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Hello, my name is Brian "X" Hammock


Org History:
YouTube Survivor 5: 6/18
1984: Golden Age: 8/16 (3 HoH) (2 Pov) (1 shaved eyebrow) (POTS) (Best Alliance) Comp Beast)
Trinity Survivor P&P: 2/20 (4 votes to win) (2 II Wins) (VOTS)
Identity: The Purge 2/16 (2 HoHs) (2 Pov) (VOTS)
Trinity Survivor Forged By Fire: 16/28
1984: Hall of Fame: (?/22) (Top 12 rn) (NOMMED)
(Nommed at F22/19/15/13/13/12) (0 HoHs -- 1 PoVs)

Org Posts:

X, your journey with 1984 really started last season when you were apart of the Devil's Playground twist. You were not able to dominate then, but coming into the Golden Age, you were hot and ready! You won the first two competitions in the season, allowing you to create early bonds. You were then able to get out your target week 1. Going forward in the game, you were a big threat, but no one wanted to take you out, or at least no one in power did. You then won another HOH, guaranteeing your spot in the jury where you were able to take out someone you believed was coming for you. Then, during the double, you took a shot at the other big target in the game, but missed, however your second target left and your original target followed the next week. This week, you were unfortunately not able to save your game, but shaving your eyebrow showed us how dedicated you were and we appreciate that. Unfortunately you weren't able to flip one more voter, causing you to leave to Jimmy at a vote of 3 to 2. But now, you get to help crown the winner of 1984: The Golden Age!


Finishing in 2nd place tonight, with 4 jury votes & not receiving the tiebreaker, is X!

X, after I cut you from Mementos I legit thought you were never gonna apply again, so when I saw your name pop up in the app list I was beyond excited. I just felt like that wasn't the right cast for you, whereas this one is one you could thrive in, AND THRIVE YOU DID. You seized power almost instantly, axing anyone who stood in your way like Josh R/Brian, and making yourself a force to be reckoned with. Then the merge hit, and your game fell apart FAST. You would have 100% been merge boot if you lost that immunity, as evidenced by Logan getting voted out solely for being close to you. I thought you were a dead man walking, but you vanished for a few rounds and bounced back as hard as possible. You put yourself in a prime position to be the swing and dictate the last few rounds of this game. FTC could have easily gone in any direction tonight, and it just didn't swing in your favor in the end, but in all honesty I can't disregard the work you put into this season. If you were getting the winner post tonight I don't think there would've been any complaints or hard feelings either way. You busted your ass getting here, earned every single vote you got tonight, and should be extremely proud of yourself.


X, I will say this, if you took Cindi over John C you would have won the game by a landfall vote. But let me talk about how you got all the way to the final 2. Mainly it started in Week 3, but it was you winning the HOH at final 6 that really put you in the running. You were able to get RJ, one of the houseguests who could have won, out of the game. Also keep in mind that getting RJ out wasn't easy as two houseguests tired before him and failed. Then you backstabbed Daulton at final 4, if you want to call it that, and tonight you evicted Cindi in a move no one expected. I'm glad we casted you cause I know you are someone who takes risky/big moves in games that other players would be scared to do. Do I think you deserve to be in final 2, YES. Do I think you should have won, based on comp wins and how you played yes, but not the best with Jury Management, although you brought up some good points at the finale on why you should win. Thank you X for playing Identity: The Purge.


Live Night wrapped up a bit ago, and we said goodbye to two more people! At the first tribal of the night, votes flew everywhere and in one of the wildest vote counts of the season, with TONS of extra votes being thrown at the wall, we said goodbye to X.

X, your journey throughout this series has been captivating as hell. Starting in Past & Present, you would've been easy merge boot if you lost immunity, and found your closest ally being taken out just for being associated with you. After that, you bounced back HARD and launched yourself into a great position, landing yourself in finals. You played a great game, but fell just short in a 4-4-2 vote. This time around... Things weren't much different. You had the worst start out of anyone, going to the first 2 tribals and getting blindsided at both, being alone by the 3rd round. But you tightened up your boots and started fighting back, finding your footing at the swap and finally being able to push forward in this game. Your journey was never easy and very rocky, but you fought your ass off until you couldn't anymore, with the 3rd swap and a live setting being what ended your run in this series. You've been the ultimate underdog in this series and have been very compelling to watch, but your journey in Trinity ends tonight.


🔥★☆★☆ Stars 547 WINNER ☆★☆★🔥
Nominated for 15th vs BeastBoy (64.5%) SURVIVED
Nominated for 13th vs pinkiepie512 (57.5%) SURVIVED
Nominated for 11th vs TheLeon (65.2%) SURVIVED
Nominated for 9th vs myiel (62.8%) SURVIVED
Nominated for 8th vs Gaiaphagee (71.9%) SURVIVED
Nominated for 7th vs AshleyWhite (77.4%) SURVIVED
Nominated for 6th vs treebro001 (75.4%) SURVIVED
Nominated for 5th vs Ribbons (72.2%) SURVIVED
Nominated for 4th vs CrimsonEnnui (73.1%)  SURVIVED
1st in Finals (67.4%)

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