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  14. Natalie was voted off
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  16. Who flipped?
  17. You have to admit
  18. So Tyler or Kaycee are gonna win veto
  19. bitch i hope the fuck you do
  20. Is Kaycee smart enough
  21. Ranking Dunder Mifflin Receptionists
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  23. Mark my words
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Who did Zeke Dec 8, 2018
make fun of for their anxiety.
Like I can remember him sneering at somebody at tribal like "oh, are you upset? Is this too much for you?" but I can't remember who it was directed towards. Adam? Hannah?
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Don’t you just hate Dec 7, 2018
How liberals
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The real tengaged victims Dec 6, 2018
Are the oppressed heterosexual minority like me -- my culture is NOT a costume
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Hey Dec 6, 2018
Absol obscurity marktint_1 how about you go fuck yourself I didn’t ask for your opinion or impute so go do whatever the fuck you do somewhere the fuck else we didn’t go see this movie for the fact we are ddlg or kink related we went because I wanted to see the fucking movie I’m the daddy btw a 22 year old guy who fucking likes movies if they are good so go fuck your self because I’m planning on watching it again and guess what you can’t fucking stop me so you need to grow the fuck up this isn’t even inappropriate your just looking to start shit so move the fuck along you piece of fucking shit so just go to your safe zone where you can play big and bad like you have any fucking clue how this world works and quit trying to tell someone how to live their life if you got a problem you can come find me my name is loveless bitch
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I’m still perpetually aghast Dec 6, 2018
At the fact that Carolyn Rivera got the same number of jury votes as Will Simms the fat useless unemployed bully who existed as a character solely to illustrate how awful people were to Shirin on the island
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