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I just think it’s very ironic

8 NotNicky333, Apr 17, 2019

How Eilish (BRYAN JONES) and CamGillies (Bryce Keesh) complain, or threaten to expose others for hacking accounts.
Pot calling the kettle black right there folks.


Stars support

3 Tester, Apr 14, 2019

I don't know most of the others.


I love watching stars newcomers succeed

2 CalebDaBoss, Apr 13, 2019

JK I’m jealous as fuck because when I was a newcomer I got put up for 14th because of a premade


16 winner132, Apr 13, 2019



What stars is like for new people

12 YogscastBigbrother21, Apr 13, 2019

1. Your always an outsider so you need to learn fast
2. People (Gabriel, Elise, Marcus) will lie about you based on pure assumptions  to get people’s votes.
3. You will be treated like shit for the entirety of the game.
4. Any smart moves you make will never get to the public and only your bad ones will.
5. Win a poll against more popular people (In this case there was) people will immediately assume multis are being used. And that you are the multi user.
6. No matter what you do, even if you have told them the truth. People will still find reasons to call you a liar.
7. It will be highly stressful
8. Post like this will be negged because you are attacking more popular people
Finally people will always assume you have backstabbed them, no matter what, even  have told them otherwise


Who checks for multis?

2 YogscastBigbrother21, Apr 12, 2019

Because I would like someone to check me for multis to prove my innocence. Before people continuously berate me with 'why did you use multis' or 'you use multis that is why you won'
admin check me for multis please!!!


Multis In stars

0 YogscastBigbrother21, Apr 12, 2019

I haven’t been using them, but if you want to make sure you go ask whoever takes care of that. I won’t stop you, anybody feel free to go tell and see if multis were used. Because I haven’t been using them. And I don’t know who has if people have.
If anybody is using multis in my favour, please stop.


Thank you all

0 YogscastBigbrother21, Apr 10, 2019

Thanks to the 73% of those who saved me. I am so grateful for all of those who are supporting me.
Sadly there where still 27% who believed that I should leave the game, oh well.


Don’t save Sam for stars

4 YogscastBigbrother21, Apr 9, 2019

If you save Sam this game will not go your way and the Britt Britt premade will win. We need to little Down Britt’s power in this game not increasing it.


Stars again

0 YogscastBigbrother21, Apr 9, 2019

Hello, you may know me from the current stars game. Sadly my first stars game a huge ass premade in it and i’m having to fight it. I am currently up against Sam who claimed I only spoke to 2 people. I can guarantee you that is not true and I have spoken to everyone in this stars game. It is funny becuase the premade ever since yesterday have been desperately trying to get me nommed. Well it worked but they have 1 of their own up, so I need you to save this stars from being a Britt Britt charity game.
Mark my words I will do everything in my power to make sure this premade doesn’t win.



2 YogscastBigbrother21, Apr 8, 2019

Thank you to all those who saved me (64% omg!) I really do appreciate the support.


There's a time for everything, and Stars Tea..

12 KateN7766, Apr 8, 2019

So every single Stars these days, is just one huge-ass premade controlling everything? ... We saw it in the last game where k4r4k won, we HIGHKEY saw it in the game jason_2_12 won, and now again? (prays for yet another flavor-win)
I mean, BrittBritt is known for not being able to play a game successfully without having half the cast in her pocket from the get-go, and the current Stars is certainly no exception!
Sam_Hamwich, cocacola__96, lexeyjane, bamold1999 and iYBF are all on the first page of her friends list, and IN THAT ORDER (so maybe some of you should start considering which one of y'all will be sacrificed first, when the time comes?), and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that eliserose is with them too, does it? 
Best of luck to artursemh and YogscastBigbrother21 (the current victims of this premade), and also to Hash, EyooMarcus, countrysavage, gabrieltrezza and EmzThorne ... y'all should really nominate together this time, or you'll just end up taking turns on the block :*
BrittBritt sweetie, idk why you legit can't join any game without some huge premade, but you should try it some day! It may not be as scary as you think ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
^^ I know you'll get your entire frat to neg this blog, cause your ego can't handle stuff like this. But honestly, your "gameplay" of just being a part of a premade that you know won't turn on you, is just pathetic, imo ... I mean, pancakes is shaking, at this point ...



2 hujain, Apr 7, 2019

Hash #stars


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