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  1. Did Wentworth get hurt today?
  2. Where we dropping, boys?
  3. Who the f are you I am ALL STAR MATERIAL
  4. Can somebody check on
  5. I'm cracking open a beer
  6. Hey yall its me Jasoi
  8. Is it gay
  9. Who was it
  10. Today is going to be an insane day
  11. Hey yall its me Jasoi
  12. hey yall it's me jasoi
  13. Who is the bamold premade
  14. Is this the greatest idea
  15. My 3 main life goals
  16. Underrated Survivor Moment
  17. I still think the best survivor challenge ever
  18. Don't say you're a 90s kid
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  20. [Closing Soon] Apply for Survivor: Bangladesh!
  22. Starburst colors ranked
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  26. Raise your hand
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  28. ok uh
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  31. Apply for Survivor: Bangladesh!
  32. ElectraViv wants YOU
  33. ElectraViv wants YOU
  34. I don't understand how I'm the badguy
  35. Can you darn the Barn?
  36. ElectraViv wants YOU
  37. ElectraViv wants YOU
  38. ElectraViv wants YOU
  39. Apply for Survivor: Bangladesh!
  40. Apply for Survivor: Bangladesh!

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Did Wentworth get hurt today? vote Feb 21, 2019
I didn’t get hurt today!
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Where we dropping, boys? Feb 16, 2019
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Who the f are you I am ALL STAR MATERIAL Feb 14, 2019
jacksonjoseph99 who the fuck are you bitch. I am more relevant than you. I am an ALL STAR to the game. I did more than you and you are just a hater and a follower. You got 5th on EBB and what did I get oh yeah 2nd. Even though I didn't win and even though it was 7-0 I wasn't upset because I knew that some weren't gonna vote for me because what I did in the game. I was happy that I made it so far into the game as a fan and I made it with a great friend. Euro you have a great group game and when I saw it I knew that I wanted to play. I was not a puppet and I really couldn't say I was the puppet master, but all I did in the game was just STRATEGY. Riley and Sam said that they wanted me out, but guess I made it to the end. My favorite moment was when I got Will evicted I planned that at school, and I was hoping that it was gonna work, and it did. Sure I did get a good player out, but I only did that because I knew that I wasn't going to win against him if he was in the Final Four. I may have been called a villain, but all I did was just strategy and some couldn't accept it. I have made amends with Harriella and Fino. They were great people and my good friends. I also became friends with Cristina, because I had to basically tell her that I should have been blamed for her eviction when I didn't even nominate her nor did I even voted or say anything and I was happy to see her on season three because she needed a second chance.

In the end Mike you weren't there in the game. You didn't make it farther than me and you are not ALL STAR material. I don't care that I lost by a 7-0 vote and you think that is hurting me but it is not so STOP TRYING. PLUS yall need to stop saying that I'm NOT ALL STAR material because I am since I got second and made it far. I was not nominated post veto that season and I won the most competitions that season. How many comps did you win like zero. Mark is a better player than you and I like him more than you. Like if it was you two at finale and I had to choose who to win then I would choose Mark because he is better than you and ALL STAR MATERIAL.

But seriously who are you Mike. Well I can answer that. You are an irrelevant wannabe from season one. You was thinking that you were Will Kirby when you were no where near him. You are a follower, you are a floater, and you ARE NOT ALL STAR material. You don't know me what so ever and you are just hating on me just BEACAUSE of the other haters. No one likes you really from your season and at least I made friends on mine. But I have six words for you: YOU ARE NOT ALL STAR MATERIAL
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Can somebody check on Feb 13, 2019
The BB Facebook community? I'm afraid some of the 40-something boxed wine karen ladies will do something drastic
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I'm cracking open a beer Feb 13, 2019
And thinking of Timster tonight
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Hey yall its me Jasoi Feb 13, 2019
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