Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Officer Lee Crimson ;)

All i have to say is don't fucking trust Willie Pork, DON'T DO IT!

Lot's of people on this site find me annoying but I just don't give a fuck

Lauren Rimmer ♡ Survivor: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers
Jessica Graf ♡ BB19
Danielle Lickey ♡ BBOTT
Monica Bailey ♡ BB2
Ariadna Gutiérrez ♡ CBBUSA
Laurel Johnson ♡ Survivor: Ghost Island
Veronica Doherty ♡ BBCAN6
Elizabeth Olson ♡ Survivor: David vs. Goliath
Angela Rockstar Lantry ♡ BB20

Tengaged Orgs I played

Devon's Survivor Season 1: Indonesia - 8th/16th
Devon's Survivor Season 3: Vets vs. Newbies - 7th/16th
Devon's Survivor Season 5: Heroes vs. Villains - 7th/20th
Devon's Survivor Season 7: Battle Of The Orgs - 8th/18th

QWRS Season I played

QWRS6: King Of The Nerds - 7th Place
QWRS7: The Hospital - 6th Place
QWRS8: Society Game - Runner-up
QWRS9: All Stars 1 - 8th Place
QWRS11: Last Squad Standing - 11th Place
QWRS12: Big Brother 3 - 13th Place
QWRS15: Survivor: Disney World - Runner-up
QWRS23: All Stars 2 - 9th

Average Placement: 7.25


♛ Villain | Beauty | No Collar | Hustler | Millennial | Caucasian | Male | Favorite ♛
18 year old KING

Stars Placements

STARS 388 - 8th Place

STARS 401 - 13th Place

STARS 407 - 6th Place

STARS 429 - 9th Place

STARS 440 - 6th Place

STARS 462 - 3rd Place 31.7% to win

STARS 490 - WINNER 45.8% to win

STARS 498 - 13th Place

STARS 503 - 6th Place

Polls Survived: 5

[11:18:08 PM] Crimson Ennui: Koolness i watched porn
I know how to fuck

White ~ 7/11/15
Yellow ~ 7/15/15
Orange ~ 7/22/15
Light Green ~ 7/27/15
Dark Green ~ 8/6/15
Blue ~ 9/12/15
Purple ~ 11/14/15
Red ~ 12/21/15
Brown ~ 12/21/15
Black ~ 12/23/15
Silver ~ 2/19/16
Gold ~ 5/17/16
Sky ~ 9/17/16
Blood ~ 12/25/16
TV Star ~ TBA

So baby, tell me where your love lies
Waste the day and spend the night
Underneath the sunrise
Show me where your love lies

Lee/CrimsonEnnui. We joined this game together, we made single digits together, we got haters over an online website together, we got rednosed together, and we finally played a hunger together. I wanted us to make it to the final 2 so I could hand you your first win, alas that didn't happen, but I hope I can win it for you. Love you best friend <3
- My Bff Chris

And That's Alright Baby Not A Problem

Lee's Queens Series

Lee's BB Queens Season 1: Mortal Kombat Winner: D'Vorah 7-2 vote

On MY daughters birthday! Believe that you would sit there and use some crap like that. You are a bull face. I- I c- Disgusting! Disgusting! I havent talked to you in 3 days. You didn't campaign to me. You. You. I can not! Disgusting! Disgusting! I cant believe on my daughters birthday that you would drag my name through the mud like this. You're- you are disgusting! Do you understand? That's fine because the public saw who I voted out. And it was you. And well get you out again. So that's cute. That's real cute. That's cute. That's cute. REAL CUTE

It’s never easy to witness a false fact. It’s never easy to dribble the ball back. So I dribbled to scribble through all of that, dunking hope against hope I call this- this very moment. I came into this house as a woman of integrity and I will leave this house as a woman of integrity. I think most people know that deep down in their hearts that I do not deserve to be evicted tonight; however— I mean, my own team betrayed me. HOWEVER, if that becomes my reality, I want to say “Thank you” to God. I LOVE you, Jesus! And I want to say “Thank you” to CBS and the Big Brother family. This has been an incredible experience. I am beyond grateful. Um, If I have offended, wronged, or wrongfully accused anyone in anyway, I’m sorry and I ask for your forgiveness. For those of you out there listening, no matter who turned their back on you, you rise up in strength, you persevere, you stay true to who you are, and you hold on to your faith. I love you all. HAVE a great summer! Deuces!

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