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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Stars

*Stars 115* 10th Place
*Stars 119* 8th Place
*Stars 626* 6th Place
☆-★Winner of Stars 619☆-★

Honalulue - I remember you literally came out of nowhere after being logged off like, 5 years, enrolled in a stars that had an 8 person premade, and somehow slayed them all and won, and was kind of one of the top most iconic stars wins of 2020. I'm glad you've stuck around, you're always a really sweet friendly presence, and I hope the new job is going well!

Honalulue - HONA FACKIN LULUE LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! an absolute legend of tengaged!! legit whenever i think of stars i think of Honalulue LMFAO like at this stage that game is YOURS which is mad cause you dont play it REALLLLYYY often but i feel when u do play it its really important if that makes sense??? ANYWAY IM WAFFLING!!!! you're a really relatable and funny person and i think thats why you get so much stars support just cause you're like one of the people, the peoples champ!!!! like people just love to support you because of how down to earth you are and i think thats awesome!!!

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11 Sep, 22
1 Sep, 22
29 Aug, 22
6 Aug, 22
3 Jul, 21
10 Apr, 21
2 Jan, 21

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  1. Wait I haven’t been watching
  2. Just got
  3. Can someone
  4. How do u guys feel
  5. One thing about Bynes
  6. This is kind of funny
  7. k you know what I just realized
  8. PYN
  9. Is there a way to get health fast?
  10. Well
  11. K am I missing any animals in zoo
  12. I miss match 3 and endurance
  13. Question
  14. What
  15. Is anyone
  16. Is anyone
  17. Omg
  18. Supporting
  19. Whos doing race to gold
  20. THANK YOU 22.1%

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  1. Honalulue bet on PenguinOwen126 28T$ in game #220113 17 hours
  2. Honalulue bet on Tryphena 28T$ in game #220108 1 day
  3. Honalulue bet on X_luucas_X 28T$ in game #220093 1 day
  4. Honalulue bet on X_luucas_X 8T$ in game #220093 1 day
  5. Honalulue added a comment on post "PYN For A Rating!" 2 days
  6. Honalulue bet on Kindred7 28T$ in game #220087 2 days
  7. Honalulue's bet on girlinred won 24.0T$ in game #220020 3 days
  8. Honalulue's bet on DBonee won 56.0T$ in game #220019 3 days
  9. Honalulue added a comment on post "I had a fun run!" 4 days
  10. Honalulue added a comment on post "Welcome to the clown show " 4 days
  11. Honalulue's bet on AliBonico won 56.0T$ in game #219989 4 days
  12. Honalulue bet on Lucas_RFS 28T$ in game #220057 5 days
  13. Honalulue blogged "Wait I haven’t been watching" 6 days
  14. Honalulue blogged "Just got" 7 days
  15. Honalulue added a comment on post "PYN for an opinion " 7 days


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#220119Open now: 
28 to PenguinOwen126in #220113now playing
28 to Tryphenain #220108now playing
28 to X_luucas_Xin #220093now playing
28 to Kindred7in #220087now playing
28 to Lucas_RFSin #220057now playing
12 to girlinredin #220020won: 24.0
28 to DBoneein #220019won: 56.0
28 to AliBonicoin #219989won: 56.0
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