Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Josh

I am easy to get along with it you want to be friends and am glad to be a part of this site:D

Fasting placings:
1st-3 2nd-1 3rd-3 4th-2 5th-1 6th-2 7th-0 8th-1 9th-0 10th-1 11th-1 12th-0 13th-0 14th-0 15th-0

Group games I've been in:

L and J's Survivor:Brazil-5/18-Hero of the season
Livingston's Survivor:Idle Bay Isle-3/16
Fearless Survivor:The Bahamas-tied for 1/16
L and J's Survivor: Belize All Stars-5/20 (I suffered the same fate being double idoled out so rip me lol)-Host's favorite (Tim)
Livingston's Survivor:Chile-7/16

Soon to be host of Josh's game series where I will do Big Brother and Survivor games

My Games 25 games played

22 Sep, 19
19 Sep, 19
13 Sep, 19
2 Sep, 19
30 Jun, 19
29 Jun, 19
27 Jun, 19

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