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20th: FireX/X - First Person Voted Out (10)
19th: micklepickle20/Big Pickle - Second Person Voted Out (8-1-1)
18th: GerardoM13/Jerry - Fourth Person Voted Out (7-1-1)
17th: Patrick319/Patrick - Fifth Person Voted Out (7-2)
16th: Zorbo678/AJ - Sixth Person Voted Out (3-2)
15th: ryanhawk71/RyJam - Seventh Person Voted Out (4)
14th: AlaskanFiredragon/FireDragon - Eighth Person Voted Out (2-1)
13th: Blondelle/Natasha - Ninth Person Voted Out (9-1-1-1-0(1))
12th: Byp123/Scott - Tenth Person Voted Out (8-6)
11th: CorinneKaplan4460/Corinne - Eleventh Person Voted Out (6-1-1-1-1-1)
10th: FrenchMaid/CJ - Twelfth Person Voted Out (6-2-1-1/7-3)
9th: LockerAmi/Ami - Walked
8th: SirNiceGuy/Lukas - Thirteenth Person Voted Out (3-3-1/5-0)
7th: Coolexchangestudent/DJ - Fourteenth Person Voted Out (5-2)
6th: Kenu67/Karma - Fifteenth Person Voted Out (5-1)
5th: OldNewz/Newz - Sixteenth Person Voted Out (2-0[3])
4th: Caliboy/Sean - Seventeenth Person Voted Out (2-1-1)
3rd: bigben1996/Ben - Eighteenth Person Voted Out (1)

Viewer's Lounge: http://bit.ly/18UbqIH
Ponderosa: http://bit.ly/29xSryW
Applications Group:  http://bit.ly/1yGZtpm
Series History: http://bit.ly/1yF5L7b
Series Wiki: http://bit.ly/1NPosu0
Host Q&A for thewinner: http://bit.ly/1fcypQY
Host Q&A for Preznewton44: http://bit.ly/15avKIF
Host Q&A for Fobbyiyg: http://bit.ly/1TUMuca

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Reunion (Greek Isles)
250 postsCreated by Fobbyiyg on 955 days 4 hours ago
Last post by thewinner
297 days 11 hours ago
Final Tribal Council (Greek Isles)
185 postsCreated by Fobbyiyg on 957 days 23 hours ago
Last post by Caliboy
955 days 10 hours ago
752 postsCreated by Fobbyiyg on 961 days ago
Last post by Gaiaphagee
957 days 23 hours ago
Tribal Council #15 (Mythikos)
51 postsCreated by Fobbyiyg on 960 days 3 hours ago
Last post by bigben1996
959 days 2 hours ago
Immunity Challenge #15
186 postsCreated by Fobbyiyg on 964 days ago
Last post by Caliboy
960 days 3 hours ago

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  1. WHO WILL BE EXILED UNTIL THE MERGE?1343 days 5 hours ago
  2. Immunity Challenge #91662 days 5 hours ago
  3. Immunity Challenge #21733 days 6 hours ago
  4. Blood vs. Water Fan Vote1735 days 2 hours ago
  5. Immunity Challenge #31855 days 9 hours ago

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