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☆★Stars 319--8th★☆
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☆★Stars 319★☆
For 15th:
MJFJUNE - 40.4%
ladybug5 - 59.6%

For 10th:
MJFJUNE - 38.3%
KingB24 - 61.7%

For 8th:
MJFJUNE - 58.1%
Carlisle - 41.9%

☆★Stars 411★☆
For 6th:
MJFJUNE - 52.9%
BigBrotherDonny - 47.1%
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Group Game History:
**NOTE: This does not include games that were cancelled/went inactive and there are tons more but I accidentally deleted them**
Vegas and Kondons' Survivor Vietnam: Winner
The NEW Kasey’s Celebrity Apprentice: Winner
Turney Time Quick Big Brother Trial #3: Winner
Cookie_13's Next Top Model USA 1: Winner
Libanz Big Brother 1: Winner
Music Olympics 4: Winner
Music Olympics Christmas Special: Winner
Libanz Revamped Big Brother: Winner
NJ's Big Brother 2: 2nd
Will's Survivor: Ivory Coast: 2nd
Turney Time The Challenge 1 Cutthroat: 2nd
Stardom! Season 23: 2nd
carlyjordan14's The Voice Season Two: 2nd
Music Olympics 1: 2nd
Music Olympics 3: 2nd
Survivor City 15 Platinum/All-Stars: 3rd
Big Ben's Survivor Palau: 3rd
Big Bens Survivor Paraguay: 3rd
TTRS 44 Battle Of The Seasons: 3rd
M&N Survivor Turkey Unfinished Business: 3rd
Stardom! Season 22: 3rd
Stardom! Season 21: 3rd
Stardom! Season 10: 3rd
WANJ Survivor Russia: 3rd
Cutthroat Survivor Phonsavan: 4th
Dono's Survivor S4 Libya: 4th
Tuter32's The Challenge Battle Lines: 4th
Music Olympics 80s Edition: 4th
Music Olympics 6: 4th
Stardom! Season 19: 4th
Stardom! Season 21: 4th
Stardom's Farewell Season: 4th
Matt's Survivor Cuba Redemption Island: 4th
Next Top Model Cycle 13 Stars In The Making: 4th
Kolby's Survivor Mexico: 5th
Suitman Big Brother 4: 5th
Noah's Survivor Tortoise vs Hare: 5th
Running With The Wolves: 5th
Lyon's Big Brother: 5th
Music Olympics VIII: 5th
Stardom! Season 21: 5th
Stardom! Season 23: 5th
Stardom's Farewell Season: 5th
Bella's Next Top Model 8: 5th
WANJ's The Voice 1: 5th
Lyon's Big Brother Recharged: 6th
TTRS 32 Survivor Seychelles Second Chances: 6th
Akshay's Survivor India: 6th
Stardom's Farewell Season: 6th
Tengaged Song Contest 320: 6th
Tengaged Song Contest 321: 6th
Melinda's Next Top Model 4: 6th
Andie's Big Brother: 6th
TTRS 30 The Duel 2: 7th
Survivor City 7 Venice: 7th
Melinda's Next Top Model All-Stars: 7th
Tengaged Song Contest 322: 7th
Tengaged Song Contest 349: 7th
Stardom! Season 19: 7th
Stardom! Season 16: 7th
Stardom! Season 21: 7th
Stardom! Season 22: 7th
Stardom! Season 20: 8th
Kaseyhope101's Whodunnit?: 8th
Tengaged Song Contest 316: 8th
Survival Of The Fittest: 8th
Music Olympics 7: 8th
Blake's Big Brother: 8th
LaurenJade's X Factor: 8th
M&N's Survivor India Blood vs. Water: 9th
Noah's Survivor Cambodia Second Chance: 9th
Noah's Survivor Alvard Island: 9th
Mud's Survivor Cagayan: 9th
Tengaged Song Contest 346: 9th
Stardom! Season 21: 9th
Stardom! Season 15: 9th
Max's Survivor New Zealand: 9th
Tengaged's Next Top Model Cycle 8: 9th
TTRS Challenge 47 The Gauntlet 3: 10th
Music Olympics 7: 10th
Mud's Survivor Tasmania: 10th
Music Olympic 6: 10th
Conjows Survivor: 10th
Purple's Survivor Karakoram: 11th
Jacubra's Survivor Sulawesi: 11th
Tengaged Song Contest 344: 11th
Stardom! Season 23: 11th
Stardom! Season 23: 12th
Music Olympics 2: 12th
Music Olympics IX: 12th
Cutthroat Survivor Mindanao: 12th
MNRS 1 I Love Money: 13th
NB Reality 19 The Gauntlet: 13th
Turney Time Big Brother 16: 13th
Turney Time Big Brother 18: 14th
Tengaged Song Contest 317: 14th
Tengaged Song Contest 324: 14th
Music Olympics IX: 14th
Stardom! Season 21: 14th
Turney Time Big Brother 19: 15th
Tengaged Song Contest 325: 15th
TTRS 36 Big Brother Australia: 16th
Tengaged Song Contest 318: 16th
Music Olympics VIII: 16th
Stardom! Season 22: 16th
M&N's Survivor Saipan: 17th
Suitman's Survivor Yucatan: 17th
NB Reality 18 I Love Money 2: 18th
Tengaged Song Contest 323: 19th
Ultimate Fighter: 20th
Tengaged Song Contest 319: 21st



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23 Jan, 20
8 Jan, 20
5 Mar, 19
17 Dec, 18
17 Sep, 18
8 Sep, 18

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