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Shit List: May 4th 2015
saraj10: Frookies,Frookies (lineup Used Veto)
VictorLordJr: Frookies (Annoying)
Willam: Frookies (Didn't Vote 3-2)
lemjam6: Frookies (2-0 didnt tie it when person asked)
ChilltownBB7: TAR Group Game
turney1805: TAR Group Game (Host Leg 5), Skype
Kelly0412: Frookies backstabbed (unloyal,5th)
macken: Stars,Frookies ,CYA BB (quit)
EliotWhi: Stars,Frookies
Brad13535: Jamies 300th
jojo7784: Hunger
GentlemanG: Hunger (liar)
LeXXXy: Frookies
Milkisgood: Hunger
temponeptune: Frookies,CYA BB (quit)
ElectraViv: CYA BB (quit)
Halloween: chick hair! (said he would get me out bid)
Mahalpin11 [Max]: cya survivor
Andalarew_2231 [Andrew]: cya survivor

[8:17:07 PM] Jamie < 3 Greg :*: LMAO i spammed myself again

faygo finished the challenge with 1600000 points 0 min
jamie19 finished the challenge with 1610000 points 0 min
Lemjam6 finished the challenge with 1610000 points 0 min

Frookies Wins: 42

Turney Time Big Brother 2 The basement
6th Place: faygo (Greg F) [Evicted Week 8, Day 17, 2-1 vote]
Award:Underdog of the Season

Turney Time Big Brother 6 ALL stars
3rd Place: faygo (Greg F) [Evicted Week 10, Day 23; India's Vote]
Award:Underdog of the Season

Turney Time Big Brother 11 Casino Royale
11th Place: faygo (Greg F) [Encore/Bellagio/Encore; Evicted Week 6, Day 13, 6-1-0 vote]

6th Place: Yellow Team: Faygo (Greg)/Thatonepeople (Thatone) [Lost Island of Revenge Against Purple- Day 16]

11th Place: faygo (Greg) [Episode 8; Lost to Absol in Ultimate Fighter]

TTRS Challenge 44: Battle of the Seasons
Winners: Team Survivor- faygo (Greg), Jxhn (John), Lemjam6 (Jake B), NJKoda1998 (Nick J)

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jamie19 0 min ago
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