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Nommed for 15th Blog

5 kevin121302, Nov 10, 2019

Hey Tengaged! I'm not writing this blog to beg you to save me but I simply want to make some things clear...
First I would just like to say that before joining this stars game I had ZERO intention of being anyone's sheep. I know that most of the assumptions about me are coming from me having Tara as my #2 friend and I know that reason alone is what makes me an automatic sheep. Yes Tara is a good friend of mine I won't deny that. However me and Tara don't talk as much as we used to and she never asked me to join to be in her premade. The only reason I even joined this stars was because I happened to be on my lunch break around the time the stars game opened up and I had been wanting to join for a while but always missed my chance.
I also want to make it clear that other then Tara I have never even talked to the other people on this "premade", I talked to Tester for the first time EVER this morning to see where his head was at and he shared with me that he was also part of this "premade" and because of this both of our games were ruined since the beginning. I know a lot of you are gonna be quick to call bullshit no matter how many times I say this and that is totally fine because at the end of the day I know that what I'm saying is the truth and no one can change that. I have personally messaged some of you in efforts to try to clear my name and I appreciate all the positive feedback I have been getting.
With this said I just want to wish Tester the best of luck. I just simply want to make it clear to everyone that I joined this game to play for myself and no one else.
Thank you.


My first Stars Game experience!

4 gumball221520, Nov 1, 2019

I just got voted out of the Stars house and I couldn't have went out any better! When I went into the Stars House I felt like an outsider. It was my first time, I knew nobody in the house and I felt like I was going home right after Day change the first day. I got to talking to some amazing people in that cast who helped me make it as far as I did, 6th place! For my first stars game, making 6th place was further than I thought I would make it! I feel so proud of myself for making it as far as I did. I would like to just say thank you to everyonein the Stars House for making it the most amazing expirience I had ever experienced! I lost against Grace but I am happy that it was her instead of some of the others in that house. I wouldn't have had it any other way. I will now give some tributes and how I felt about the cast!
16th~ Bryan (Rperduex11)- I did not expect for you to go that early in the game. When you left my heart dropped to my feet and I felt like I would be next. You were an amazing housemate and an even better friend to me in this house. I hope we can stay friends outside of the stars house!
15th~ Constance (ConstanceMarie)- You were so kind to me inside the Stars House. I just found it so odd that you came to me and told me everything about the Core Alliance that was going on. I felt so bad after you got nominated because it was mostly my fault. I knew telling the others would put your game in danger and I am sorry for that. I hope there are no hard feelings between us bro! I love you!!
14th~ Brian (BryanXx)- I never really talked to you inside the house but when you did you always made me feel better about myself. You were so kind and cool hearted and I really respect you as a person. I had no personal grudges against you at all bro it was only a game move. No hard feeling bro<3
13th~ Aaliyah (Aaliyah_159)- You were an amazing housemate! I did not undertand why people hated you so much. For the first couple of days in the house everyone hated you for some reason and I had no idea why they wanted you out so bad. I had nothing against you. I just want to know why you left the group chat? You went out fighting and that is the best game move you could have done. Never stop fighting until you lose the battle but the war is far from over girly<3 I love you to death girly!<3
12th~ BlueBaby G (BlueBabyG)- You weren't really talkative in the house. I wish I got to get to know you a little more before you left cause I felt like you had an amazing personality! I hope you are not mad at me for doing what I did. I am truly sorry<3
11th~ Alexia (ItsAlexia)- You never talked to me in the house which I found very sad. Outside of the game before I met you I had MAD RESPECT for you. Then I went in with you and it's like you weren't even there. I hope you had an amazing time and god bless ya!<3
10th~ AdriiUS (adrius)- I never talked to you and you weren't on most of the time but I respect you all the..


Stars support

3 Christian37, Oct 26, 2019

Might as well start doing these again.


Just joined my first stars!

3 gumball221520, Oct 26, 2019

So, I just joined my first stars and I am really nervous! I have joined with an amazing cast that seems lovely! I hope I am not the first one out but if I am, I am just so blessed I had the opportunity to join! Wish me luck everyone!!<3


A New Face to STARS!

2 Brad13535, Oct 26, 2019

Hey everyone! I am very excited to be playing my first STARS ever and I will play to the best of my ability hopefully being able to represent STARS And the Site in a positive way! I hope I am able to count on you guys to support me in my adventure through this game. Wish everyone in Stars the best of luck and hope we can make some good connections and to just have fun :)


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Nommed for 7th..

4 camell22, Oct 24, 2019

#stars #castings #fastings #survivor #hunger
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Wow I got played from someone who I thought who was my friend/ally. I want to get back into that house and cause some chaos because I do not like to be pushed around like a puppet. I believe in standing up for myself and get back on who done me wrong. I am not a tool, I am not just for show, I am something more than that. My last stars game I was overruned by a big group, but I don't want to go through that again. If I get saved they're will be price to pay. I'm a lover, a brother, and one hell of a fighter who can also get down dirty. (Don't be dirty XD) I want show you guys that I have a voice that does not wear out when it comes to this. I'm not 100% ready. I'm more than 100000% to get back in there.


Minie <3

16 Yonaka, Oct 20, 2019

Entries will close when blogs expire each week.
- Entries must be like this:
1st - @username
2nd - @username
3rd - @username
-If you get ALL THREE correct you will receive a gift.
-If no one guesses correctly it will be rolled over to the next stars.
Good luck.
WEEK 1: https://tengaged.com/game/196092
ALL were eliminated (SEE COMMENTS)
WEEK 2: https://tengaged.com/game/196205
ALL were eliminated (SEE COMMENTS)
WEEK 3: Coming Saturday 2nd November.


Nommed for 15th.

7 iAyeEye, Oct 20, 2019

Well this is deja vu. This happened last time. Only this time I'm doing better cos I'm against someone I tried to get through as a set, instead of someone I was working with.
The fact is that currently people are trying to fabricate evidence to prove I'm lying, and using multis to vote against me. Because they know they aren't winning if they don't.
Please, please, PLEASE don't give those gormless wankstains the privilege of winning.
On the plus side, at least if I DO go out, my ego will be untarnished :')


Nommed For 5th In Stars

2 Malaya_, Oct 18, 2019

Well , I am up again guys ! I was blindsided once again by somebody I thought I could trust. If I get 5th , it is what it is. I'm not sweating it. But for those of who you do save me , know that I would greatly appreciate it and love you for that. I don't expect to stay against SeongWoo due to her being such a popularity threat but if I do stay I'll know its because of the love and support you guys have given me. 5th for my first time playing Stars is not something I expected , but I do hope that you guys give me another shot at it. As we will see. And no I wont be giving out any death threats to those who evict me lol. It's a game. My goal was to make it to payouts and I achieved it. Lets see if I manage to get further. Only time will tell. #Stars


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