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1 Judi, Mar 18, 2018

Like I have from this experience....i鈥檝e shown that you can have a bad day and go on to have so many good days. -#STARS


Just wanted to say...

2 LoveLife, Mar 17, 2018

Thanks so so much for everyone who supported me this week in stars! I am not entirely sure why I joined in a week when I was working 10am-8pm shifts every day except from Thursday, but gj to me for actually making it to 10th unnominated even because I was having to call people for half hour then sleep then work for 10 hours, then come home.
I think I could do better if I had more time to form significant relationships. I honestly am unsure as to whether there ever was a premade, but if not there was an alliance formed on maybe day 2/3 that I was never told of, and yeah people were loyal to me to an extent, but I did try to get up people like tempo, ray, nicky, judi and even tyler at times and people will tell you that. Unfortunately neither the numbers or timezone were on my side :/
I do have a lot to thank whoever kept saving me though, it really means a lot to see many of your names popping up, saving me, day after day after day, kinda shows that all this time wasted playing ridiculous times on an online big brother website isn't really wasted time at all. Some of you are some of the most genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of talking to in life and I really hope if any of us can take something away from this website, it is friendship, and kindness instead of some of the harsh comments and bitterness we see on a daily basis :)
Apologies to any shade thrown at GentlemanG!
Judi we hardly spoke but gl
Bamold1999 i hope you win it was glad talking this game, gl all :)


Joining stars with my 13 multis

1 Cromatique, Mar 17, 2018

Guess who's winning?
Not you, obviously.


If this stars was a bb season

0 lionsden121, Mar 16, 2018

It would be bb19
Bamold would be the Paul controlling everyone and them all thinking they are the masterminds
judi is Raven cuz they are the crazy bitch
Tpidude is Matt cuz he literally does nothing
Nicky is the Alex cuz he thinks he's in good but obviously he's not
Tempo was the Jason
Ray is the Christmas doing nothing
And lovelife is the Cody nickson the last hope of the season


Like Him or Not

0 Loopspeare, Mar 11, 2018

But Johneh allowing me to host a 40+ person Roblox Survivor game for a #stars ticket was iconic.
Poor Hints won after four and a half hours only to get 16th in Stars. LOL


Multi'd out of Stars

6 OATTY3, Mar 8, 2018

I just wanted to say that I appreciate everyone who supported me and voted for me to stay in this game. A lot of you know that I am a genuine, honest, loyal guy and that's how I play my game. If that got me nominated then so be it. I am not a person or player who likes to make up lies about people, spread rumors, make false accusations in eviction speeches, and maybe that's why I didn't get to the end of this game but I refuse to stoop as low as these people have to be so cruel in a game. I have unnecessarily been attacked several times, harassed, lied about things unrelated to the game and it's down right disgusting. Those are the type of people that ruin this site and those are the type of bullies you hear about that have terrible outcomes on others and people need to realize that their words can have a significant, negative effect on people on and off this site. Thankfully, I'm one hell of a strong person that can take anything and I stand up for myself and for others against people like that and that's why I'm making this post.
I am not mad that I am leaving the game because it is just that, a game. I didn't have the numbers, no one wanted to work with me, and I wasn't left with many options this time around because I was so vocal about getting these ppl out in the beginning. I hope that the rest of you can learn from this and just learn to not be so ugly with the things you say on this site that is meant to be fun.
In the wise words of Ellen Degeneres, "Be kind to one another."


I am thinking of paying to join a stars game.

1 turnerpike20, Mar 4, 2018

Please support me if I do then because it would be really nice to win. But yeah I will be prepare to actually join a game because I have way too many T$.



5 AshlynArehart, Mar 4, 2018

since my ass is being multied out of the win. Let me just go ahead and say thank you to everyone that supported me this. Sorry that I don't the time and energy to create multi after multis. Been real!


Stars Finals Blog!

7 AshlynArehart, Mar 3, 2018

Hi everyone! Well I didn't think it would be possible, but I made finals!
When the game first started my strategy was just to feel everyone out and be open to whatever deals were the best suited for me.  I found myself in majority alliances, multiple chats and potential final threes.
Early in the game I saw no reason to play hard as there was so many big names fighting for the leadership spot. It was better to play on the sidelines then in the field.
Though that strategy had to change when I faced my only eviction against my friend Question. He was deemed untrustworthy by the cast and because of association that meant I had to go up as well. It wasn't my proudest moment as I had bickered with several cast members. But I knew I couldn't let the drama hinder my game as I had much more fight left to give.
After surviving eviction I took a step back from strategizing until the time is right. When I got comfortable to play more hardcore I took it as a chance to help out with forming big moves and final deals.
I had an already made F3 with maturo and s73100, but I also had my deal with packersfan12 and totaldramalover3032. I even snagged a secret deal with C00LDUDE1000 and RealJacksonWalsh to make sure I had another security blanket.
The goal after was to make sure they were all pitted against one another while my name wasn't even in their thoughts. There was times where I almost got caught, but luckily I never had to worry too much.
I think I deserve to win this game because I came into it as a new face, and I showed myself and everyone around me that I was determined to go all the way. my social game is on point, my strategy paid off, and I was able to do all this without being fully suspected. even when I was facing eviction I didn't let that hinder my game. Don't get me wrong I thought on several occasions that I thought I was going to go up and go out, but I knew in my heart to heart that I could do it. I hope you consider all these aspects when you go to vote. It would be so awesome to be declared the winner. Thank you to everyone for supporting me this week. I couldn't have done it without all of you. Let's finish strong!
Good luck packersfan12 and maturo < 3



0 scooby0000, Feb 28, 2018

To everybody who save me you guys are the best 馃槃 you made the cookie proud



0 AshlynArehart, Feb 27, 2018

I didn't think I would have the votes to keep me safe. I appreciate every vote that was in my favor.
Sorry you had to go Question :/. I'll try to kick ass! < 3
Again thank you so much < 3333


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