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Lemonface Fan Club

[in progress]

This is the lemonface fan club.

1) There must be at least one post by a different member every week about something Becca-related.
(e.g. week 1 it could be me posting, week 2, could be Frontier, etc.). Dedication to Becca is serious business. And I am a businessman.
2) We must plus all her blogs all the time.
3) We must do our utmost to ensure she is always trending in HoF
4) We are allowed to dislike people she likes, but we must always love her for she is lemonface.

President: Kindred7
Vice-President: Survivor8
Ex-president / current boyfriend: FrontierPsychiatrist
Secretary: ColinCoco
Janitor: turkeylover; keepin trash outta the fan club. And loves any leftover turkey, or tickets to Turkey!

Featured Players 30 playing

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I wish I was lemonface so bad
1 postCreated by nateclove on 25 days 2 hours ago
Last post by nateclove
25 days 2 hours ago
I wish I was lemons recliner so bad
2 postsCreated by alexclow345 on 25 days 3 hours ago
Last post by nateclove
25 days 2 hours ago
Lemonface is
2 postsCreated by ColinCoco on 54 days 5 hours ago
Last post by lemonface
51 days 9 hours ago
5 postsCreated by Kindred7 on 60 days 11 hours ago
Last post by DaveLooney
56 days 12 hours ago
Maybe if we pray hard enough
4 postsCreated by nateclove on 193 days 21 hours ago
Last post by Kindred7
189 days 22 hours ago

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Lemonface Fan Club

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