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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is (Sean)

Join date:05/15/2011
Light Green Level 06/10/2011
Dark Green Level 07/01/2011
Blue Level 07/14/11
Purple Level 07/23/2011
Red Level 08/09/2011
Brown Level 10/22/2011
Black Level 12/25/2011
Silver Level 03/12/2012
Gold Level 08/30/2012
Sky Level 10/12/2012
Blood Level 12/19/2012
TV Star 04/03/2013 221st TV Star < 3

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Finale History starting of December 2011
HotFox's Survivor Cook-Islands
Player Of The Season:Caliboy
(1st survivor group Game to actually Win in Finale)

2nd Season of Lower Stars
3rd Place - YUKIisback (lost with 11.0%)
2nd place - Caliboy (lost with 34.9%)
Winner - M2thamax (won with 54.1%)

Sergents Dynamic Duos Big Brother Season 1
Winner: Mhens

Marathean's I Love Cash
Season 7 Rookies
Winner-Caliboy (Me <3)
Runner Up-ZakAustin

Lower Lever ALl Stars
1st- Caliboy ME :)
3rd xxbadgirl something haha (nick)

Spinner's Survivor Palau
Runner-Up: 49288 (Old Koror/New Koror) [Received 3 votes to Win]
Sole Survivor!: Caliboy (Old Ulong/New Ulong) [Received 4 votes to Win]

Bingo's Season 9: Survivor Scandinavia
Sole Survivor!!!! - Pedlick44
=2nd - Leonine_Divine
=2nd - Caliboy

Cmacks South Pacific

Etaco75's March Madness II Winner: Caliboy

Tykeals Big Brother Riches
1st: Caliboy
2nd: Tylerseeg

LLS Best of the Best Finals
3rd - EliOrtiz1234 (voted out by 9.6%) 1 nom survived against surviva
2nd - Caliboy (voted out by 44.5%) 2 noms survived against Crim and Ras
1st - jacco (voted out by 45.9%) 3 noms

Survivor Myanmar hosted by Dragonistic
Sole Survivor-XJamzX
Runner Up-smiley20
3rd Place-Caliboy

I_Pull's Stars
1st Caliboy (45.7%)
2nd Otaq (29.7%)
3rd Lonelypuppie (24.6%)

Cubsguy831 Survivor: Hawaii
Runner Up - Caliboy (Koa/Ohana) [Received 3 Jury Votes] (ROBBED FROM the Obvious WIN)
Sole Survivor - NCFX (Honu/Ohana) [Received 4 Jury Votes]

*Congratulations to Sean P. / Caliboy, the winner of KidA's Survivor: Spain * (runner up Gametime)

Nathans Survivor Japan:
2nd Vanessa M. / vannynessa19 "Vanny"
1st Sean P. / Caliboy 4-3
Player of Season: Caliboy < 3

Gaiaphage's Survivor SENEGAL
2nd Runner-Up: Sean/Caliboy
Runner-Up: Andy/Amf7410
Sole Survivor: Tyler/TylerKeith

Zachboy967's Survivor Season Three: China
[Winner]: Caliboy
[Runner Up]: Duke

Zachboy967's Survivor All Stars Cuba
3rd: Acyuta [Runner up]
2nd: Ziggyzaggy16
1st: Caliboy

Congrats to Sean (Caliboy), winner of Winner and Prez's Survivor: Czech Republic! against Roman 5-2

Smackdown's Big Brother 17
Day 40 1st. Ozzy (Oswald19) [received 6 votes to win]
Day 40 2nd. Sean (Caliboy) [received 3 votes to win]
Mentions: Player of the Season

Gaiaphagee/ Chris's Generation 3 Survivor 32 Sumbawa!
2nd Runner-Up: Adrianna/Saftronbtr999 (Received 1 Vote)
Runner-Up: Hudson/Number1SurvivorFan (Received 3 Votes)
Sole Survivor: Sean/Caliboy (Received 4 Votes to Win)
Player of the Season: Sean/Caliboy

(Mearl n Lifer) MALUS S2: Jurassic World
Aria (Sportygirl22) 1st (Technicality win, should of got 4th)
Sean (Caliboy) : 2nd
Chris (Carraid78): 3rd
Mentions: POS

BigBen1996's Survivor Thailand
Runner-Up: Sean (Caliboy) [Sook Jai/Palad Khik] (Received 2 votes to win) Blunder should of taken Victoria
Sole Survivor: Jera (XxHeroxX) [Sook Jai/Palad Khik] (Received 5 votes to win)

2nd Runner-Up: Sean/Caliboy (Received 0 Votes To Win) (Temne/Krio/Krio/Lavoc) (Day 52)
Runner-Up: Austin/Spinner554 (Received 3 Votes To Win) (Krio/Krio/Mende/Lavoc) (Day 52)
Sole Survivor: Ben/Milkisgood (Received 4 Votes To Win) (Mende/Krio/Mende/Lavoc) (Day 52)

ItsOfficial's Survivor Cocos Islands S9 -
Player of the Season - Sean P. (Came in 3rd but should of won FInal immunity but robbed due to technicality)

Gaiaphagee's Survivor 40: Champions VS Challengers
2nd Runner-Up: Eli/EliOrtiz1234 (Received 1 Vote To Win)
Runner-Up: Mearl/Mearl (Received 2 Votes To Win)
Sole Survivor: Sean/Caliboy (Received 6 Votes To Win)

Winner of SG1's BBUK Series 3 against Emma (dreamdoll) and Oli (MrPokeguy9) runner ups

Mud's Survivor: Germany (S10)
Sole Survivor: Jake/Lemjam6 5 vote to win
2nd Place/Fan Fave: Caliboy 2 votes to win
3rd Place Tim/Terose 1 vote to win

My Games 499 games played

4 Aug, 23
22 Aug, 22
3 Jul, 22
18 May, 22
3 Feb, 22
30 Jan, 22
28 Jan, 22

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