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No joke here. Feb 13, 2024
I need people tonight. I need to talk. I   Please.
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its a game we play to win Feb 12, 2024
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Anyone have a link for ukvtw2 Feb 10, 2024
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mails Feb 1, 2024
Points: 14 1 comments
its best for me to log out again Feb 1, 2024
kinda sucks certain people never checked in on me today
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What do I even blog after that Feb 1, 2024
Like don’t sit there and act all high and mighty because  “it’s been 3 years”. But mother fucker my father is not me. And he did what he did at this point probably 18 years ago and then died 15 years ago. So like how about you take the rows out of your ass and fuck off.
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