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Oct 15, 2022 by FireX
wayne_train Discord Game

So it's week 4 and we just watched MrRobzilla get evicted. Wayne had told us week 4 was gonna be abit different and reveals that it was a Double Eviction. This was originally for Prejury but tcold312 decided to tell keefe to kill himself so it was decide to do it at the start of jury so 1 was not perjury and another person was jury.

So this week we would have 2 HOHS and 2 POVS. Thii won the main HoH and Nominated me and Yandere. Michael was Runner Up and Nominated Times and Sal. Well we were told veto would be posted tommorow and in the meantime Lewis aka cocacola12 decided to @ the whole house and say house meeting in 2 hours. They proceeded to never show. This was a issue because Lewis has not showed up to any comps and had Barley talked in the game. They randomly would pop up and say hi and then go back to doing nothing. Well Wayne decided to remove Lewis as that was the final straw for him. He was not active and failed to even show up to a meeting They scheduled and failed to message the host why the meeting was even happening. Once Lewis was removed it was decided that the week would just be a normal week with a eviction since 1 person was gone. Wayne gave Michael saftey as he was 2nd place in HoH and removed his noms Sal and Times off the block. Thii was made the main HoH as he actually won the whole comp. Me and Yandere stay as the noms for the week. He also said powers could go back in place. So he disabled all the big powers minus Times for whatever reason. I'm sure a good 2 if it was important enough to be active. The reason this was not loved is because I HAVE A SECRET POWER and I can now use it to save myself. This is a issue because iv been the number 1 target for being a threat. I was not allowednto use my power to save myself in this PLANNED DE but inaint quit or attackbthe host. It was disabled for the Double Eviction despite being able to save me but that's the rules and they were planned before the game. I can now save myself if I lose veto.

Lewis despite being inact and contributing nothing to the Season aside from being a number for someone to use apparently did not please certain people who were using him to help thier agenda. All this despite Wayne having said next season he was gonna start finding ways to punish people being inactive. As a Host he chose to remove someone giving nothing to the game minus eviction votes and set the week up to continue in a well planned way.

Hosts I ask if this was really so bad for a Host to make in terms of decisions?



Kind of sad you did not say anything about me ( aka the star of the show )
Sent by PenguinOwen126,Oct 15, 2022
maybe he should have had rules about inactivity. Why is someone randomly being removed for inactivity MID week?  The reason is he posted "house meeting in 2 hours" and then just peaced. Isn't that what you did earlier X? you were busy - but it was the same thing..was it not? Why is the host just randomly making things up mid week? what even kind of reason is that? like its beyond me

and then the host changes all the rules for the entire week and removes someone as HOH and their nominations, which directly impacts their game? why is the hosts emotional outburts impacting the players games? isnt this a game for money?
Sent by keefe,Oct 15, 2022
3 strike rule!! I can tell u in most orgs that is how it works
Sent by Dallsey4ever,Oct 15, 2022
a rule! that would be smart eh!
no established rules. the host just moves the goalposts whenever he wants. MID WEEK. great game
Sent by keefe,Oct 15, 2022
I want to be cautious with how I speak about other games and hosts if I haven't played their games but the only point I'll say is that there should be clear rules on inactivity and consequences decided prior to the season so that it can play out as fairly as possible (I'm not in there so I'm not assuming this isn't in place)

Was this concern brought up to the host?
Sent by CarolinaSteele,Oct 15, 2022
keefe I agree there should 100% be a solid base of rules for inactivity. I won't refute that 1 bit and I'm sure he will. It's S1 and he is learning. Regardless a base set of rules would be nice yes

I'd argue it was a bit different then me since iv been a active user and it was known by the host and others that I was at work. I also explained myself when I was finally free. Lewis did not even give the host any details when he's barley been active. Outside voting he's been to zero comps and has on rare occasions messaged the main chat before disappearing again.

I agree that it was a bit messy in terms of impacting people's games and I get the frustration on your end as I'd be miffed if I lost a number or allie like that. However we both need to look at the fact that as a Host he made a choice that he stood behind to keep the game active since its for $100 and I get both sides but Lewis was not active outside voting how let's be real how you wanted him 2 LOL. Which does impact YOUR game but also why should his benefit to 1 maybe 2 people be reason enough to keep him there despite him never showing up to anything. It's WEEK FOUR. I fully agree we need a rule set for activity tho!
Sent by FireX,Oct 15, 2022
firex is that also a rule? you need to tell the host youre gonna say the words house meeting??? thats also random as fuck. You called a house meeting and I actually did stay awake for never happened.....nothing was ever said....You can go back and see me saying "is something happening or should I go to bed" id actually argue that your absence had a larger impact than Lewis'. Did anyone really care if Lewis showed up? Lewis had nothing to say...OBVIOUSLY!!!!

you can say its his first season and hes learning yes thats true but maybe he shouldn't BE STEADFAST in his poor decisions. Realize he fucked up and do something about it. I'll be waiting.

If someone needed to be removed it obviously should have been at the END of a week when it didnt impact anyones game. I'll honestly make arguements about whether people like Devyn or Sal contribute much in the house chat or in comps either???? are they getting removed?? where are the lines???
Sent by keefe,Oct 15, 2022
like once you got free and came back to resume ur "house meeting" what did you say....NOTHING..??
literally HOW are they any different
Sent by keefe,Oct 15, 2022
"So it's week 4 and we just watched MrRobzilla get evicted"
Sent by MrRobzilla,Oct 15, 2022
keefe it's different because I'm fucking active. Lewis has not done shit all game but be your little B**** and could not even reply or show up when the host asked about what the meeting was for. The host KNEW what my meeting was for. I was gonna use my power and decided against it after the night was over. Idk how your completely ignoring how inact Lewis has been outside a vote to evict someone. I get your frustration at losing him and in the way you lost him and the impact him leaving and Michael's noms being taken away but idk how your comparing my meeting the host had full knowledge on what it was for and why I was not around for it to a inact whose showed up to ZERO COMPS and failed to inform the host what it was for.
Sent by FireX,Oct 15, 2022
firex you’re really finding small details to differentiate these events? What happened in both of them? Someone called a house meeting and never showed up. What kind of fucked up logic is this. the host doesn’t need full knowledge on players communicating to each other………like what rule is that. Tell me where it is. The host HAS to know first. X stop being full of shit
Sent by keefe,Oct 16, 2022
From briefly looking at Wayne’s game I can tell he is a passionate host. Giving away all that money to produce a game is pretty freaking cool. I do agree though with what others are saying. There should be a section that deals with inactivity in the rules. The rules pretty much cover you in your game as a host. If it’s in the rules, it’s fair game but if it’s not in the rules, it looks like your planning things on the spot and that’s when things get messy. However, I’ve updated my rules many times. It’s tough to include everything especially on the first go round. I mean my first season I was a lot different than what I am now. I’m sure it’s frustrating as a player but I guarantee you that he’ll apply these criticisms to S2!
Sent by CoachWade,Oct 16, 2022
So I usually don’t remove people from my games for being inactive, even when they literally don’t do anything to participate in the game… I know it kind screws my game up a little, but I just don’t think it would be a fair thing to do to the rest of the players… what I try to do before the season is have my players verify that they want to play my game by having them do multiple simple tasks before the game starts. Then afterward I start it, and yeah… some of them do go inactive after that. But I honestly just try to roll with it.

If a host doesn’t want to deal with inactive players though then they should definitely come up with a system for dealing with them. For instance, I think if you’re going to remove them then you should wait until the current week is over to do so. Then remove them before the start of next week.
Sent by NanoNerd,Oct 16, 2022
WAIT WHAT I WAS REMOVED ???? I’ve done nothing wrong 😭😭😭 I forgot about the house meeting I planned because I had a family emergency… this isn’t fair at all. I have personal things going on and was enjoying the game!! He should have asked me if I wanted to be removed first or at least allow me to give an explaination.
Sent by cocacola12,Oct 16, 2022

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