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Hello, my name is Ryan is iconic (the TEA)

"Paige reminds me of everything wrong with the earth" -Alanb1


I will plus all spam regarding designs, polls, blogs, and group games, but I will NOT consider joining your group game unless you are my close friend! Please do not spam me about stars either.

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[21:41:28] Nik: Paige is the man we didnt know we wanted
[21:41:41] Nik: And now that we know, we still dont want
[21:41:45] nick.,: KMFAO
[21:41:47] Paige_Elizabeth: LMFAOOO

you’re a cunt and I’m so proud of you it’s like watching a sweet flower blossoming into a total bitch ugly Satan plant that I helped grow. You’re definitely a legend with some of the best character development I’ve seen in a long time I’d probably watch a television show about your progressing live. U have many boys chasing after u just like me except u can’t have any of them cuz they’re all too old or too young and do anal.

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