 2, 2015 by nickgqc
imagefirst seeing this cast, I knew it would be a extremely tough game. I had almost half the cast who i didnt get along with before this game and I knew they would put me up without hesitation (jgood, nattie, bbdamien, mexash, eric, jouix) but even with all these ennemies I managed to stay off the block the 3 first rounds and went up for 12th.

After going up against funneh. Seeing how close the vote was and alot of people said he was hated so i knew i wasnt gonna be too popular and couldnt win polls against many people.. I tried and use that to my advantage and kept me safe by making people know i wasnt a popularity threat. It worked fine but with so many people wanted me up my name was beeing thrown out evrywhere. I was a counter with nick33 for 10th, countered again with nick33 for 8th, counter with bbdamien for 7th and 6th and i managed to keep myself off the block each time.

I know that i dont have a good shot at staying in this poll but im hoping people will save me for my gameplay. And no matter what happens Im proud of the game I played and I know that I tried my 100% everyday

thanks for evryone who saved me including the silent voters :)

gl will!!!


ok I thaught you did
Sent by nickgqc,Jan 2, 2015
Saved you and GL!
Sent by sdriver999,Jan 2, 2015
Sent by rabbaj,Jan 2, 2015
Sent by jsylvia76,Jan 2, 2015
saved and plus 15
Sent by AlbertHodges,Jan 2, 2015
love the dog ++
Sent by Carriexoxo24xo,Jan 3, 2015
gl dude! saved you
Sent by woeisme,Jan 3, 2015
Evicted you for your 2-year bitterness. Goes both ways
Sent by capguy1,Jan 3, 2015
good luck!
Sent by ASupreme,Jan 3, 2015
Survivor Solomon Islands
Sent by bingo21,Jan 8, 2015

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