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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is pikaplayer

Group Game placings
I&N's All Stars: 1ST PLACE!!!! (First group win 2/27/17)
Brawl: 1ST PLACE!!! (Second win 9/2/17)
The Ninth Hunger Games: 1ST PLACE!! (First HG win 3/13/18)
The Sixth Hunger Games (BrainJak): 3rd place (Shantae)
The Seventh Hunger Games: 12th place (DK)
The Eighth Hunger Games: 16th (Ro)
The Eleventh Hunger Games: 7th (Mahiru)
Novamax's First Hunger Games: 6th (Fox)
Dmpwb's Ultimate Challenge REVAMP $Prize: 15th/49
Survivor: Madidi: 2nd place
Macda27 Pokemon survivor: 5th place (Pikachu)
WANJ Survivor All-Stars: 3rd place
L and J's Survivor Uganda: 4th place
~Stun's 42nd Annual Hunger Games~: 14th (Lucario)
THE IMMUNITY GAME™ Round 2: 25th place (Lowest placing)
RAGE 21- Under the Influence: 4th place
The fourth Hunger games (BrainJak): 15th place (Yoshi)
Michael Big Brother: Season 1: 9th place (Yoshi)
Annual Hunger Games (Blatastic): 11th place (Bowser)
2nd Annual Hunger Games (Blatastic): 8th place (Miranda)
THE MOLE: Double Trouble [Season 2]: 5th place
Jacob's Survivor: 10th place (3rd member of Jury)
Survivor Cuba Redemption Island: 2nd place
Jay's Survivor: 9th place
Ryan's Survivor: Mamanuca: 9th place
R.A.G.E. final season: 7th/8
Emotion's Survivor: Amazon: 9th place (Duck Hunt)
Emotion's survivor Palu: 12th place (Duck Hunt)
Marthean's survivor: 11th place
Kolby's survivor China: 11th place
Kolby's Survivor: Mexico [S8]: 8th place
Escape the night: Last one alive: 1st
Yound and Reckless survivor Bora Bora: 14th
Yound and Reckless survivor second chances: 14th
Swagger's survivor Managascar: 2nd place
Blat's Big brother color wars: 7th (13th-14th)
Blat's Big brother 10 Heroes vs Villains: 9th
Nano's Survivor: 10th place
Cool Narwhal's survivor: 4th place
K&G's survivor Managascar: 4th place
Noah's Survivor tortise and hare: 14th
Mud's survivor all stars: 16th place
Imperfect stars: 10th place
Ultimate stars 11: 4th place (Silvia)
I&N's survivor season 1: 9th place
I&N's survivor season 2: 6th place
K&G's survivor Allstars: 2nd/3rd place
Noah's survivor: Wonderland: 10th place
Julian's survivor Lantau Island: 8th place
Things people say about me <3

Pika: Pika, before you read this I just want to let you know that I admire you as a person, and I know you have great intentions. Everybody here does. But plenty of people, many people that I talk to see you as a sheep and a blind follower. And let me just say that it's hard to make an argument against that. And I know a lot of people make fun of you for this, so don't get me wrong, I'm just trying to look out for you.

Let me say this in your own language: you are the complete, perfect embodiment of Pikachu. Of course you act like him, you talk like him, all that is on the surface and we know that, but you are also just like Pikachu deep down. Pikachu is loyal and will do anything for their "trainer". In your case, you trainer was Kolby, and then once he left it became Hufus. But is the trainer ever the one that gets hurt in battle?

The second point... I find it very fitting that we have Pika, who acts like Pikachu, and Hufus, who is coincidentally wearing a Raichu costume right now. We all know Pikachu evolves with a thunderstone, which in this case is the willingness to PLAY and not blindly follow someone. I can tell that you are able to this, take the thunderstone, and evolve into a better player. Raichu is much stronger and can beat others in battle (the final tribal council), but Pika cannot. So I hope that in future games, you can do yourself a favor and EVOLVE. Again, I'm not trying to be mean but eventually you need to have a wake-up call. -Mud

Pika - Man i like you , you are a nice guy and that is you're biggest flaw the fact that you said that you didn't have the heart to vote off Kolby is terrible because this is survivor.- Cole225

Pikaplayer, there's no way in hell that I will be writing your name to win tonight. Your IQ is barely higher than, guess who?, that's right, an electric battle rodent named Pikachu. I'm not a patient person, and let me tell you that you're worse than Yound. You don't have a single functional neuron in your nervous system. You're so pathetic that you have to act like a Pokemon to feel better about yourself. Well, to be honest, you're not pikaplayer. You're pikasheep. That will be all. -AnnaMay

Personalities (OCs)

Pika (The happy-go lucky but inconsistent Mid tier): Under the ownership of Pokemon Trainer Red. Pika is a very intellegent Pikachu who like some other pokemon can use basic technology. In a fight Pika relies on his high speed and electric attacks to win being unable to consistently go head to head with his foes. In Group Games Pika relies on his social game to get him far as his other aspects are lacking. He looks for friends in these games and people he can be loyal to, however Pika can be to loyal and rely on friends for a lot of his own thinking as he rarley can himself. In games Pika is inconsistent and seems to be going into a Mid tier carrer as he usually starts out strong but fizzles near the end sometimes he goes to the end but just can't win and rarely he just flops. Currently Pika has had some really high placings and some really low ones. Despite all things that may come his way and even with friends before wins you can be sure that Pika will give it his all in games. (Games won: 2)

My Games 22 games played

18 Feb, 17
19 Nov, 16
9 Oct, 16
10 Sep, 16
11 Mar, 16
31 Jan, 16
29 Jan, 16

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