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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Thankful for the Experience #6YEARS


Saginator18 Donating to the x anti-embarrassment charity here

Thank you so much to everyone whose played with me and made it such a fun experience over these 5 years ❤️

Name(s): Brian or X
Georgia 🍑
Hufflepuff 🕊
Son of Poseidon 🔱
Villain 😈
Huge Animal Lover 🐱
Discord: firextengaged
Total Designs: 172

(Revived the blog trend of naming your blog "IMAGINE")
(Some attention seeking irrelevant started it)

I thought you were gonna be a pre merge boot but well........ we're all clowns!!!
(Fan Made by Me) (Currently on S33)
Highest Rank: 189
Current Rank: 205


Total Merges: 35
Longest Vivor Steak: 5
Current Vivor Streak: 0
Stars Placements:
10th, 6th, 16th, 1st, 9th, 6th, 12th, 2nd, 3rd
Poll Record: 19-6
Average placement: 7.2 ~ 7th
Longest unnommed: Top 7
Org History:
Youtube Survivor: 6th/18 (Sheeeeep)
1984: The Golden Age: 8th/16 (3 HoHs, 2 PoV) (Comp Beast of the Season) (Best Alliance of the Season) (Player of the Season)
Trinity Survivor: Past & Present: 2nd/18 (3 votes to Win) (2 IC wins)
The Wish: 14th/18 (last pre jury)
Identity: The Purge: 2nd/16 (1 vote to win) (Vots)
Trinity Survivor: Forged by Fire: 16th/28 (Premerger of the Season)
Systematic Survivor: Snowpiercer: 16th/18
1984: Hall of Fame: 11th/22 (underdog of the season)
Prestige Survivor: 6th/18 (my last org) (I lied)
CTC: Survivor Loften: 8th/18 (ORIGINALLY HAD 16TH)
Distortion Survivor: 18th/18
CTC: Honor VS Revenge: 22/24
Surviving 1984: From the Ashes: 4/21 (Survived 11 Tribals) (7 Votes) (1 IC Win) (VOTS) (Duo of the Season) (Best Move: Stealing idol from Laura) (Messiest Player Of the Season) (Best Fight: X & Velian)
Nikita Season 3: Winner: Malcolm // X against Bunny // Zach Dudley
Nikita Season 4: 3rd Place (Evicted By First Boot aka Rachael)
Nikita Season 5: Winner Xenophilius Lovegood / X against Ciby Chandran
Group Games:
C&A Survivor XII - Caribbean - Winner: X/FireX
C&A Survivor XIII - All Stars 2 Momentum - Winner: X/FireX
Survivor City 15: PLATINUM (All Stars 2) : X/FireX
Survivor City 17: Singapore : X/FireX
Joeys BB 5: All Stars : X/FireX
Clash of The Series: X/FireX
KTCS 3: Cutthroat : X/FireX (6 People won)
BBUK ~Season 6: Battle of Class~ : X/FireX
BBB: Season 4: Battle of the Block - X (FireX)
BBB: Season 6: Redemption - X (FireX)
BBB: Season 9: Fresh Meat - X (FireX)
LKB: S1- Chile - X (FireX)
Will's Survivor: S1: Nauru - X (FireX)
Cereal's Season 21: Roulette - X/FireX
Cereal's Season 23: Double Cross (XXX) - X/FireX
Cereal's Season 26: Survivor Indonesia (Temple Island) - X/FireX
13bam Big Brother: Season 3: (FireX)
13bam Big Brother: Season 6: (FireX)
Bjorn's Big Brother Season 2 - (FireX)
M4 Survivor Canary Islands: X (FireX)
Logans Survivor All Stars : X & Robz
🔥★☆★☆ Stars 547 WINNER ☆★☆★🔥
Nominated for 15th vs BeastBoy (64.5%) SURVIVED
Nominated for 13th vs pinkiepie512 (57.5%) SURVIVED
Nominated for 11th vs TheLeon (65.2%) SURVIVED
Nominated for 9th vs myiel (62.8%) SURVIVED
Nominated for 8th vs Gaiaphagee (71.9%) SURVIVED
Nominated for 7th vs AshleyWhite (77.4%) SURVIVED
Nominated for 6th vs treebro001 (75.4%) SURVIVED
Nominated for 5th vs Ribbons (72.2%) SURVIVED
Nominated for 4th vs CrimsonEnnui (73.1%)  SURVIVED
1st in Finals (67.4%)

🔥★☆★☆ Stars 688 RUNNER UP ☆★☆★🔥
Nominated for 10th vs sprtsgy1989 (52.8%) SURVIVED
Nominated for 8th vs Bvance1212 (68.1%) SURVIED
Nominated for 4th vs YasGaga (56.9%) SURVIVED
2nd in Finals (33.5%)

🔥★☆★☆ Stars 709 SECOND RUNNER UP ☆★☆★🔥
Nominated for 12th vs Suit (57.6%) SURVIVED
3rd in Finals (24.5%)
🔥★☆★☆ Crom Stars ☆★☆★🔥
Nominated for 16th vs Honalulue (64.2%) SURVIVED
Nominated for 4th vs J4ckWilko (65.0%) SURVIVED
1st in Finals (58.7%)

All Stars
Nominated for 13th vs Girllover101 (66.3%) SURVIVED
Nominated for 10th vs IceBeast (58.1%) SURVIVED
Nominated for 7th vs Ace99 (70.8%) SURVIVED
1st In Finals (62.7%)

Gift Stars
Nominated for 15th vs tonyalbright (77.1%) SURVIVED
Nominated for 12th vs JonMcGillis (61.0%) SURVIVED
Nominated for 8th vs tbrown_47 (70.0%) SURVIVED
Nominated for 5th vs Kindred7 (60.3%) SURVIVED
1st In Finals (60.0%)


My Games 490 games played

12 Sep, 23
23 Aug, 23
16 Aug, 23
14 Aug, 23
27 Jun, 23
28 Apr, 23
8 Oct, 22

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