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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Mia's

Bilingual all the way

Tengaged Family ~
Husband: JT aka jttheprince (irl bf, so bitches better keep your hands off my man)
Best Man/Brother: Kyle (Kkoster), Tuninho, DJ (lilsaz)
Twin: Owlboled
Sexy Neighbor: Amy (Amylou8251)
Best Buddies: Danio, Mits🧡
Sister: Katibug
Gayfriend: Hayden, Cam
Frenemies: Avatar20, Espon

Opinion for me

Mia you are just a big sweet heart and I cant think of one day you dint -westyman557-

when tears fell from my eyes
you were there to brush them away
when I was lost in confusion
you were there to say that everything would be okay
when I stood before you falling apart
you were there to lend your heart
when I felt like no one could understand
you were there to take my hand
when no one else was left to care
You were there

maya you are one of my fav people on here and close friends as well. je'taime -jess (owl)

You: Nice, Full of Understanding, trustworthy, loyal, amazing, good to make smile,list goes on forever. -Zackboy967

hehe cute <3
"Mia i love you and i would have quit tengaged if it wasn't for you, truth is most people on here are a bunch of liers but your sincere and funny and make me smile every time i see your on. Mia i was going through a rough time when i met you and you helped me through it because your an amazing person, *pulls out ring "will you do me the honor of becoming my tengaged wife so i can show everyone else how much i love you?" -ruefan-

i find this sweet when i have an awesome brother:
Maya10 please don't leave,I've know you for a year now,you helped me^ through my problems and you were there for me like a big sister should be,sure I'm not the best brother but your the best sister tengaged without you is is like peanut butter without jelly,we are like ying and yang we keep ^in balance of eachother an I don't want that to change,if you leave I leave because I would hate to see you leave,you made tengaged different
You cheered me^ up when I'm down
I got back up off the ground and now
You need to stay
For another day
Just to make everything ok
Try be the strong sister and keep your head up and you'll make it through that way
I love you sis
And I don't want to go through this
Your little brother
Destery Oliver Johnson a.k.a DJ

*ahem* Mia, you are like, one of my defs best friends on tengaged. I really was blown away when I first met you, by your kindness, sweetness, and on top of that, you will always be right by my side supporting everything i do. You always try hard, and I will always have your back You are a great friend, and I luv u forever <3 -ninja-

Sometimes in life you meet someone special
Who's more than a friend
Whom you admire
One for whom your heart beats
Sweetheart, for me that special someone is … YOU
It feels wonderful to have you in my life I love you -john-

from tuninho
Maya - My little BabyDoll! (",)

OMG ILY <333 you have been nothing but one of the greatest friends on here. You are very sweet and you always know how to cheer me up. I dont know what i would do without you <33333
from caleb (cwmoon)

Maya10 :) I remember you from DaBitch's The Colony.. which became a Hunger Games... and then after probably what? 10 different group games we still talk and play together a lot :) a really good friend and always someone to talk to :) -carraid73-

This is from danio and he just made me cry

I sit alone thinking of you
and all the things we've both been through
You are my soul mate, my very best friend
and I know you'll be there until the end

Your shoulder to cry on will soon be gone
who will be there when something is wrong
When times are tough you're always there
It shows me just how much you care

Although were going separate ways
you're in my heart till my final days
Nothing can make a person see
how special a friend you are to me

I dreamed of a friend just like you
and finally my dream came true
Nothing else could ever fulfill
everything you're friendship will

You understand a side of me
that no one else could ever see
You know whats wrong before i cry
but if I do, you will always know why

A friend like you is hard to find
you put my problems all behind
You were there when no one cared
the best times were the ones we shared

We've been together through good and bad
you made me laugh when i was sad
And no one else could ever be
as good of a friend you are to me

Our time together is wilting away
more and more everyday
But now until the very end
you'll always be my special friend.

Maya! your cute, kind, funny, and my best friend on Tengaged xx -hotspicy-

One of the best role players I have EVER seen, your characters are so realistic and I love rping with you! You are such a contribution to group games and a lovely person to be friends with! Keep being amazing because you are a superstar! #RPLegend -Maggiewong

Nick names:
Kit kat

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