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Me watching stars games

4 noah_kondon, Apr 26, 2018

And EVERY single game the people who go up early call the cast a bunch of mindless sheep if they vote with the same group for more than 2 rounds and then when someone switches and a move is actually made people are called "unloyal" and apparently the move splitting is seen as unethical or something? 
I think i've yet to see a stars poll where both nominees haven't said something like "well a split", "this cast is a bunch of sheep", "this cast is a bunch of unloyal flippers", "well, they finally got me", or "i'm going to come back with a vengeance".
Stars just seems so goddamn repetitive.  #Stars


Winner of Stars 492

14 OATTY3, Apr 22, 2018

Thank you to all of my supporters! This win is because of you! <3
I appreciate every single one of you that voted to support me in this game whether that was when I was nommed for 5th, nommed for 4th, or if you voted for me to win in finals! A lot of you were silent supporters mailing me and pm-ing me on Skype and because of you I was able to come out on top!
I could not have done this without my 100% loyal allies along the way such as Matthew09 and Bluejay7622 and I love you guys so much!
I finally did it and I am so incredibly grateful! This win feels so much better because of how much work and strategy I put into this game to make it to the end and finally get that win I deserved!



3 hellocat, Apr 21, 2018

DanielleDonato for winning the raffle
marietori for an amazing avatar
Dane_williams for being a penguin
lexibear also for an amazing avatar


⭐️ Nommed for 5th ⭐️

2 OATTY3, Apr 20, 2018

Unnommed until Final 5!
This has been by far the best stars game I have ever played. I came into this game knowing that I had to change up my strategy or else I would flop like I have done in the past. I wasn’t going to play the sheep game anymore and I wasn’t going to play the stay loyal to a fault game anymore because that didn’t work in the past. I knew that I had to play this game a little ruthless.
I talked to everyone, made connections, and built relationships with the whole cast so I was always in the know. Everyday I knew how people were voting and I knew everyone’s plan for DC. I was able to use that to my advantage to lock in sets that I wanted to go through that would be best for my game. Sometimes that meant nominating an ally, sometimes that meant splitting on friends, sometimes that meant causing a lot of confusion and letting other people take the fall for it, but at the end of the day it always meant that I was able to escape the block and I would be setting myself up for success in the game.
Did all of my sets go through? No
Did all of my plans work exactly the way I wanted? No
BUT, did I adapt to several situations and still figure out a successful outcome? Yes!
Did I get myself out of being a counter on more than one occasion? Yes!
Do I deserve to make it to the end of this game and have a shot at winning? Hell yes!
This is my 6th stars and I truly feel like I have played an amazing strategic and social game and I hope you all see that and help me survive this poll <3
I love you Tengaged! Thank you for all of the saves and support!
Vote to save me! ❤️



5 FireX, Apr 20, 2018

Well i have been put up for my third time again my ride or die ben. We played the hell out of this cast and to make top 6 before being put up is huge. This has been such a crazy cast and i adapted to all of it. Its my first time playing stars and i surprised myself and the same goes for you TG. I never expected yall to save me 2 times maybe 3 if this goes right
I have made big moves this game all season. I never backed down from ween and her sheep and got her up and outta this game after surviving the poll against brxan for 13th and robb for 10th. I flipped the game when i helped get shalissa up since he was unnommed but my biggest move is being the 1 to get 2 unnomed ppl up at 7th. I played the role in getting oatty to flip on his other alliance and do what i wanted. It worked and as you saw we dwindled the unnomed from 4 to 2.
I have had to play a leader role in stars and be the 1 to get shit done. Everyone in this cast sheeped and or was a goat but me. I played this game 100% and i will continue to do so because showing up these goats is super fun.
To end this i want to thank everyone for the support. I am so thankful that yall saved me 2 times giving me the chance to go back in the game and make big moves. I hope i showed yall it was worth saving me each time and i hope if you save me a third time i continue to do so. The cast is scared of me so let me continue scaring them.



4 Matthew09, Apr 19, 2018


12th place (stars)

7 Amnesia_, Apr 17, 2018

My final words on my first ever game on stars!
I spammed first time being nominated on stars because I didn't know better, once I knew that I shouldn't, I never done it again. I don't understand why people who are not even participated in this stars game have such an issue with it. The only person who should really have an actual reason to be annoyed by it is maturo . I'd like to say thanks to everyone who saved and kept me in as much as possible, even though I came 12th, I was proud to be part of such a mindful game, winning the raffle ticket made my day and it was definitely one hell of a rollarcoaster which tested so many of us and still are testing those remaining.
rozlyn & robbx2 my besties! I absolutely love and adore you both so much, I hope you go all the way in this stars, routing for you guys for sure!! <3333
The rest of you are all confused and haven't got a clue what you're doing, all voting for one another randomly when none of you have your own mindset, it seems the people who actually have minds of our own are being evicted early on. However it's just a game at the end of the day so I wish you all except beastboy the best of luck.
Good luck to the remaining stars contestants and hope you all don't miss me too much ;)



4 FireX, Apr 17, 2018

For saving me and letting me continue is stars. Was not expecting to actually survive that poll. It means a lot that i have any support in this game.
Ik this is short but i really dont know what to say other then thank you for saving me.
#stars #frookies #casting #rookies #fasting


It's not very often

2 M2thamax, Apr 15, 2018

That we gets vlogs on tengaged that are ICONIC and legendary such as the one we saw today!
Most vlogs are generic, boring, and quite forgettable tbh!
Rozlyn made an iconic vlog that will be remembered for months to come, so he should win this stars for that alone < 3



4 hellocat, Apr 15, 2018

Amnesia_  - for winning the raffle 12th
Rozlyn - for being in my frat 11th
Robbx2 - also for being in my frat 10th
FireX - For no reason what so ever 6th
Jayglezst - For an amazing frookies game 15th


Stars Support

4 M2thamax, Apr 15, 2018

I haven't made one of these blogs in awhile since usually the casts are irrelevant to me, as in I don't know anyone haha!
But the people who got my support are in no specific order
Will support others too, but these are the only ones I've talked to in the past :D


Stars support!

9 AshlynArehart, Apr 14, 2018

Though anyone who puts maturo up will get my support as well. :)


🤩 Stars Support 🤩

5 PrincessTeePee, Apr 14, 2018

The first timers Matthew09 & jayglezst (I actually considered joining once I saw he had!...)
And also Brxan 😁 GL to all thoigh! ⭐️ #stars


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