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Hello, my name is Brian H.

~ (TBA), winner of Survivor Borneo. ~

🔥 Highest Rank: 305 🔥

X proved himself as beyond legendary this season, coming in as a third-time vet with one of the most notorious villain reputations in BBUK history, as well as being known as one of the biggest poll threats and power-hungry dictators. Taking a much different approach this season after two early boots, X took notes and played a much more “considerate” game on the outside, while still manipulating his alliance nearly each week to go along with his plans, eliminated any opposition to his status as a key player in the house. Despite being seen as the biggest threat in the game by the entire opposition and some of his alliance, he was able to always paint a bigger target on whoever he felt like, and this allowed him to literally run 31 days of gameplay, BB19 Paul style (while still being a true friend and ally to his core group of boys). Additionally, X won 3 Elite competitions, an immunity and killer nomination power, HOH during Opposite week, AND was only nominated ONCE this season despite being a HUGE force to be reckoned with! Love him or hate him, his ability to maneuver through the game and subtly control EVERYTHING has made him arguably the best strategic player in BBUK history— but can it win him the game with the public?
~Season 6: Battle of Class~
Winner: X (FireX)

X (Winner of Battle of Class) has counseled his team to play hard, play competitively, and *ideally* work together. While he produced a team of very powerful players in the first half of the game and won the most competitions out of any Counselor, it led to his team becoming targets in the second half. Not only that, but a huge fight between Chance and Johnny tore the team apart. Nonetheless, X helped his players learn how to dig deep, find grit to survive, and make bold plays— even if it was against each other.
1st- X (Winning Counselor)

X, your journey with 1984 really started last season when you were apart of the Devil's Playground twist. You were not able to dominate then, but coming into the Golden Age, you were hot and ready! You won the first two competitions in the season, allowing you to create early bonds. You were then able to get out your target week 1. Going forward in the game, you were a big threat, but no one wanted to take you out, or at least no one in power did. You then won another HOH, guaranteeing your spot in the jury where you were able to take out someone you believed was coming for you. Then, during the double, you took a shot at the other big target in the game, but missed, however your second target left and your original target followed the next week. This week, you were unfortunately not able to save your game, but shaving your eyebrow showed us how dedicated you were and we appreciate that. Unfortunately you weren't able to flip one more voter, causing you to leave to Jimmy at a vote of 3 to 2. But now, you get to help crown the winner of 1984: The Golden Age!
Comp Beast of the Season(3 HoHs, 2 Povs)
Player of the Season
Best Alliance of the Season- S times four 2.0(X,Brea,Nop,Yoshi)

X’s eyebrow died tragically for a veto comp. A true American hero -Pinkiepie512 (12/3/19)

Best Strategist of 2019

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