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Hello, my name is Lee ;)❤️

I am your lovely host for Tengaged Celebrity Big Brother!

1/14/19 xo

I stan Jade from Mortal Kombat

Hi I'm Jade. From Mortal Kombat. You know? Saved Earthrealm from evil, yada yada yada. That was tough. Now i'm ready for some real competition! Here write this down. I'm 36, 24, 36. And I'm a Scorpio, got it? Winning Girls Gone Wired isn't just about a pretty face. You think Pamela Anderson could high-kick a guy into rotating saw-blades? I've the brains, the brauns, and polygons to win this thing! If I have to break everyone of you in half to do it. So vote for Jade.

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Season 1 ~ 🎤 - Malibu - #Chic
Season 2 ~ TBA

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All i have to say is don't fucking trust Willie Pork, DON'T DO IT!

"I DIDN'T KNOW RANDY!" - Rhonda Tennessee


"FUCKING PUSSIES!" - Carl "Bullrider" Bull

"I'LL FUCKING CURSE YOU!" - Melody Huggleton

Lot's of people on this site find me annoying but I just don't give a fuck

Lauren Rimmer ♡ Survivor: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers
Jessica Graf ♡ BB19
Danielle Lickey ♡ BBOTT
Monica Bailey ♡ BB2
Ariadna Gutiérrez ♡ CBBUSA
Laurel Johnson ♡ Survivor: Ghost Island
Veronica Doherty ♡ BBCAN6
Elizabeth Olson ♡ Survivor: David vs. Goliath
Angela Rockstar Lantry ♡ BB20
Tamar Braxton ♡ CBBUSA2
Kemi Fakunle ♡ BB21


♛ Villain | Beauty | No Collar | Hustler | Millennial | Caucasian | Male | Goliath | Favorite | Gay ♛
18 year old KING

STARS 462 - 3rd Place 31.7% to win

STARS 490 - WINNER 45.8% to win

[11:18:08 PM] Crimson Ennui: Koolness i watched porn
I know how to fuck

White ~ 7/11/15
Yellow ~ 7/15/15
Orange ~ 7/22/15
Light Green ~ 7/27/15
Dark Green ~ 8/6/15
Blue ~ 9/12/15
Purple ~ 11/14/15
Red ~ 12/21/15
Brown ~ 12/21/15
Black ~ 12/23/15
Silver ~ 2/19/16
Gold ~ 5/17/16
Sky ~ 9/17/16
Blood ~ 12/25/16
TV Star ~ TBA

Lee/CrimsonEnnui. We joined this game together, we made single digits together, we got haters over an online website together, we got rednosed together, and we finally played a hunger together. I wanted us to make it to the final 2 so I could hand you your first win, alas that didn't happen, but I hope I can win it for you. Love you best friend <3
- My Bff Chris

And That's Alright Baby Not A Problem

they talk the brother/sister love stuff, and they showed me no love, so that stinging sensation you feel on your eyes right now, thats the lee crimson napalm, get out of my house

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  1. love you guys I hope you arent brainwashed
  3. If you don't think Holly is the best dance momvote
  4. i love starting the yeehaw trend
  5. All that sheeping for 2nd and 3rd place
  6. My life is so good :)
  7. Sigh
  8. honestly kendyl did nothing wrong
  9. Dont call me angel is a 6/10
  10. I'm disengaging 👑
  11. Also thanks for the 9 missed calls on skype
  12. It feels good 18th
  13. All I'm gonna say is
  14. Heres the rankings if you can't read the picture!3rd
  15. I survived the poll what
  16. Check Skype when you can
  17. Oh I'm nommed in stars
  18. i- oop
  19. Rate the 1984 houseguests!
  20. Rate the 1984 s3 houseguests!

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