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Hello, my name is Will

No, I have no idea why I picked 37 to be the numbers at the end of my username.

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Fan Mail:
“will i dont know why you attacked me on your way out but im glad i voted you out!! clearly this game is not made for quitters!! glad your not in jury you bitter ass...
i been inactive for ages and i havent even talked to you this game soo yea not sure why you came for me!! cya bitch” - faygo

“Now, I don't have to be a psychiatrist (and I'm not) to tell you that this is an anger fueled statement, but it also illustrates something interesting. Given how he only views importance in his own sentiments and values, and immediately dismisses mine upon statement, I can only assume that Will is a pathological narcissist who has never felt love in his life and is sub-consciously very sad.” - SerenityFireFly

I'm hoping you don't share an account with anybody because I shudder to think there could be more than one person like you.
Sent by Thirteen,Jul 25, 2014

Stars Placings: 2nd, 14th, 10th, 4th

Quote Wall:

Ride Operator / Scare actor / Aspiring Social Media Influencer
Sent by 5651Omar,Aug 21, 2018

You think you're a social media god?
Aug 3, 2018 by Thirteen
I will crush you under my foot like the worthless insect you are. We'll see how special you really are then. Your pleas for mercy will be blocked from my ears just like you decided to block me tonight.

1946 days 5 hours agoAndie3Palmer
No Bitch this is my meeting i will hold it cuz im tired of you spreading rumors about me Bitch!

It all started with a condom factory in Botswana
Sent by zorbo678,Jul 25, 2018

Skyler_TW lmao you take it all too serious, sit back and enjoy your jack off. I twerk my way in and out of what I need and ignore the rest
Sent by Anas,Jul 22, 2018

Ode to koolness234
Jul 22, 2018 by Yandereboy12
Dear koolness you ain’t Kool u smell like fish and nobody likes salor moon

fuck off then ugly twat SurvivorFan37 did u have to read?
Sent by 2388,Jul 17, 2018

All you cunts who played with multis and stole designs keep on coming. It's funny watching you thrash about while trying to bring the moderation down. You ever played Pokemon? Google Magikarp Splash and that'll let you know how we feel about you - BrainJak

Do you want a school shooting to happen?
We’re better off letting Peace release his frustrations here than on innocent people
Sent by Danger,Jul 17, 2018

fuck that, you an ass, I don't give a shit how much money you got, fuck off!
Sent by TaraG,Jul 8, 2018

scuse me bitch? I was countered multiple times by ppl who weren’t him, I needed him at the time, so why should I just nom him when he was on my side? Get eaten by a lizard you motherfucker.
Sent by BritishRomeo17,Jun 28, 2018

adidas yo ass could use a bath too tbh bet u smell like ass same way u look like ass
Sent by gagaluv,Jun 27, 2018

I flushed my toilet with one finger today because America respects game players who makes big moves
Sent by Weetmaster,May 19, 2017

Steve you’re a fucking no life pathetic individual to literally post 100s of blogs talking about Bryan rigging his game for his returnees when it is far from the truth. It’s not his fault that your tribe fucking sucked at everything. You’re just an awful group game player and you need to seriously fucking get help. Now you’ve shown this whole site how immature you are and honestly good luck getting into group games now because if I see you apply for a game I’ll tell that host not to cast you because you’re fucking rude and have no respect for the hosts.

Seriously grow up you retard.

—Group Games (2017-Present)—
Link’s Survivor: Samoa - Winner (1/18)
M&N’s Survivor: Greenland - 9/21
M&N's Survivor: Saipan - 4/18
YoundandReckless's Survivor: Yushan - 2/16
bigben1996’s Survivor: Nicaragua - 9/20
Tayvie’s The Brawl - 2/20
Turney Time Big Brother 19 - 4/20

Previous Finals:
RSF34: American Grit - 2/16
RSF35: The Castle - 5/50
Dragotistic's Survivor: One World - 3/18
Dragotistic's Survivor: All Stars - Winner (1/20)
Manalord's Survivor: Japan - Winner (1/18)
Bingo21's Survivor: Tuamotus - 2/16
Suitman13's Survivor: Last Leap - 2/24
Yankeeman311's Survivor: Nicaragua - Winner (1/16)
Sergeant's Big Brother 1: Winner (1/14)
Connor_'s Big Brother Australia: Winner (1/21)
Survivorfan1111's Big Brother 2: Winner (1/13)

My Games 315 games played

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29 Jul, 18
23 Jul, 18
3 Jul, 18
28 Jun, 17
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21 Jun, 17

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