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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is daveybear

alright enough of naomi & benito. my name is davet hey!
psychology major wrapping up my second year. im a friend oriented kinda gal who loves fun, in most forms. i do not care for most things, yet I'm a very considerate person. i like to live in my pretty girl bimbo barbie fantasy 97% of my life, i don't believe anything should stop that.

i'm highkey a workalhoic. anything horror or reality tv related will have me SAT. dance & music hold genuine keys to my heart. i own being a nerd. i wear the title of mom AND dad of the group, yes i am versatile.. hehe

i am a bisexual man. i love being gay af tho lets not play. theres nothing like getting that itch scratched after yearning for it and then blasting Agora Hills with a backwood in hand otw home! it does not take much to satisfy me, especially being past my frooks days. the simple life has me content for now, but i am one of a kind. and I believe I will do big things or atleast something in this world lol. So join my journey if you dare, I won't forget you.. I am very appreciative.

i lead with kindness, but that will not stop me from being the biggest bitch you've ever met. so don't call me nice LOL, a caring will do thx. i am confident but not cocky, semi wise, & hella independent. i like to keep things extremely real: i find severe value in the truth.

oh and also.. i like to laugh :3

i plus spam, may not respond tho

fucked some hoes up
highest merge streak: 18 馃
my gang <3 caique (gone)馃ゲ & fernando (awaiting his return)馃挊

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