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Will's One-Offs 6: The Apprentice

Congrats to Heavenlee and Matedog1209 on winning Endurance!

Through many years and countless games hosted, there are a few people who've stood out as unquestionable legends in the Will's reality franchise. The biggest of all? ElectraViv, the only person to win Survivor twice and the One-Offs franchise twice. Now, Vivian returns as the Main Mogul for a season of the hit reality show "The Apprentice" -- a new group of hopefuls will have to bring their A-game to impress Viv and a supporting panel of board members, or else they'll be hearing the infamous words "you're fired!"

- Maya (boyfriend)
- James (J2999)
- Sarah G. (Slice)

16th - Nolan (ahea7561) [Fired Round 1]
15th - Burster (Pestilence) [Withdrew Round 2]
14th - Freeze (MrFreeze12) [Fired Round 3]
13th - Stephanie (CalebDaBoss) [Fired Round 5]
12th - Boston Tris (TMAN54445) [Fired Round 6]
11th - Sandy (iSandeh) [Fired Round 6]
10th - Coco (CocoVanderbilt) [Fired Round 7]
9th - Noah (noah_kondon) [Fired Round 8]
8th - Rose (SeaViper) [Fired Round 9]
7th - Times (Times_Places) [Fired Round 10]
6th - Blu (VanitySmurf) [Withdrew Round 11]
5th - Mario (Marlo) [Fired During Interviews]
4th - Ben (ILoveSleep) [Fired During Interviews]
---FINAL 3---
3rd - James (J2999) [Lost Final Task]
Runner-Up: Sarah G. (Slice) [Lost Final Task]
Winner: Maya (boyfriend) [Won Final Task]

Will's One-Offs History:
Big Brother: Tree of Temptations - ElectraViv
Big Brother UK - MrBird
American Grit - gabrieltrezza, Christian_, and DarkTyphoon23
I Love Money - ElectraViv
Endurance - Heavenlee and matedog1209

Google Doc:
One-Offs Season History:

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