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Erika Nov 24, 2021
Is clearly winning

She's getting tons of screen time and they showed her suggesting the split plan to make it looks like it was all on her
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Pokemon Nov 22, 2021
Brilliant Diamond

Any Tips?
Points: 28 5 comments
Yes cause Nov 22, 2021
Telling a site that has minors on it that you slept with a 13 year old is totally the right thing to put out there 🤨🤨
Points: 29 3 comments
Points: 84 4 comments
PLZ COMENT Nov 21, 2021
On this blog
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Some People are PATHETIC Nov 15, 2021
motherbird ate 100% of group's stored food 5min
motherbird drank 80% of group's stored water 5 min

50 karma mean that much to you then log off and go talk to real people
Points: 16 5 comments