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Drag Race Rankdown 2023

8thApr 28, 2023 by andalarew_2231
With AustinRules6969 hausofkimchi Yaddddiggz cswaggerr and Myself
Round Robin Snake Draft Style, where the top 10 we all ranked and used average to determine the winner.

Fun Stats:
Most Likely To Have Their noms go Through without being Vetoed: Cswaggerr Only Nominating 44 Times
Most Likely To Veto your Nom: Me Using 91 Vetos
Queen Most Nominated: Darienne Lake

If Interested in doing one like this for survivor Players HMU.


This was fun. So interesting to see how subjective art is because we all had such huge differences in opinions lmfao.
Sent by cswaggerr,Apr 28, 2023
This was lots of fun! Thank you
Sent by Yaddddiggz,Apr 28, 2023
Omggggg this is gonna be amazing!!!!
Sent by FireX,Apr 28, 2023
Anybody who vetoed Darienne is going to heaven
Sent by konohavillage1,Apr 28, 2023
konohavillage1 Tea.
Sent by andalarew_2231,Apr 28, 2023
what did i just read im so confused
Sent by daveycool,Apr 28, 2023
Daveycool we took turns Nominating Queens to go out. If we liked them, or thought they deserved to make it further we would veto them, if they didnt want them to go further we would no veto. If it tied, the person who nominated counts as a No Veto.
Sent by andalarew_2231,Apr 28, 2023
I’ll do survivor players :’))))
Sent by tyleror,Apr 28, 2023
Jinkx is always the right answer
Sent by iCristian,Apr 28, 2023
i'll do surv
Sent by daveycool,Apr 28, 2023
konohavillage1 i hope you saw how woke i was against the cigarettery that occurred
Sent by AustinRules6969,Apr 29, 2023

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