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Hello, my name is Will

No, I have no idea why I picked 37 to be the numbers at the end of my username.

Your opinion is your opinion and I can't negotiate your opinion
Sent by Paralox,Jan 13, 2019

---Survivor Group Game---
Survivor: New Guinea - CocoaBean
Survivor: Ivory Coast - MichelleFitzgerald
Survivor: Bangladesh - wavy_lays
Survivor: Japan - obscurity
Survivor: Cyclades - Raydiz33

Fan Mail:
“You better pray I never run into you in life... if that day ever comes start running, because I will beat you fucking senseless to prove a point that you need to learn your place on the food chain.” - Hannah_Parks

Will S - your behavior after being voted out is actually disgusting. Idk if it’s actually who you are or if you’re pretending but it’s not a look - IceBeast

-12 for being a lying asshole
you'll get what is coming to you
couldn't be mature and upfront. what a joke
Sent by sjsoccer88,Nov 28, 2018

“will i dont know why you attacked me on your way out but im glad i voted you out!! clearly this game is not made for quitters!! glad your not in jury you bitter ass...
i been inactive for ages and i havent even talked to you this game soo yea not sure why you came for me!! cya bitch” - faygo

“Now, I don't have to be a psychiatrist (and I'm not) to tell you that this is an anger fueled statement, but it also illustrates something interesting. Given how he only views importance in his own sentiments and values, and immediately dismisses mine upon statement, I can only assume that Will is a pathological narcissist who has never felt love in his life and is sub-consciously very sad.” - SerenityFireFly

I'm hoping you don't share an account with anybody because I shudder to think there could be more than one person like you.
Sent by Thirteen,Jul 25, 2014

scuse me bitch? I was countered multiple times by ppl who weren’t him, I needed him at the time, so why should I just nom him when he was on my side? Get eaten by a lizard you motherfucker.
Sent by BritishRomeo17,Jun 28, 2018

i drank my pee once
Sent by chillum,Jan 13, 2019
i watched too much man vs wild are saw that boy bear grylls do it so i tried
Sent by chillum,Jan 13, 2019

adidas yo ass could use a bath too tbh bet u smell like ass same way u look like ass
Sent by gagaluv,Jun 27, 2018

I flushed my toilet with one finger today because America respects game players who makes big moves
Sent by Weetmaster,May 19, 2017

—Group Games (2017-Present)—
M&N's Survivor: Heroes vs Villains - 5/28
Cutthroat Survivor: Caroline Islands - 3/16
Link’s Survivor: Samoa - Winner (1/18)
M&N’s Survivor: Greenland - 9/21
M&N's Survivor: Saipan - 4/18
YoundandReckless's Survivor: Yushan - 2/16
bigben1996’s Survivor: Nicaragua - 9/20
Tayvie’s The Brawl - 2/20
Turney Time Big Brother 19 - 4/20
Cmack311’s Big Brother 1 - 3/13

Previous Finals:
Gaiaphage's Big Brother 2: 2/18
Gaiaphage's Big Brother All Stars: 2/14
RSF34: American Grit - 2/16
RSF35: The Castle - 5/50
Dragotistic's Survivor: One World - 3/18
Dragotistic's Survivor: All Stars - Winner (1/20)
Manalord's Survivor: Japan - Winner (1/18)
Bingo21's Survivor: Tuamotus - 2/16
Suitman13's Survivor: Last Leap - 2/24
Yankeeman311's Survivor: Nicaragua - Winner (1/16)
Sergeant's Big Brother 1: Winner (1/14)
Connor_'s Big Brother Australia: Winner (1/21)
Survivorfan1111's Big Brother 2: Winner (1/13)
Daniel123456's The Mole: Winner (1/10)

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