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4 Qwertyioup, Jan 15, 2018

So i need someone to help me and buy something from 15 minutes fame
#Stars #casting #rookies #fasting


Just wait

3 CalebDaBoss, Jan 13, 2018


Stars Support

2 Icarus_Mark, Jan 13, 2018

To begin with at least



8 FireX, Jan 12, 2018

Well hello tengaged i am brian or as you might know me FireX. I am going to be in the next stars and i hope you can help support my white ass not flop. I have an amazing frat with really cool people and we won the STARS SEAT GAME!!!!. After a lot of consideration and a frat vote i have been chosen.
I would love any tips you might have for me as it will help and of course as i say dont let me flop
#Stars #Casting #Fasting #Flop



4 CalebDaBoss, Jan 12, 2018

ashszoke should've won her stars



5 joaovictor, Jan 12, 2018

Have to say that I'm scared of the noises on the background cause I was alone, so maybe someone will kill me before I get evicted.



12 joaovictor, Jan 10, 2018

I decided to make this blog cause nobody knows me so maybe if you think I'm pathetic enough to stay on stars you guys are going to keep this bitch there hahah
So my name is João Victor, I am from Brazil, I am 19 years old (I'll turn 20 on july) and I am majoring dentistry on college.
I REALLY love to go out partying and shake my ass off and get drunk but not dying drunk haha, I watch about 60+ tv shows (that right there shows you that I have mental problems) and the best experience of my life was visiting some places on Europe in 2016. I consider myself a really nice person, sometimes to nice and I get fucked over, but the problem is on the other person not me, I'm a princess, and always try to help everyone if I can.
I decided on saturday that I wanted to play stars here for the first time and probably was a stupid idea but I love making dumb decisions.
Would love if you guys can keep me there and let me play this game as hard as I can,  I tried the best that I could to avoid this but unfornatelly didnt work out so well, so please give another chance. I know some people on the cast think that I'm doing nothing but that is so not true, like I said in my speach having nobody that I could say anything withou getting leaked was not an easy thing, but the relationships that I formed were good enough to keep me safe til F10, and dont matter what people say I'm so proud of myself, I really thought I was getting 16th but that didnt happen so YAY!, thanks so much <3 have all a beautiful day.
PS: sorry for my english, oh and thats was another hard thing for me, having to be on calls and english not being my first language made everything even harder.


I dont like it

5 sihz, Jan 9, 2018

When people talk about sheep when theyre nominated or just blame other people.
Shalynda sweaty, the only person u can blame is yourself for not getting the sheep to actually sheep you or simply for not convincing other ppl to not put you up, youre the reason youre up.



3 Loopspeare, Jan 7, 2018

I don't care what y'alls say, but Gagaluv has one of the best story arcs on Tengaged of all time.
Way back then, she was quite popular and beloved. She won #stars a few times (I think?) and I distinctly remember her doing a lip sync or dance thing to ArtPop and it was iconic. The video is gone now, though. :X
And a ton of gay boys are THIRSTY for her wresting son.
Nowadays, she's in lots of drama and she's a controversial figure. She is the matriarch of Tengaged. Bow down, rats.



0 CalebDaBoss, Jan 6, 2018

I hate this cast I H A T E it I will be so glad to evict half of those bitches
Support goes to maturo


Now that I'm evicted, who wants a gift.

4 Girllover101, Jan 5, 2018

I was gonna gift someone during stars, but I didn't want it to look shady to make people think I wanted stars support. Please as a evictee wish, please send home Titoburitto asap! Tysm! Godbless!


Woot, Renommed for 6th

9 Girllover101, Jan 5, 2018

Wow I finally found someone I've made a great connection with!! :)
Her name is.. the nomination chair? She's been 100% loyal to me this game, she hasn't seemed to have let me down yet. (Which I am super thankful for) As much as I feel bad for being up with Anthony as of right now, I also really don't care as much.. just for the fact that he was working with them for most of this game also. I still haven't given up, I still have faith that this game won't end terribly. It sucks that the same people (premade) had control this whole game. But the game is still not over yet. I still have a lot of fight left in me. I am super super thankful for the support from tengaged i've received this week overall! I'm just going to wish Anthony some luck, bc I really hope that if you happen to stay against me, that this set lights a fire under your ass and you do something! :p
Poll: https://tengaged.com/poll/bigbrother-game-179444


The best and worst parts of stars

6 thewolfman, Jan 4, 2018

-Any conversation with titoburitto about relationships
-Being on call with IYBF while getting makeup done by my little sister
-Cast members such as eoin and girllover101 talking about how they're honored to be in my first ever stars and how they can't wait for me to be a tv star (I know I didn't get everyone)
-All the friendships I made in the cast
-Tea spilling with girllover101 when him and lowwww were on the block (don't worry the tea was only about low going home)
-The constant accusations of multi's
-Being blamed for nom sets I didn't even make
-Losing a very good friendship 10 minutes before I left (you know who you are, pm me)


Oh no no sweetie

0 Girllover101, Jan 4, 2018

Levonini I am not using multi's ma'am. The public of tengaged.com are just woke af and realized omg.. they are just going to flavor Girllover101? when would that happen!!? oh yeah.. only in 2018! The more I stay, the more support I get. So me surviving polls has nothing to do with multi's! It has everything to do with the premade's carelessness of this game.


Renommed for 7th in Estrellas 477!

0 Girllover101, Jan 4, 2018

Yes!! I got another one of the premade up! It feels great to know it split. I mean not in my favor, but hey I did get another one of those premade ladies up! I am honestly honored that they choose be to be the cast flavor. I didn't know they really loved me oh so much!
I made a promise to strike on the premade and I've done just that. I want this game to change and I know I still have time to do it. If I can get some of the own premade to flip on their own then I can do it some more. This cast is finally gonna soon learn that joining as a premade will end up being the downfall of their game!!!!!! I am very thankful that tengaged has kept me around so long. I now know how shitty it feels to be flavored, and in all honesty, in future stars games.. I'm going to be saving every flavor that is up for now on. This is such a shitty position and I just wish the best of luck to anyone that has been put in this crappy position! Gl Levonini
Here's me getting tito and andrew to split on eachother so they now have no trust in one another :)

And here's a short vlog expressing my feelings



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