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Thank god I did not join

2 yoshicoolman, Jul 4, 2020

I would have had to dealt with the dynamic duo Queenisha and HighNoon
They joke about me having cancer. #stars


My first star

11 FLAMENGOOOOO, Jul 4, 2020

why did i go to spend my ts? I don't know anyone and I didn't know that the game only works for those who have skype lol ... I'm completely screwed!
I hope I last at least one day inside ... Lol #SOS lol #Stars


happy independance day!

2 joshgillespie, Jul 4, 2020

wow look at us... gas where i live is cheaper than it has ever been on july 4th since 2004, didn't have to act like i like my extended family due to everyone being in quarantine and #stars was cheap enough i could have joined lmfao
hope everyone is staying safe! remember to wear your masks when you can! :)


Vote Sebbers to Win Stars

4 adamsel, Jul 4, 2020

So there's obviously no jury in stars BUT i would easily cast my vote for Sebbers to win. Him and jm101 were counters at least 5 times (probably more once i left) and even though Jeff was useless since he wasn't playing, Sebastian single handily took the target off his back each and every round. I wouldn't be shocked if every single nom he did went through because he really had that much control over the game. Kindred also did really well, but she didn't work NEARLY as hard as Sebbers. Going unnominated is hard enough, but going unnominated when your name is mentioned EVERY SINGLE ROUND is practically impossible. BUT HE DID IT. He deserves to win this #stars and in a few hours when the poll is up, I think you should all click his button.


Want to Save Stars?

1 Robbie626, Jul 3, 2020

You need to use your democratic Tengaged right and vote in stars NOW! valgarfield and kindred7 needs to be in the final 3.
I have met Val about 9 YEARS ago on and I believe she used to be my Tengaged mom when TG family trees were a thing 2011 - 2014. Val is an incredible person to have in this community and person in real life. She ironically enrolled in my 3 Associates degree/graduation charity without SPEAKING to each other for 6 YEARS! If that doesn't define how much of a goddess and Tengaged legend now sure what will. Maybe the fact she ACCIDENTALLY enrolled in stars and made the LUCKY 7! Val is destined to be a finalist in #stars. She took being nominated from kindred7 like pussy rules the world. Let her rule the STARS WORLD!


Nominated for 10th in Stars

7 adamsel, Jul 1, 2020

Hello Tengaged!!
This cast literally doesn’t know how to play. jm101 is inact 22/24 hours of the day, they’re keeping the biggest threats safe instead of nominating them against each other and people wanted to start making re-noms for 12th (RIP AmandaBynes). I haven’t played stars in 5 years but I still feel like i’m running circles around these people.
Prime Example: One other person (who i wont say yet) and I literally made both nom sets one day change. No one was saying anything so we made two pairs who we were comfortable going and told one set one noms and the other set the other noms and everyone else we said we heard both sets and guess what… those were the two sets that round.
You might be asking then… if you’re running circles around this cast then why are you nominated? When no one is playing and you do the bare minimum (i.e. talk to people) apparently that means you’re playing all sides and running the game and they were SCARED.
I’ve been fighting my ass off so I would appreciate any saves. Please click Eric’s button #stars


Thank you Tengaged

0 Sith, Jun 27, 2020

For the Stars Support i hope you guys follow me to the end!
As the SITH shall raise again ending the Jedi <3


Another amazing stars cast!

1 Tommeh208, Jun 27, 2020

Good luck everyone :)


Hi there

0 jhelsdon2478, Jun 27, 2020

Long time no see.


Who would support me if I did Stars

5 ITZ3THAN, Jun 21, 2020

Be honest. I’m curious


Stars support

3 ITZ3THAN, Jun 21, 2020

Good luck kings and queens 👸🏻


Stars simulator #1

2 ITZ3THAN, Jun 21, 2020

So this is the first time I’m doing this.
Imagine it is a stars eviction.
The nominees are Kindred7 and 3pi14159
Who would you evict??
2 votes pi 😂
0 kinny


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