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Hello, my name is Sharon Needles, Manila Luzon, Jujubee, or Raven

I will plus your spam with a smile on my face :)


Stars 76...Lindb Won...I got 6th. (sun)
Stars 85...LaQuawnda Won...I got 8th (kate)
Stars 151...Diva1 Won...I got 13th (chuckle)
Stars 168...Donaam Won...I got 2nd (heidy)
Stars 174...Vikejk17 Won...I got 13th (emo)
Stars 187...Foxox won...I got 16th (flex)
Stars 212...????? won...I got 16th (2nd time losing to Broncman for 16th place in a row lol)

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LMFAO. This made me choke and now I'm just sitting here gagging on eleganza.
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Face, face, I give face. Face, face. Pouty face.
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Fritzyyyyy: Listen mahjongany, question me one more time and I'm telling your mother about you breaking curfew.

mahogany: You wouldn't do that steve, I'll tell the other vampires that the only thing you suck is cock

E True Hollywood Story: Mahjongany
So, let me tell you somethin' about Mahjongany, k. Shortly after birth, his parents tossed him into a K-Mart bag and tossed him into the ocean. He was found by a group of F.O.B Asians, they scooped him out of the water and wanted to make sushi out of him. Whilst contemplating if he would taste better doused in soy or duck sauce, wise man say "we make him next prodigy of Mahjong." The next day, "Jason" was thrust into the dojo of said wise man and worked the tiles like no other non-Asian boy had ever done before. Three years ago or so, at the age of 7, he was heavily favored in a tournament (similar to Mortal Kombat) and he dominated as expected, each of his opponents beheaded afterwards. In the finals, he was forced to face man, who didn't tell him that he was entering to tournament as well. Long story short, the apprentice defeated the master, and wise man live no more. After that and watching a few Jackie Chan movies, his distrust of Asian's began to grow more and more to the point where he completely abandoned the game that was his entire life up until that point. He decided to get into something that no Asian had done before him, non-KungFu acting. He invited his entire extended Asian family to his first theater performance, and we'll just say that it didn't end well. The next day, his entire extended family was found dead in a pool of Mahjong tiles. I shit you not. So it's not that he dislikes them, he's just traumatized.
-This has been a Fritzyyyyy production-

by Miniotics 0 min ago
Robbie is gonna belt the house down!

by Fritzyyyyy 38 min ago
Just checking in from the interior illusion lounge.

by Fritzyyyyy 0 min ago
Oh, or CuntPhi O'shunta

by RobbieRIOT 1 min ago
p.s. Onyx was evicted in a vote of 1-0

by Razorclaw13 0 min ago
Onyx was too tough anyways... Was a big threat

RobbieRIOT if this was a yearbook, I'd scribble out one of your teeth and call you RobbieDIET.
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From mahogany
Re: Do you like Lana del Rey?
Mar 3, 2012 21:31:46
to RobbieRIOT
You continue to confound me with every word you say.
But I didn't expect anything different, lmfao

From the incomparable, sexy, amazing Bo_oM:
RobbieRiot - You are such a wonderful person :) Like a heart of gold, honestly. Your just always there for a great laugh and someone who you can also talk to. I find you're like one of my real life friends who I've known forever, doesn't matter if we don't chat for a while, we just pick up where we left off. It's really something special most people only wish they could have in a friendship, and I'm so happy I could have that with you :)

9. RobbieRIOT - Bitch you are LATE and shouldn't even be GIVEN a writeup but I love you so okay. Please always smile, be ridiculous, and love life because I love you and you deserve NOTHING less! Signed, your best friend who never talks to you but will always always always be here for you always :) #Tits_McGee, ily

get some new glasses you nerdy ass bitch lmao.
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Robbie I'm angry let me fuck you
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