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Hello, my name is Dev is my favourite

Eliortiz1234 is my man crush everyday
SMUGUY2012 is my soulmate
GUIGI IS my husband
Chris is my baby daddy

Treat people how you want to be treated

Proud member of LEVEL 13

Parvati is the queen of Survivor Period

Britney is the Queen of Big Brother

Mattt Matt Matty Matt
I love you more then anyone has ever loved a best friend! You are literally my best friend , my protector, mr Rock and my light at the end of the tunnel! You will tell me when I fucked up and when I did good! You are literally my person! Christina and meredith wish they had a friendship like us!!

SAWCHUK55 - Doesn't matter how much you go through or how much sh!t you put up with, you never victimize yaself, always see the good in people and always put others first. Also your body's so hot I'm literally gonna bend you into a pretzel and fuck you silly till my cum is dripping outta you. You'll need to change your name to SORECHUK55

Eilish/Bryan ilu

Sawchuk55 - 10 - Probably the easiest 10 i could give out because of how AMAZING you are. You are one of my best friends and i am glad that we started talking because you are amazing and you are always here for me no matter what! I love you so much and you are such a big part of my life on the site and i would never change it for the world. I love you to the moon and back and i hope that you feel the same for me <3


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