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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Yaxha and I are not the same person

I will plus your spam if you're not a big fat meanie.

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turkeylover (x2)

Winner of Stars 675 馃専馃専馃専馃専馃専

2nd place (lost in a tie) Stars 637 馃専馃専馃専馃専
Midiaw 10 min ago
Yawn, Go sit ur ass on grass and poop urself

Yawnha shut the fuck up & go play with your matchbox cars
Sent by DaddyDev,Jun 11, 2021

YoundAndReckless was shot dead by Yawnha
MmabatlokoaMolefe was shot dead by Yawnha

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25 Nov, 21
29 Nov, 21
19 Nov, 21
16 Nov, 21
10 Nov, 21
7 Nov, 21
7 Nov, 21

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  1. my top blog really got mass negged huhvote
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  7. night yall! :)
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  11. I am silky smooth
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