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Officially Platinum!!! Sep 22, 2023
This will the highest I ever get and I am fine with that. This site gave me many friends and many memories good and bad but I am forever thankful for that. I came to love tengaged and enjoy what it's offered me in my life. It made my 17 Year Old Self feel like I finally fit in somewhere when in real life I felt everything but that. I remember thinking wow this site has some nut jobs on here and realizing WAIT I am one of them 馃お馃お

Thank You so much everyone and this is good bye for now or maybe forever. I find myself less into this site (minus changing my avatar everyday) and honestly discord is where I spend my free time anymore anyway.

Good or Bad I hope #FireX made a impression on you tho leaning Good dear gosh I hope lmfaooo bur frfr 鉁岋笍 鈽笍
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Does anyone know Sep 9, 2023
Who on here makes really nice logos
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Any saves are appreciated Jun 28, 2023

Plz Evict Ark for 4th
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hey 鈽猴笍 Jun 28, 2023

Please Evict Matt
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Sometimes Jun 25, 2023
It's easier to close my eyes and see the darkness then it is to keep them open and face the light. I want to be happy yet it's a feeling that's rare and I want to laugh at sadness yet it's a daily visitor
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Any help is appreciated Jun 23, 2023

Plz Vote Morant
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