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5thFeb 20, 2021 by andalarew_2231
imageThanks for the sign LexeyJane (Please Read fully if you plan to vote based on who played the better game and not who happens to be loved more)

Okay Let's just jump to the important part first. I know how tengaged has looked at my game, And i know how some people that were in the house looked at my game and told other people how they think I played - as Evan and Stu's Sheep-  But There is a reason I only went up once, and that was at 9th. And that is because I Positioned myself to where Both sides had to end up relying on my vote after I went up and for the rest of the game.

Going up for 9th meant i was not going unnomed which was what initially i had hoped, (After all, the last stars i played i won by going unnomed.) So I had to figure out my path to the end.

Getting out ethier paige54/ AmandaBynes for 8th Was top priority because it weakened The chances of them gaining any sort of power, I was the swing vote that DC
Votes on Paige/Bynes - Stu Evan Jake Josh me
Votes on Jake/josh (cause i made sure evan and stu were not counters) - Jay Chase paige Kevin.

For 7th I needed Both tundrahenry101 and blazermaniac94 up because they had taken my spot as Evan and Stu’s numbers and i couldn't have them all make it further, So Believing Tundra would flip on Evan and stu I Convinced Bynes And chase that the best chance they had of not going up that dc was to instead of trusting Tundra to trust me that i can convince one of evan or stu to at least split.

Now according to everyone this is how the votes went that round.
sam_hamwich  - Jay Jake
classicaz5 - Jay chase
Amandabynes - Jake josh
tundraHenry101 - Evan Stu
Kingb24 - Jake josh
blazerManiac94 - Jay Chase
Paige54 - Jake Josh

Jake - 4
Josh - 3
Chase - 2
Jay - 3
Evan - 1
Stu - 1

With my votes on Jake and Josh making them both go up. Now I could be wrong (which please clarify if i am wrong with your votes here. Regardless my noms went through)

For 6th I nommed stu and Jay but both Jake and josh refused to nom stu or evan that dc for reasons like (which is fine because i knew i could play into the fact that i wouldn't nom them)

For 5th I locked in Stu and Evan and convinced them that I would let it 3 3 3 3 tie because why wouldn't I? I Have done nothing but keep them safe all game. When i know that they both nommed me when i went up, because if they didnt i wasn't going up.

And playing off the fact that I had shown nothing but honesty and loyalty to them that I was not an option for 4th. Both Evan and Stu said in public chat that they were nomming Jake and jay. Meaning both jake and jay had to hope I side with them nomming Stu and the other.

now there's the hard part. If i do Jake Jay - I am labeled evan and stus sheep and 100% get 3rd
If i do Jay Stu - Jay 1000000% wins and i may get second
If i do Jake Stu - Amanda and the public can twist what happened into being "BYNES DID THAT, PURRR!"
I did go with the riskier play of doing Jake/Stu hoping in the event of algo nomming Stu and jake Sadly this didn’t go my way.

I had to play a game that was both secret and upfront. I chose to make it pretty clear that I would do anything not to nom bamold1999 Chase Stu and Evan and keep us 5 safe, while at the same time behind the scenes make people feel like there was room to flip me.. If I Nommed Evan or Stu ANY earlier I do not have ANY security in the game and I could have been nommed any time. The only person that made it near the end i NEVER nommed was in fact Chase.

This is my first stars in 4 years. I joined to prove that I could still play the game and I believe I did that almost flawlessly. My Game was to try to keep people around that would think i was 100% their number. Without going into too much detail i had got some hurtful news Slightly after joining this game and i had to push through IRL issues to play my heart out this game.

Please Vote for me to win this game. Gl Jay and Stu


win it
Sent by Lemjam6,Feb 20, 2021
Congrats on finals! It was fun playing with you :)
Sent by Paige54,Feb 20, 2021
Sent by iSandeh,Feb 20, 2021
Sent by lexeyjane,Feb 20, 2021
Amazing game for sure but the only thing I will have to say is me and evan knew you nommed us for 5th but the other times we didnt know you lied
Sent by ClassiCaz5,Feb 20, 2021
Sent by tundrahenry101,Feb 20, 2021
Why everybody love screenshotting my convos this game lmao you and KingB24 did hahahah
Sent by tundrahenry101,Feb 20, 2021
I'm so proud of you making finals, good luck!
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Feb 20, 2021
You played killer good luck man
Sent by kingjames13,Feb 20, 2021
Sent by jacksonjoseph99,Feb 20, 2021
When i know that they both nommed me when i went up, because if they didnt i wasn't going up

I mean you played a great game but I still never nommed you when you went up lol
Sent by Sam_Hamwich,Feb 20, 2021
You clearly have very strong gameplay + I like the breakdown of your thought process/the votes. Hope things are better for you irl - I’m having a hard time deciding how to vote but congrats on making F3 and good luck!
Sent by Kindred7,Feb 21, 2021

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