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Hello, my name is Zach <3 I have a rough exterior, but secretly im kind of a sweetheart.

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  1. I don't even care if it makes me losevote
  2. I just put the biggestvote
  3. That stars assessment was a BLAST vote
  4. Theres a large difference
  5. God,
  6. But have you heard?
  7. 3 Artists that are N O T good.
  8. Mariah Carey writes her own music
  9. Whats the biggest thing you've ever
  11. I had Mcdonalds for lunch
  12. No title
  13. Camila will N E V E R
  14. I feel like even z wo oper
  15. How have I never won the stars raffle
  16. I fucking miss Lineballs, flakes etc
  17. XD celebrity houseguest FRANKIE GRANDE!
  18. I think its funny
  19. LOL
  20. Honestly.

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  1. Jouix said: ..Thanks for the lovely messages both:* @zachbbs @maturo..
  2. k4r4k said: ..? you’re too kind! @zachbbs you think everyone is terrible ? Idek you lol..
  3. Brxan said: ..Honestly ..
  4. Memphis_Grizzlies said: ..maybe in minneapolis @zachbbs..
  5. Thumper91 said: ..@zachbbs we need to listen to mariah carey and get fucked up..
  6. Thumper91 said: ..his page is perfection <3..
  7. Sam_Hamwich said: ..@zachbbs there was stuff before that stars game, although I dont ever think it was as bad as it was after. And anything that hap..
  8. Sam_Hamwich said: ..@Zachbbs I remember us getting along up until I nommed you for I think 8th (maybe 9th) in a stars? We used to talk about Wendys ..
  9. Sam_Hamwich said: ..@zachbbs you okay?..
  10. BrainJak said: ..Ooooookay..
  11. BrainJak said: ..@Zachbbs I may be angry w him but don't just insult him like that please .... If you have a reason then use that, not just call..
  12. Sam_Hamwich said: ..i love my fans ..
  13. BrainJak said: ..@Zachbbs Shut Up please.....
  14. dav_o_79 said: ..@Zachbbs I just ain't trying to go to drill tomorrow..
  15. Anas said: ..@Zachbbs it was a general comment that rather contribute nothing than bullshit. Don't come at me for no reason, dumbfuck. ..

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