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Question Feb 7, 2024
Once you ask a mod for a ban, can it be undone?

Just thinking....
Points: 17 2 comments
In what universe Jan 23, 2024
Did America Ferrera have more of an Oscar worthy performance than Margot Robbie????
Points: 24 2 comments
can someone link the Ban group Jan 11, 2024
where it lists who is banned and why
Points: 18 2 comments
Getting contacts tomorrow Jan 9, 2024
Let's hope my eyes don't reject them this time
Points: 17 1 comments
What does a 3 star rating mean for you? Jan 9, 2024
Just curious. Specifically for movies.
Points: 16 2 comments
Did I miss the universal meeting Jan 9, 2024
Where everyone met & decided to spread the lie that Aldi is the cheapest store to grocery shop at?
Points: 25 1 comments