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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Just makin evrything clear

1stJan 20, 2013 by nickgqc
That lamia is a total douchebag

Yesderday he joins a frookies when there was ALREADY 2 people waiting in the game claiming it was his ''getting close to sky charity''.. HE WAS FUCKING 100 KARMA AWAY FROM SKY.. LIKE ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME HES GONNA DO 4 CONSECUTIVE CHARITIES???

If your that bad at this game that you have to do multiple charities to get karma just fucking quit man.. And dont jump over people in games claiming a non-legit charity like how douchebag can you be lmfao.. and the worse part in all this is that after his non-legit charity gets ruined he makes a blog whining that he got ruined wan wana wan.. Even after i posted in his blog explaining this he deleted my comment cauz he knew i was right and he would look like a dick so know im posting this blog knowing he cant delete it :P


he's an idiot
Sent by Yaxha,Jan 20, 2013
he's also incredibly stupid, but we knew this already
Sent by Steel,Jan 20, 2013
Sent by austino15fffan,Jan 20, 2013
inb4 another generic "Lamia is an idiot" top blog.  They are getting old and boring.
Sent by KipM,Jan 20, 2013
lamia is my father
Sent by mrjjsmithy,Jan 20, 2013
+12 im not involved in this but i dont believe it was a legit charity from the outside :)
Sent by bailey5000,Jan 20, 2013
hates him
Sent by chancepryor,Jan 20, 2013
He's kind of a huge jerk
Sent by Rockslide,Jan 20, 2013
ugh well yeah plussed
Sent by Tabatha,Jan 20, 2013
you're right. unless he needed 25 karma or more to get that color level, it wasn't necessary. sorry lamia :/
Sent by Lotus,Jan 20, 2013
Sent by suzycroatia,Jan 20, 2013
I love Lamia :)
Sent by Buildie,Jan 20, 2013
Sent by LoverGurl,Jan 20, 2013
I like you both! :/
Sent by Etienne,Jan 20, 2013
Sent by LittleMix,Jan 20, 2013
Sent by Sparky9171,Jan 20, 2013
Lamia is just one of those people who need help irl....he is still pissed about online karma & ts
Sent by Cray,Jan 20, 2013
maybe I was gonna make 4 charities..
Is that ur business ?
Sent by Lamia,Jan 20, 2013
yaxha If u say u love me, I'll gift you like 5 times...
Sent by Lamia,Jan 20, 2013
Sent by TheGoodMan,Jan 20, 2013
Lmaia is an idiot - plain and simple.
Sent by Playboyy,Jan 20, 2013
at least, write my name correctly playboyy BFF :*
Sent by Lamia,Jan 20, 2013
Ok I am noting these comments or plusses for the FUTURE.
Sent by Lamia,Jan 20, 2013
lamia you can -12 me all fucking day, but that won't change the fact that nobody respects you
Sent by TheThomas,Jan 20, 2013
TheThomas I dont neg blogs/spams/designs/anythng  like u and ur friends do for the 'LOLz'
thats the difference between me and you.
Sent by Lamia,Jan 20, 2013
Lamia doesn't understand the concept of charity I guess.
Sent by qwert2,Jan 20, 2013
@qwer2 If u have enough friendss, who cares that what charity its for ? These people just joined to ruin because they had MULTIS in the game.
@Cireas1 = @TasteTheRainbowBitch
I was calling my friends and they were coming till Cray mailed me like 'Me and my friends will ruin ur game'
Isnt that clear or You dont wanna UNDERSTAND ?
Sent by Lamia,Jan 20, 2013
oops qwert2
Sent by Lamia,Jan 20, 2013
If I am incredibly stupid, you are incredibly GAY steel
Sent by Lamia,Jan 20, 2013
maybe I was gonna make 4 charities..
Is that ur business ?
Sent by Lamia,Jan 20, 2013
Sent by jacco,Jan 20, 2013
lamia Ok I am noting these comments or plusses for the FUTURE.
Sent by Lamia,Jan 20, 2013

Noting so you can hold it against them and/or neg them? I don't neg for the 'LOLz', and if you're referring to xat who did that in early 2011, it broke apart a long time ago

plz dont assume
Sent by TheThomas,Jan 20, 2013
hi jacco , what do u think about 'getting multis' hun ? Do you have any ?
TheThomas yes I am noting.. Cause I dont even know half of these people and If they dislike me, so be it. I wont be nice to people who are rude to me. Blood to blood, am I clear enough ?
Sent by Lamia,Jan 20, 2013
LMAO. Lamia is such a fucking dumbass. I've seen him around a lot. I'm seriously convinced he might have serious problems.
Sent by Notsae,Jan 20, 2013
Sent by Lamia,Jan 20, 2013
nooo he's gonna get you banned now :( Nickgqc
Sent by CK11,Jan 20, 2013
Multi's in a game would result in an immediate red nose and banning
Sent by qwert2,Jan 20, 2013
Oh God.  Your grammar/spelling is just as bad as his.

You two are a match made in heaven.
Sent by Insanity,Jan 20, 2013
lamia has a huge cock.  And is fucking talented with it.  stop hating him cuz i got lock jaw by trying to get him off.  you all take things WAY to serious!!! live, love ans have FUN!!  You all are soap opera bitches!
oh btw Hi!  nice to comment!
Sent by BettyRubbble,Jan 21, 2013
bettyRubbble you are my boomboombetty bitch :P
these 13 yo idiots wont get it but w/e :P
Insanity I am not an american/ english =L If you want I can talk on my own language but only chemicalali will get it. So get ur facts str8 love before attacking my english
Sent by Lamia,Jan 21, 2013
Lol lets give the guy a break
Sent by Hakim,Jan 21, 2013
Yeah. lamia is a sad person
Sent by mmar,Jan 21, 2013
Sent by cheznahuf,Jan 21, 2013
Yeah lamia is garbage
Sent by BrendonByrne,Jan 21, 2013
You have a lot of multi's.
Sent by McBenjamin,Apr 4, 2013

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