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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is β˜…Benleyβ˜…

zw00per: Benley
discord: benley.
roblox: Benley_xo

πŸ† Nominated for Best Tengaged Hero 2023πŸ†
πŸ† Nominated for Best Tengaged Villain 2023πŸ†
πŸ† Nominated for Best Tengaged Villain 2022πŸ†

My multi:

πŸ‘‘ LILAH MORGAN STAN - persistent. feminist. underdog. πŸ‘‘

Kiara_xoxo: Its ok benley I mean you grew on me
You kinda remind me of a kid with problems but you overlook it cause its like your kid with problems

Delano: I also haven't had much contact with you on the site, but I've seen your profile a few times and I think it's pretty cool. Your avatar is unique and quite different from most, which I think is perfect. Besides, you're very handsome and you seem like someone nice to talk to. I hope we meet at some game somewhere.

Carriexoxo24xo: I like that you’ve always treated me very well and weveeer had a problem u seem to have a big heart as well β™₯️

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My Games 794 games played

27 Feb, 24
25 Feb, 24
21 Feb, 24
20 Feb, 24
20 Feb, 24
17 Feb, 24
17 Feb, 24

My Blog Check my blog!

  1. You act like you just saw a ghost
  2. Waiting for a response
  3. and when the world needed
  4. Why is it
  5. Im giving Tengaged everything
  6. Its not about how much something costs,
  7. Two small titties and a baseball bat
  8. Whiny people get rewarded on this website20th
  9. Cherita11th
  10. JUST because I have money13th
  11. Go be CAPTAIN SAVE A HOE somewhere else..
  12. No title
  13. Lips lock like Madge & Brit
  14. biminibonboulash
  15. Went to neg
  16. The title of Jengaged's meet up video
  17. I cause drama with everyone here?
  19. Lips lock like Madge & Brit
  20. Least fav music: Taylor Swift

Last mentions of BenjaminB

  1. Jasmina said: ..Successful Charity ??..
  2. Cecilia581 said: ..I really liked her song Recharge My Heart from her most recent album @BenjaminB..

Latest Actions

  1. BenjaminB bet on Yonaka 24T$ in game #226305 23 hours
  2. BenjaminB's bet on Snowglobe won 48.0T$ in game #226242 1 day
  3. BenjaminB's bet on WilliamGonzales won 48.0T$ in game #226210 3 days
  4. BenjaminB's bet on Murly won 48.0T$ in game #226194 5 days
  5. BenjaminB's bet on bomberv won 48.0T$ in game #226193 5 days
  6. BenjaminB bet on Snowglobe 24T$ in game #226242 6 days
  7. BenjaminB's bet on Geoo won 48.0T$ in game #226173 7 days
  8. BenjaminB bet on WilliamGonzales 24T$ in game #226210 9 days
  9. BenjaminB's bet on TaraGold00 won 48.0T$ in game #226140 10 days
  10. BenjaminB's bet on A_La_Fac won 31.2T$ in game #226137 10 days
  11. BenjaminB's bet on LindsayMiaw won 48.0T$ in game #226125 10 days
  12. BenjaminB bet on Murly 24T$ in game #226194 10 days
  13. BenjaminB bet on bomberv 24T$ in game #226193 10 days
  14. BenjaminB's bet on Yoko_Homo won 48.0T$ in game #226122 11 days
  15. BenjaminB's bet on ilovepuppies135 won 48.0T$ in game #226118 11 days