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LAUGHS Feb 28, 2021
10th - Tris (TMAN54445) (Gold Team/Green Team) (Voided by Jimmy)
9th - Paige (Paige54) (Gold Team/Gold Team) (Voided by Vivian)
Points: 15 2 comments
Seeing Becksta Feb 28, 2021
Getting nommed and flavored 7 times gives me PTSD to my 9 noms in my stars.

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I know people grow Feb 26, 2021
But MmabatlokoaMolefe (halloween at the time) legit took over my account on my first stars and wanted me to pay money to get it back and not to mention the amount of multis they used to be in just about every stars game PRE MOD. Like i think keeping halloween banned is thier punishment for all the multi using that was done.

But hey they are innocent aint they. Totally deserve thier old account back now that its been long enough to kick all the multi using under the rug... 馃槖
Points: 388 4 comments
WaW Feb 26, 2021
I applied!!

Me and my 1 stars win 馃槀

馃敟鈽呪槅鈽呪槅 Stars 547 WINNER 鈽嗏槄鈽嗏槄馃敟
Nominated for 15th vs BeastBoy (64.5%) SURVIVED
Nominated for 13th vs pinkiepie512 (57.5%) SURVIVED
Nominated for 11th vs TheLeon (65.2%) SURVIVED
Nominated for 9th vs myiel (62.8%) SURVIVED
Nominated for 8th vs Gaiaphagee (71.9%) SURVIVED
Nominated for 7th vs AshleyWhite (77.4%) SURVIVED
Nominated for 6th vs treebro001 (75.4%) SURVIVED
Nominated for 5th vs Ribbons (72.2%) SURVIVED
Nominated for 4th vs CrimsonEnnui (73.1%)聽 SURVIVED
1st in Finals (67.4%)
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I really need the help Feb 25, 2021

Plz vote for me
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PLZ HELP ME Feb 25, 2021

Plz vote for me
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