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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Mmaba

Mmabatlokoa "Mmaba" Molefe is a castaway from Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets. Most notable for her strong bond with Geoffrey Cooke-Tonneson, Mmaba was rarely targeted, and was able to make it to the merge unscathed. However, following Geoffrey's elimination, Mmaba was once again overlooked by larger threats, but was never able to truly gain a footing in the late game. At the final 8, Mmaba found a Hidden Immunity Idol in the voting urn, but didn't play it. This mistake proved to be costly as she was voted out in a 5-1-0 vote as her alliance members wanted to flush intended target Jacques Burger's own Immunity Idol.

My Games 689 games played

20 May, 24
16 May, 24
16 May, 24
16 May, 24
11 May, 24
10 May, 24
4 May, 24

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