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Thank You! Long Road Ahead 😱

9 PrincessTeePee, Feb 22, 2021

FML. I swear when I’m drunk, I lose my inhibitions, whyyy did I join this 🤣 I’ve never actually gone unnommed and really want to but I guess when you’re Me, it’s impossible.
I’m not one for cliches, or the same boring lines you’ve heard before, but when in stars, assumptions get made about you. I’ve learned so much about me, I have best friends I didn’t know about, I split noms in my sleep, I’m a ‘popularity threat’, I’m ‘too protected’?! It’s a lot! It’s only day 5, what else will I find out about myself?
I’m really not one for sitting back and doing what others tell me, I will question and negotiate as well as anyone else. In the public chat, you only see about 50% of what goes on and I was pushing behind the scenes SO HARD for this not to happen. Some minds won’t be changed, but until I’m evicted I won’t give up. This is a split set so there are many openings. I want to continue, and potentially finish what I have started. I’m not ready to go home yet 💖
Please save me here by not clicking on my button 🙂
Thank you for all my saves so far and thank you to the BEAUTIFUL broncman789 for my sign! #stars


THANK YOU 55.6% !!!

4 tundrahenry101, Feb 19, 2021

IM SOBBING ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️



20 tundrahenry101, Feb 18, 2021

Hey guys it’s tundra here! I’m officially nominated in stars at the final 7!
This game has been a whirlwind of emotions. I’ve had to maneuver between friend groups and find ways to prolong my stay in the game without getting nominated, and I Did the best I could!
Joining this game alone was very hard but also a blessing bc I didn’t have anyone to rely on but myself. I made moves for myself and lost a few friends along the way that I’m sad about, but stars is WEIRD and this game was so stressful. I felt I owed it to myself to play for myself and see what I could accomplish!
I’m proud of the way I’ve played and I’m not done yet! Tengaged send me back in and let me keep playing I’m having a blast! Love you all!
Also just for the LOLs i did turn on stu/evan and the ONE time there were numbers there, people didn't want to do it hahah. Who's sheeping them now? couldn't be me.
(this is starscasm don't roast me plz)
Push Josh's Button here plz!
#stars #casting #fastings #frookies #rookies #hunger #survivor


Really Need Help!

0 LornaHollas, Feb 17, 2021

I am currently in last place and need all the saves I can get. I don't want to go home!!


I locked in Cherry and Paige

5 Washed_Ravioli, Feb 14, 2021

Goodnight and good luck noms


Tengaged Stars 12-Year Tribute

42 SurvivoroftheTocans, Feb 9, 2021

Greetings, it is I... Dr. Tocan. I come here tonight with yet another Stars tribute video. Only this time, it is a compilation of every Stars game from 1-632 (Those finished within 2008-2020) with stats from each. I have the full 50+ minute video just below for public viewing as well as the one minute speedthrough if you so prefer. You can also send me an email address if you would like to receive the PowerPoint directly for a higher quality display of every page.

To the six games' worth of players that are not included in the big video, no worries. I plan to update it every December. The pages for Stars 633-638 are completed and in the quick video.
Source Material:
Wins/Finals Stats:
Also go check out what unkown has cookin


Final Chance To Vote

0 LornaHollas, Feb 7, 2021

Voting will close soon and I would really love and appreciate any last minute votes for me in this poll so I can make the final! :)


Stars winners at war?

1 ColinCoco, Feb 4, 2021

What's that about?
Can this random human with a generic avatar join?
Yes, I somehow won stars.


My worst stars experience

2 NanoNerd, Feb 3, 2021

Well... I’ve only played one stars game.
But it was with this troll named rozlyn.
He trolled the entire cast. Me mostly.
We put him up a couple times, but he survived pretty much every time. Then I went up and he told his supporters to vote me out. I got 8th place.
Before my eviction he kept trolling me by sending me messages on Skype saying “8th Place Baby!”
After I was evicted, he said I was just mad because he got me out. He took credit for my eviction. What a scumbag.
BUT... things got better after that.
After I got evicted, he went up immediately afterward. He made a blog asking for saves, and I think everyone thought he was gonna stay.
It was so bittersweet. He could no longer take credit for my eviction because his so called “fans” voted him out right after.
It really made my day.
I even sent him a bittersweet message on Skype saying “7th Place Baby!”
Man... karma is a beautiful thing.
So in conclusion, this was my worst stars experience. But in a weird way... it was also my best.


top blog

14 Yonaka, Jan 29, 2021


Q&A Vlog - Stars 633 Finals (Courtesy of..

29 Washed_Ravioli, Jan 2, 2021

(Sorry for the obnoxiously intrusive watermark, it's what I deserve for cutting the video halfway through and using a free program to stitch it together)
cheritaisdelicious: 00:31
Nikk1Grahame: 1:48
LovelyKiss: 1:58
astone929: 2:19
SeaViper: 3:55
s73100: 4:07
AmandaBynes: 4:19
Marwane: 4:57
mikec51: 5:40
Akora: 5:54 ( So sorry for butchering it :( )
Bamold1999: 6:17
christossss: 7:15
yoshicoolman: 7:40
melindaMrskk: 8:21
EvictionFreak: 8:58
pinkiepie512: 9:24
Thank you all for the support this week <3


I’m the last Stars evictee of 2020

4 rellizuraddixion, Dec 31, 2020

A tragic end to a tragic year!


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