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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Call Me The Top Fashionista 6/18/22

I got two dogs, one names Taz and the other August. I live in Seattle, WA, and go to The School of High Nathans

Discord: goat123wt#0419

Personal Bests:
Fastings: 1st
Castings: 3rd
Frookies: 3rd
Rookies: 2nd
Hunger: 14th
Survivor: 1st
Stars: 11th

DanielKennedy111 3 hours 8 min ago
oh youre trolling i got it nevermind. ill let you do your thing

corny man you gotta work on your delivery
Sent by Brayden_,Mar 16, 2022

Frooks best tributes:
colehausman271 3 min ago
5th: GOAT- Wow you played a pretty incredible social game to make it to payouts with me coming for you all fucking game so congrats on that. You were a vote away from potentially having the chance to take it all which is commendable so you gained a lot of respect from me gameplay wise today.

hunter200220 11 min ago
4th: GOAT, you were a powerhouse in this game for sure. I gave you 4th place just based off the fact Ronnie saved me with a POV earlier in the game. Congrats on top 4 though and I hope you are able to level soon

Jameslu 19 min ago
4th - CallMeTheGOAT - The GOAT! You were an amazing ally and I enjoyed playing this game so much with you. It was an absolute blast and I hope we get to play together again. You were an amazing person to work with and I'm proud of us.

DripTeejay 0 min ago
3rd- goat my brooo what an absolute dominant force we were I'm really sorry Abt the wrong flush I would've never risked u like that if I knew the truth amazing game can't wait for the next takeover !

motherbird 0 min ago
3rd- GOAT: u kinda ran this game idk u were so good and I’m so glad we got to work together I definitely think you deserved to be in final 2. Good game <3

NanoNerd's Animal Crossing Big Brother S13 - (Billy) (4 HOH 3 Veto 1 Nom) (2nd)
NanoNerd's Animal Crossing Big Brother S14 - (Cyd) (1 Veto 2 Nom) (11th) (Juror #1)
NanoNerd's Animal Crossing Big Brother S16: Rookies v. Veterans 2 - (Billy) (2 HOH 3 Veto 8 Noms) (5th) (Juror #7) (Fan Favorite)
NanoNerd's Animal Crossing Big Brother S20 - (Mac) (2 HOH 1 Veto 2 Nom) (7th) (Juror #5)
Cromatique's Random Stars (6th)
LaCroix Dancing With The Stars S3 - (Giannis Antetokounmpo) (6th)

My Hunger Kills:
KrisStory was shot dead by CallMeTheGOAT
KrisStory was killed in a fight with CallMeTheGOAT
bamold1999 was killed in a fight with CallMeTheGOAT

My Hunger Deaths:
CallMeTheGOAT was shot dead by Celsius

People like you are quiet, serious, and independent. You are super-observant but keep most of your reactions, thoughts, and opinions to yourself. When you do speak, you tend to be literal, matter-of-fact, and honest, and you avoid small talk. People see you as calm and even-tempered, and even your family and very closest friends rarely know what you're feeling. When you do speak your mind, you are truthful, and direct. You may be baffled about why people take offense or react emotionally, to an honest observation, and you may sometimes find some relationships too complex and confusing. Because you are naturally private, you avoid big social gatherings and would probably rather spend time alone or with a good friend, doing something that interests you. You probably enjoy the outdoors, physical activities, or adventures that have a certain element of risk. You approach problems with curiosity and logic, and people may say you're great with your hands.

You are also an easy going and casual person who doesn't like a lot of rules, structure, or restrictions on your freedom. You like to explore, have fun, and follow your impulses rather than live by any one else's expectations or standards. Since you prize your independence, you rarely impose yourself or your beliefs on other people. While you are amazingly adaptive and able to turn on a dime, you often have trouble making decisions or following through on projects that don't interest you. Sometimes you get distracted and forget your commitments. But luckily, you are so resourceful that you are often able to improvise your way out of jams.

Quiet and independent, you like to keep busy with projects that are of importance and interest to you. You value skills and quality performance in yourself and others. You are reserved and private, and not usually inclined to share your reactions or opinions.

Straightforward and honest, you are less interested in conversation than action, unless you are especially knowledgeable about the topic of discussion. Unpretentious and down-to-earth, you are more curious and impulsive than planned and organized.

You are comfortable with theory, but prefer working with real things rather than abstract ideas. You are realistic, good at logical analysis and usually able to understand how things work. A keen observer, you trust facts gained through personal experience. Spontaneous and easygoing, you are attracted to fun or physical activities, especially those that take place outdoors or contain a level of risk or excitement.

Intensely private, you rarely share your feelings or emotions with others. In fact, you may not consider this aspect of life to be particularly important. Naturally reserved, you may be viewed by others as aloof or cold, especially if you don't bother to explain your behavior. This can be frustrating and hurtful to loved ones and may hinder your ability to develop emotionally.

You are generally relaxed and casual and don't like a lot of rules, structure or restrictions. Your need for thrills can cause you to take unnecessary risks and sometimes evade your responsibilities. Because you hate to be bored and are easily distracted, you may not always follow through with commitments. You are likely to dispense with the planning or organizing aspects of projects and get straight to the parts which are more fun or at which you are already proficient.

My Games 154 games played

7 Aug, 22
7 Aug, 22
22 Jul, 22
21 Jul, 22
13 Jul, 22
9 Jul, 22
8 Jul, 22

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