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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Meli


Many people will walk in and out of your life,
But only true friends will leave footprints in your heart

People come into your life for a reason but go like seasons. But know that the people that matter the most will always be there for you no matter what ;)

things ppl have said about me:

Mel, let's see. We started by arguing over how I decided to vote for a winner in a frookies and from then on we've been not only on the same page but we've become the closest of friends and more. We both play similarily, we both have a play hard and fight hard mentality. but we both understand that Tengaged is just for fun and it's not worth worrying about. You are way more then an ally, you are one of my best friends and my heart...I love you so much (clutch8791)

Melissa, when i first met you i did not have much of an opinion for you. Thankfully time has changed that, you are kind, loving, creative, and very truthful. I have loved getting to know you, in such a short amount of time you have became one of my best friends on tengaged if not the best. I will always have your back no matter what because i know you have mine. Having a friend like you is so rare it just shows me that i need to hold onto you. Thank you melissa for everything, especially changing my opinion of you. You are such a sassy person, and i love it. <33333333 (supremacy)

Mel I am so thankful we got to know each other better over the past few months! You're amazing I wouldn't trade you for anything, I can't wait for us to eventually meet up irl and party it up!! LOL You're my best friend on tengaged, thank you for making my time on this site so worthwhile! I LOVE YOU <3 (jouix)

Hi, your the only person on here I can trust 100 % and you have gifted me twice even though I asked you not too ;) im glad we are friends and I know that we would keep in touch even if I left tengaged. Its good to have someone on here that I can talk to and you know you can always talk to me (i might not always respond right away) but at least I eventurally will! lol thanks for being a good friend and I hope this is better than a hi, you know I just mess with ya most of the time so dont forget that I am always here for ya :) love ya

Melissa i look forward to getting on tengaged so i can talk to you and have you make my day better. You are so amazing and i hate not knowing you irl! I never thought i would meet someone like you on tengaged and yet here you are. A simple thought of you gives me a smile and i hope i have the same affect. Even as i type i find myself lost for words searching for the perfect thing to say to you. I'm so thankful for Valentines Day 2012 and wouldnt trade it for anything!! (koreymckay)

I can honestly say that I met the sweetest person in the world.
Your a great girl,
Your a fun and caring person with a great personality,
I'm so grateful that I met u in my first rookies game here on Tengaged !
And the fact that you gifted me when we were talking for only 2 days with each other show that your a great,great,GREAT person

the first time we officially met you tried to get me out for 13th ( but i made finals and got you out haha funny isnt it). But thanks to the great Monty, he made us friends but i didnt think to this day we would be so close. I've only spoken to you for about a week, but in that time ... i came to know how much of a beautiful girl you really are inside and out. You are a very talkative girl and you are very sweet. You always manage to make me smile or laugh and i'm also very protective of you. If any bitches wanna be messing with you, they gotta face the wrath of bellajenna ;) I'm just glad i finally got to meet such an adorable girl like you and i cant wait for our friendship to build in the future. You're amazing and don't change for anyone. I love you my little angel (h)

meli, you are by far one of the most fiercest, cutest, most amazing people on this site, no matter what you do you always stick to a higher standard like the classy bitch you are, you sound like a mixture of fergie and jesus and make my heart skip a beat lol jk i fucking love you, you love me, were a happy family.

Melissa was one of the first people I've ever met on this site! She is also one of the very few people I still keep in touch with from my noob days! I'm glad I met her and she is a great friend to hang around with :) (acesurvivor)

Melissa, your my little hoochie from another coochie. Stay cute.

Melissa, we met in a crookies game where we immedietly made an alliance and became friends. We both got to the final 2 but you beat me in the end :( Haha, but if it wasn't me, I am glad that you won. You are a fabulous person with a big heart. I know I can tell you anything and you will always give me great advice. I know I can turn to you and trust you with anything. STAY GOLD BITCH <3
monomial (taylor)

gbpackXLVchamps (scott): Melissa my dear, what can I say? You are an incredible player on this site, and a beautiful person inside and out. You are a loyal, faithful ally. You are a friend, little sister, and daughter wrapped into one. I am fortunate enough to have met you and I am so thankful for our friendship. It's hard to believe that when we first played together, we went at each other in a game! But now? well, we are as thick as thieves. Congrats on buying silver! I look forward to chilling with you in many future games. Other than zabbie and her family, I trust you like no one else on this site.

Melissa, ILY! Ive only known you for a short period of time, but youre amazing. I love playing games with you and ill always be there for you. Thanks for the gift and chill town ftw! <3

people i have gifted:

wicky: wonderland eyes
chlltownofcourse: hair and eyes
shankie24 hair
potatoman4 pikachu hoodie
tharealmike (anon) red tron hoodie
kavalle white blouse
evilderrick black hair
clutch8791 rocker outfit
lexibear beach day bg

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