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BigBen's Survivor: Estonia - Unfinished Business

Group Games Placings

Flamingjoe's Big Boss:3-Winner
Koolmanmadden's Big Brother 4-Winner
Koolmanmaddens Endurance:9-Winner
Link's Survivor:Second Chances-Runner-Up
Survivor233's Survivor: Congo-Runner-Up
Yankeeman's Survivor:Superpowers-Runner-Up
Cubsguy's Survivor:All Stars-Runner-Up
Flamingjoe's Ultimate Big Boss-Runner-Up
Janelle's Big Brother 2-Runner-Up
Cmack's Survivor:Iceland - 2nd Runner-Up
Suitman's Survivor:Marquesas-2nd Runner-Up
BENLINUS' Survivor:Africa-3rd Place
BestHeroD's Survivor:Easter Island-3rd Place
MHens Big Brother 2-3rd Place
M&N's Survivor:Ethiopia - 4th Place (Player of the Season, Hero of the Season)
Bingo21's Survivor:Arctic-4th Place
JR Big Brother S4 - Sinking Ships -4th Place
JR Big Brother S5 - All-Stars -4th Place
Spinner's Survivor:Palau-4th Place
Spinners Survivor:All-Stars-4th Place
Julian's Survivor: Archetype Royale -5th Place
Wangifold's Survivor:England - 5th Place (Hero of the Season)
Cmack's Amazing Race-5th Place
Mana's Survivor Friends vs Favorites - 5th Place
Manalord's Survivor:Tocantins - 6th Place
Smileys Survivor:Madagascar-Second Chances-6th Place
01Gohan's Survivor:The Andes-6th Place
Cubsguy's Survivor:Marquesas -6th Place
Chantra1's Survivor:Tokelau - 6th Place
Cutthroat Survivor: Mamanuca - 6th Place
BENLINUS' Survivor - Canaima - 7th Place
MMAjunkiex's Survivor:Marquesas-7th Place
Gaia's Survivor:Nauru-7th Place
Link's Survivor:Japan - 7th Place
Flamergamer8's Survivor Croatia - 7th Place
Leli14's Survivor Siberia - 8th Place
Pokepat's Survivor:Antarctica -8th Place (Hero of the Season)
MHens Big Brother All-Stars-9th Place
Kolby's Survivor: Malaysia - 9th Place
Julian's Survivor: Namibia - 10th Place
Suitman's Survivor:Pearl Islands-10th Place
Lupie's DR1:Big Brother Cliques-10th Place
Cutthroat Survivor: Caroline Islands - 11th Place
Cmack's Survivor:Mexico - 11th Place
BigBen's Survivor: Mongolia - 12th Place
BigBen's Survivor: Vanuatu - 12th Place
Cmack's Survivor:Vengeance Island-12th Place
Renegade's Survivor:Cambodia - 12th Place
BENLINUS' Survivor:All-Stars- 13th Place
Suitman13's Survivor:Great Britain - 13th Place
Bingo21's Survivor:Scotland-Arch Rivals-14th Place
Cmack's Survivor:South Pacific-15th Place
CaptainTangerine's Survivor:Costa Rica-15th out of 44
I_PullDaStrings' Big Brother 2-14th Place
Will's Survivor:Japan - 16th Place
Camck's Survivor:Caramoan Fans vs Favorites - 17th Place
CaptainTangerine's Survivor:Cambodia- 18th of 80
Cubsguy's Survivor:Heroes vs Villains - 18th Place
Bingo21's Survivors:Then vs Now (Then Tribe) - 19th Place
M&N's Survivor: Madagascar - Heroes vs Villains - 20th Place
Link's Survivor:Tristan da Cunha (Paired with Jxhn) - 32nd Place (lost Last Hope duel)
Gaia's Survivor:Return To Bouvet Island-38th Place (out of 91)


J&J's Survivor: Principe Island
Sole Survivor: BB5lover
Runner-Up: BritishRomeo17
2nd Runner-Up: NotNicky333

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  19. jharrin7887's Big Brother
  20. Gaiaphage's FINAL Season

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