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★ Fine, Fresh, Fierce! ★

An exclusive fraternity for those who are Fine, Fresh, and Fierce.

Stars Seat Wins & Person Sent In:
★ November 27th, 2015 - KingGeek
★ December 11th, 2015 - Mikey_Elite
★ April 1st, 2016 - HaliFord
★ July 22nd, 2016 - smuguy2012

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  1. AustinRules6969Hippos:Unite
  2. kevrev4hi! plus me cali gurls
  3. TheEclipsehello
  4. epicwafflez23Huns let the ugly noob in <3
  5. KingGeek*grabs the broom* STEP OFF HUNS!
  6. Pogo11let me in plz
  7. MozalTovstar me in gals
  8. maxiphone27what if i am 2 out of 3
  9. hadoushHey guys can you all please plus these three? Thanks! :D
  10. m7md26Chest 4: Redemption
  11. TrollingPenguinHEY HUNS
  13. JayElVeeIsBackYou have the seat
  14. mathboy9LMFAOO!!
  15. LowKiI'm just so baffled... But whatever.

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Haleigh Broucher Tribute!

14 HaliFord, Aug 13, 2018

I spent so many hours on this, I hope y'all love it as much as I do =] (watch in HD pls)
Tagging some Haleigh fans that I know..


Why does everyone think

4 HaliFord, Aug 13, 2018

there's gonna be a jury buyback this season? I feel like there won't be


Close to finishing

1 HaliFord, Aug 13, 2018

my Haleigh Broucher video :)

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