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My heart is broken. He was my best friend and he sent me home. I betrayed him once in a fasting or casting after he joined after I made a previous alliance.i thought he forgave me and we moved on. I promised him I would never go against him and o have never since. We have played tons of games together. I thought I proved myself. I have never ever ever asked him to join a game and not stood by him. Idk how to feel. I don’t even want to play this charity now, that will be my last game on the site. I’m done. I feel sick. This is the message I asked him to join that frooks.

Im done with tengaged. I love all of u but i just hurt an amazing persons feelings and i need time. Tnx to everyone who has been there for me and been an amazing person

Highest Placing in:
1st: Fastings
2nd :Frookies
2nd :Casting

TV Star
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I am always loyall to my allies and i only respect you if you are too



im in survivor hawaii noobs

iv won 9 fasting
Iv been to 10 finals

5- FireX (When you actually got nominated i was so shocked, I cant believe your alliance turned on you :o)

6th: Fire.. I'm sorry I evicted you but at the end of the day we were on opposite sides of the house. You wanted Music, Mark and Cheat safe, I wanted Darc Lalie and Gebz safe. We didn't have same ideas for noms or eviction votes, and we rarely discussed this. Near the end I was getting 2 nomination votes and the only people voting were my alliance, you and Music and this lead to my mistrust with you. I just didn't think you had my best interest in mind, and I suppose I didn't have yours in mind either.

5th - firex- you are a very nice person. i did love playing with you. like i said above i joined with nicky and mitch and sadly had to vote you off :( i am so sorry <3 pls forgive me i want to be ur friend

Fire - you're an active player and an incredible force. We had never worked together before today, I was thrilled when you said you wanted to work with me because I know how dangerous you are to oppose. Many of the moves were made on your suggestion, you should be proud of the dominance our alliance was able to show from start to finish. Great game, best of luck!

Group games

Survivor Tikal
Won hero of the season
Won 1 individual immunity challenge

This was a very difficult choice to make. Kyla had a great underdog story which made her a hero by default, but ultimately, I felt that FireX was a hero where it counted most. From the beginning of the game, he was thrust into a bad position due to being excluded from the majority alliance on Chac. However, he was able to make his way further into the game by developing strong bonds with people and just being a nice person all around.

In a game with people flipping every which way every five seconds, FireX seemed generally focused on maintaining loyalty with those who he promised from the start. There isn't anyone this season who was a perfect hero, but I feel that FireX came the closest to being "heroic".

A&J's Survivor: Caribbean
2 individual immunity wins
2 idols played on me

Winer of abrogateds stars 2

(Won most beauty award)
(Won Villain of the season)

X! X was involved in many of the fights and lies that happened this season. Unlike TJ, X used his power to backstab and cause distrust. Many of X's close allies later turned on him for doing his own thing and playing mostly for himself. His aggressive gameplay kept him in the spotlight, but he was still never evicted and was only one vote away from winning.

The Power Struggle S17 4/18
(Won Villain of the season)
X! X played a very similar game to the one he played in S16, in which he spread lies, ratted out nearly everyone, blamed others on his decisions, and often referred to himself playing a very villainous game in his confessionals. Why anyone trusts X with any information is beyond me lol.

X didn't send many confessionals/mails during his first run, but I can see now why he almost beat Brian.

He really does know how to cover all his bases and despite lying to literally every single person, he always pushes the blame on someone else. He lies for the sake of chaos which is an interesting strategy.

~ Bridgette's Big Brother Season 1 (10th place 3rd jury member)
Hosted By : BridgetteBlonde

Defroos big brother S1

Max's Survivor Season 1: Malaysia(?/20) Curently at Redemption island

Bacon69 is y brother so get over it💗


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