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TY 50% AND BYE 717

14 Willy729, Aug 12, 2022

This is it Stars 717. What a great game this has been and I’m so thankful to have stayed here after 4 nominations.
It was hard playing in minority all the time and it was hard moving around there, but I’m so happy to have known all of you and to receive TG support, which I never thought I would.
Stars 717, the journey ends, but I’ll be back here. Good luck all and let the best one win
Bye 🧡 (crazy way to go out 😂)
benja31 honalulue TMAN54445 DaddyDev BBDamian best of lucks


🌟💜THANK YOU 50.8%💜🌟

1 Willy729, Aug 11, 2022

I have no words to describe how I’m feeling right now.
I’ve been playing stars with my whole heart and mind but this cast has made it so tough for me after being nominated 3 times, but you saved me once again and I can’t thank you enough for that.
This nomination was hard because I was going against one of the best players in the house, and I have nothing but respect to hellocat. U deserve all the best really!!
Thank you for believing in me, but the fight is not over yet and I’ll make everything in my hand to prove I can stay in the house and to value all of you efforts to save me.



1 Tryphena, Aug 10, 2022

you all better stop coming for TMAN54445


Good morning Tengaged

2 UsernameThatWasFree, Aug 7, 2022

I want to say again thank you for everyone that gave me the love and support this week. The encouraging words and ensurance that I was playing well and that I never gave up.
I don't think my chances are high. And I have accepted whatever outcome possible. But as a kind. Dont spread negativity. Especially hateful acts.
Dislike me all you want, but keep it in a level where your ignorance wont show.
I appreciate all of you.


Stars Winners Statistics UPDATED

14 3pi14159, Aug 6, 2022

Check out the list of all stars games and winners
Here are all the users who have won three times or more and how they rank compared to other users.
1        BbDamian        7
2        #Emmaleigh        6
T3        BigBrotherDonny        5
T3        #Phenomanimal        5
T3        #TheSexiestDude990        5
T3        #ZEEnon        5
T3        bamold1999        5
T3        brandonpinzu        5
T3        #damo1990        5
T3        koolness234        5
T3        #maturo        5
T12        Chic        4
T12        #Cornelia        4
T12        #CutieAmy        4
T12        #Maggie        4
T12        Petro        4
T12        Survivor8        4
T12        Thumper91        4
T12        chibideidara        4
T12        dorkishbarbi        4
T12        #karim        4
T12        konohavillage1        4
T23        BengalBoy        3
T23        EliOrtiz1234        3
T23        Etienne        3
T23        #EyooMarcus        3
T23        #Gaiaphage        3
T23        Gaiaphagee        3
T23        GentlemanG        3
T23        #Halloween        3
T23        IceBeast        3
T23        J2999        3
T23        #JesseM        3
T23        Kentuckyy        3
T23        #NoelSarah        3
T23        SemNome        3
T23        Thirteen        3
T23        Tommeh208        3
T23        Washed_Ravioli        3
T23        christossss        3
T23        #clueliz        3
T23        #jenzie        3
T23        #lonlee        3
T23        #vh1luvr15        3
T23   #Midiaw    3
List of Special Stars Winners:
Stars 28: EnragedBeauty - (Big Stars Giveaway I)
Stars 51: cheznahuf - (Big Stars Giveaway II)
Stars 72: BigBrotherFanGirl09 - (Big Stars Giveaway III)
Stars 92: Pinacolada - (Big Stars Giveaway IV)
Stars 115: QueenDoe - (Big Stars Giveaway V/Duo Stars)
Stars 136: amartin - (Big Stars Giveaway VI)
Stars 141: finklestein123 - (Second Chance Stars)
Stars 142: BbDamian - (Hackers Stars)
Stars 188: meduncan- (Partner Stars)
Stars 300: TheSexiestDude990 - (Banned Stars)
Stars 357: JayELVeeIsBack - (Coaches Stars)
Stars 506: papibadd - (Banned Stars)
Stars 644: PureEssence - (Winners At War)
Stars 663: konohavillage1 - (Dynamic Duos)
Stars 666: smi9127 - (Devil's Stars)
Stars 685: J2999 - (Christmas Stars)
When will the next special stars be? brandonpinzu koolness234 cheapcheep the ball is in your court.


UPDATED List of All Stars Winners

24 3pi14159, Aug 6, 2022

*** I will keep this list on my profile for anyone to check at any time.
Since Survivorofthetocans is inactive someone has to take his job and that will be me
Check out stars winner stats:
- Stars Winners -
Stars 1: Grayson10001
Stars 2: Chels05
Stars 3: Kathreya
Stars 4: Richpaca
Stars 5: Daisy
Stars 6: storm
Stars 7: Lockie
Stars 8: NoelSarah
Stars 9: jakel0vespickler
Stars 10: Pogo11
Stars 11: Jensa101
Stars 12: Chris99x
Stars 13: NoelSarah
Stars 14: jakel0vespickler
Stars 15: Emmaleigh
Stars 16: Lexxu
Stars 17: Alegeeter
Stars 18: oleary91
Stars 19: AndyShields
Stars 20: Alisowned
Stars 21: knixuk
Stars 22: phanne
Stars 23: girlracer265
Stars 24: Emmaleigh
Stars 25: BioDork
Stars 26: EssexGirl
Stars 27: IAmPaxton
Stars 28: EnragedBeauty - (Big Stars Giveaway I)
Stars 29: Genevere
Stars 30: xxJaym
Stars 31: JJJJ
Stars 32: OliviaSofie
Stars 33: Emmaleigh
Stars 34: TheGreatXL
Stars 35: LillyXoXo
Stars 36: RObbyROb
Stars 37: karim
Stars 38: Maggie
Stars 39: surstromming
Stars 40: mikedistanz
Stars 41: TheGreatXL
Stars 42: Maggie
Stars 43: Jazz
Stars 44: lonlee
Stars 45: xexplosive
Stars 46: Uskyld
Stars 47: WillyEx
Stars 48: skeeet
Stars 49: AntNikiaBonnie
Stars 50: Crystall
Stars 51: cheznahuf - (Big Stars Giveaway II)
Stars 52: BlueStar
Stars 53: BengalBoy
Stars 54: BlackWidow
Stars 55: Kaffreya
Stars 56: BlueLagoon506
Stars 57: Josh742
Stars 58: NoelSarah
Stars 59: Emmaleigh
Stars 60: cheznahuf
Stars 61: LuvinLife123
Stars 62: anthony2011class
Stars 63: vicious
Stars 64: mikedistanz
Stars 65: mack3199
Stars 66: Abrogate
Stars 67: MarkiePoo
Stars 68: andychuck08
Stars 69: skeeet
Stars 70: lonlee
Stars 71: GurlBai
Stars 72: BigBrotherFanGirl09 - (Big Stars Giveaway III)
Stars 73: Maggie
Stars 74: Clayton
Stars 75: Mielz
Stars 76: lindb
Stars 77: karim
Stars 78: Fiona89
Stars 79: trishytrash
Stars 80: MarkiePoo
Stars 81: Abrogate
Stars 82: ZEEnon
Stars 83: Holder
Stars 84: Charming2010
Stars 85: LaQuawnda
Stars 86: blogs
Stars 87: randomkid22
Stars 88: MoreBeastThanYou
Stars 89: Maggie - (All Winners)
Stars 90: BlueStar
Stars 91: 2008girl
Stars 92: Pinacolada - (Big Stars Giveaway IV)
Stars 93: MinsiKid
Stars 94: TripleXXX
Stars 95: Emmaleigh
Stars 96: JustMe
Stars 97: sw33t
Stars 98: Uskyld
Stars 99: BbDamian
Stars 100: BlackWidow
Stars 101: lonlee
Stars 102: wwemrpeeps
Stars 103: PrincessTeePee
Stars 104: EmmaLynn
Stars 105: puma
Stars 106: DiNoM
Stars 107: Vanili
Stars 108: Bella777
Stars 109: Pepper
Stars 110: MattyBB9
Stars 111: 2008girl
Stars 112: sandizzle
Stars 113: Yoki
Stars 114: Fiona89
Stars 115: QueenDoe - (Big Stars Giveaway V/Duo Stars)
Stars 116: Wonderland
Stars 117: Phenomanimal
Stars 118: someguy123
Stars 119: BlueLagoon506
Stars 120: ZEEnon
Stars 121: ronron313
Stars 122: Etienne
Stars 123:..


I think this is one of the first stars

4 coolKat, Aug 6, 2022

In a while where I won’t be upset to see any of the three win!
I love Tizian and Usernamethatwasfree!
And Midiaw is in my draft. It’s perfect.



7 UsernameThatWasFree, Aug 6, 2022

Well, hey there Tengaged! Been a while since I had to do one of these pleas. But least this time it’s on a happier note. I made finals! If I was a random user that saw I made it, I’d lowkey be shocked! But anyway, let’s get to it.
When I first started here, I was making rookies mistakes. My start and understanding of the game itself were not off on a high note. I saw the block at sixteenth and got in drama right away. While I stayed and avoided the block for a whole day…. bam! I was back on the block again with Jack. A cleaner survival sure but being put up twice so quick just put a lot of nerves on me. At the beginning no one would discuss game with me, and no one would bat a set of words to help me to help them. I blame some of that on me for those rookie choices, but it was a massive rough start.
Fast forward into the midpoint, I was approached with a deal by Tizian that we seem to be on the fence with everyone. Knowing that I was lacking in full committed allies I had to do what I deemed fitting for my game. This alliance shaped a formation that I had a true ally to back me up, and we would always inform one another if our name was tossed around if there was a set we didn’t agree with. Sometimes I’d go with one side, and sometimes it was a split. Did they always work out? Well no. But this game wasn’t a clear run for everyone, and all of us here made mistakes at one point or another.
As time went by in the game, I slowly but surely left the spotlight of nominations, or so I thought anyway. Seeing some players sets was a little bit of a bummer, but it’s the game. What do you do? I made the deals necessary to protect me and protect the people I know would keep me safe. Did it require me to turn on people? Yes. Did it require me to make deals I know I couldn’t keep? Yes. But multiple Stars players understand that this game is designed to play to the best of your ability. Popularity has the ultimate say, but your gameplay can shape a resume that will keep you in it to win it.
I deserve to be the winner of Stars 716 because I came into the game at the bottom and worked my way to the top. Mistakes were formed, but mistakes were needed to get a clearer understanding on what I needed to do. I had moments of weakness at various point. Between the fighting and just not giving myself any credit. But once I got my footing in the game, I kept my composure and maintained a level of positivity. Even at times where I felt the target on my back. For most rounds this week, I was either a set or a discussion for a set and had to remain in game mode to the best of my ability. I may not have the popularity of Midiaw, or a Little Bean like Kaylabby (still a boy…) or have a reputation like others. But I can say I am very proud of my game, and how I carried myself to the end. With help from amazing people along the way.
Stars was an adventure, filled with many highs and lows. It’s a..


Made finals!

17 UsernameThatWasFree, Aug 6, 2022

Thank you everyone for the support this week. Whether in comments, mail, Discord, etc. Regardless of results, I feel happy. Blog coming later today of course! < 3


One more DC before finals..

2 UsernameThatWasFree, Aug 5, 2022

I'm honestly really scared for this one, but I hope that I can see the end! Wish me luck everyone! < 3



4 Tizian, Aug 5, 2022

Hey Tengaged!!
After 9 DCs and multiple counters, here I am back on the block.
Since going up to for 15th to slay the Big Bad Broccoli Eilish, I knew that I NEEDED to reintergrate myself back into the house to have a chance in this game. I made sure to split myself across the house and work on my social game, and in doing so made sure nobody wanted to renominate me and want to work with me.
I was able to adapt my gameplay, as before 15th I was talking to everyone and spilling a bit too much between everyone. I was never really trusted and had everything I said be leaked to half the house, which was confirmed by fellow HGs days after. Realizing this, I knew that I had to shut my mouth and have people come to me instead for information. This worked out immensely in my favor, as now I had information spilling from almost every HG in my pms. I placed myself in the middle and swung between both sides of the house, knocking out big names and adding them to my resume. I made sure to truly align myself with Max and Michelle, and by scooping up Thomas we were able to uplift some strong players in this house.
Today, Tengaged, I ask you to save me and continue my journey in this stars. I'm not done fighting, and the one time I've fallen in this game I came back with a vengeance. Seeing I've done it once, you all know I can do it again! I can practically see myself in this final 3, I just need this last push from Tengaged to get myself there!!
Thank you to everyone who has saved me against Eilish and Tcold. Your support means everything to me, and I hope moving forward we can CONTINUE THE TIZIAN WAVE TOGETHER!!
ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ:・゚ TIZIAN WAVE!!:„ø¤º°¨ ¨°º¤KEEP THE TIZIAN GOING ¸„ø¤º°¨ ¨°º¤øº LETS GO TIZIAN !¤¤º°¨¨°º¤øº¤ø„¸¸ø¤º°¨„ ø¤º°¨¨°ºL-E-T-S GO
I'm totally manifesting that you're all going to be clicking Tcold312's button right here~!!


Keep it going!

3 coolKat, Aug 5, 2022

ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ:・゚ TIZIAN WAVE!!:„ø¤º°¨ ¨°º¤KEEP THE TIZIAN GOING ¸„ø¤º°¨ ¨°º¤øº LETS GO TIZIAN !¤¤º°¨¨°º¤øº¤ø„¸¸ø¤º°¨„ ø¤º°¨¨°ºL-E-T-S GO!


Final Four!

11 UsernameThatWasFree, Aug 5, 2022

This round was one of the most stressful rounds I have endured all game, and I am glad to survive.
Grats Midiaw and Kaylabby on surviving with me! And good luck Tizian and tcold312


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