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Ricochet Season 1, Ep 6: Rising to the..

2 aria_grande, Apr 23, 2019

Main characters:
Kimmy Mcfallen, aria_grande
Rose-Maria Ortiz, rosemaria
Olivia, saskiarae
Oli Grubb,  mrpokeguy9
Nox,  colincoco
Eli Ortiz, rosemaria
Summer Whitner, tizian
Also starring:
Michelle So, tizian
Matthew Barnish, mbarnish1
Billy,  bvance1212
Saskia, saskiarae
Secondary characters:
Trixie Rose
Loella Camson
NPC/ Cynthia: Stabbed several times and bled to death (Episode 2)
bigbrother10101/ Michael Groves: Devoured (Episode 3)
NPC/ Callum: Fell off a falling building. Died from internal bleeding (Episode 5)
Aria_grande/ Annabelle Ramsey: Suicide after being surrounded by a horde of walkers. (Episode 5)
munchies/ Xavier *Munchies* Much: Devoured (Episode 5)
Episode 6: Rising to the surface.
A group is seen heading towards the school that Eli's group are at. The camera pans onto them showing that they are very strong in how they are ad that there is over 20 members of the group. They seem very guarded as they all seem to have powerful guns and supplies such as water and food. They come across a walker and a small argument happens between a girl and boy about what to do with it. The boy wins shouting over the girl who goes off into a strop while the boy starts to torment the zombie by cutting off all its limbs and then the boy stabs its head with a katana throwing it to the side.
-end scene-
Eli, Summer, Michelle and Matthew are sitting around the table wondering about how they are going to survive for the next couple of days.
Eli: Guys i know we are sad about the others but we need to move on.
Summer: Eli, please stop being so rash with your leadership. We need to let us mourn the lost. Your acting as if they dont matter.
Eli: Summer, you know i miss my wife dont you? I have been away from her for over a month and i am missing the shit out of her.
Summer: So why are you so quick with getting over death. Please let us mourn the deaths. Please Eli. Have a heart.
Eli: Fine but dont moan at me when we are starving to death.
Eli walks off taking a gun and several rounds of ammo. As the others just sit there holding their heads down. They take no notice of Eli who exits the school and drives off in a car.
-End scene-
Oli and Kimmy are cleaning up the infirmary after the events of the other day. Not knowing who Callum was, Kimmy has little care for the cleaning whereas Oli is slightly more remorseful. Kimmy realises Oli's emotion hinting that there is something wrong.
Kimmy: Oli, you ok? You seem on the verge of breaking down.
Oli: Not breaking down but well, i am slightly sad because of this.
Kimmy: I am guessing, you cant hide it very well. Was you close?
Oli: Umm, kinda.
Not wanting to reveal the whole story, Oli quickens his pace of cleaning hoping to get out their quickly and avoiding an awkward conversation...


The Strange Survivor: Fiji (Episode 23)

5 Tester, Apr 23, 2019

By a vote of 3-1-1-1-1...
Ben Browning has been eliminated and has become the eighth member of our jury!
By a vote of 5-0,
Malcolm didn't use his idol!
By a vote of 4-1,
Cirie didn't use her idol!
By a vote of 5-0,
Bi didn't use her idol!
By a vote of 5-0,
Marissa didn't use her idol!
- Kristina Kell (Redemption Island)
- Mikey Bortone (Micronesia)
- Malcolm Freberg (Game Changers) [One Hidden Immunity Idol]
- Ghandia Johnson (Thailand)
- Cirie Fields (Heroes vs. Villains) [One Hidden Immunity Idol]
- J'Tia Taylor (Cagayan)
- JoAnna Ward (The Amazon)
- Stacey Powell (South Pacific)
- Bi Nguyen (David vs. Goliath) [One Hidden Immunity Idol]
- J.P. Calderon (Cook Islands)
- Lucy Huang (Millennials vs. Gen X)
- Rob Cesternino (All-Stars)
- Sandy Burgin (Tocantins)
- Marissa Peterson (Blood vs. Water) [One Hidden Immunity Idol]
- Bill Posley (One World)
- Lindsey Cascaddan (Worlds Apart)
38th: Shamar Thomas (Caramoan) (6-3)
37th: Gary "Papa Smurf" Stritesky (Fiji) (4-2-1-1)
36th: Jeff Varner (Cambodia) (6-3-1-1)
35th: Dave Cruser (China) (4-2-2-1)
34th: Alan Ball (Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers) (3-2-1-1-1)
33rd: Caleb Reynolds (Kaoh Rong) (3-2-1-1)
32nd: Russell Swan (Philippines) (3-2-1-1-1-1-1-1)
31st: Drew Christy (San Juan del Sur) (3-2-1-1-1-1-1-1)
30th: Mitchell Olson (The Australian Outback) (3-2-1-1)
29th: Linda Spencer (Africa) (5-0)
28th: Brooke Struck (Guatemala) (4-1-1)
27th: Mia Galeotalanza (Vanuatu) (4-2)
26th: Jacquie Berg (Gabon) (4-2-2)
25th: Brendan Shapiro (Ghost Island) (3-2-1)
----------THE JURY----------
24th: Ruth-Marie Milliman (Panama) (5-1)
23rd: Rick Devens (Edge of Extinction) (7-1)
22nd: Ashlee Ashby (Palau) (3-2-2)
21st: Sarah Jones (Marquesas) (6-1)
20th: Jimmy Tarantino (Nicaragua) (3-1-1)
----------THE MERGE----------
19th: Dirk Been (Borneo) (3-2-1)
18th: Trish Dunn (Pearl Islands) (1-0)
17th: Ben Browning (Samoa) (3-1-1-1-1)
Random.org chose Lucy to win immunity! Name any castaway excluding Lucy you want to save! The person with the most saves will be eliminated!
Will Malcolm use his idol? Will Cirie use her idol? Will Bi use her idol? Will Marissa use her idol? Vote in the comments!
PYN to be tagged!


Willow’s Island

6 jussy007, Apr 23, 2019

If you’re familiar with the show Harper’s Island, this is my take on a tg blog game designed around the show. I will be looking for about 30 tg players to embark on a random game of money, lies & of course murder! Each week there will be a storyline and someone (possibly more than one) will be killed, ultimately eliminating them from the game. I will select two people to be the killers and they will decide who to kill. The remaining players will have a chance to vote who they think is a killer among them. If a killer is selected they will be killed off the following day!
Comment below with a first name you would like to play as. I will need some people to play as a couple, so if you’re joining with a friend please announce it in the comment section below!
1. Billy Bvance1212
2. Aria aria_grande
3. Munchy Munchies
4. Guigi Guigi
5. Drew Tester
6. Yi-Fong sk9ergal


Started a Survivor Podcast!

0 YellowMamba, Apr 23, 2019

Have you ever wanted to binge watch Survivor from Season 1, but never really had anyone to discuss it with? Well now you’re in luck! I just started a podcast called I Was A Teenage Survivor Addict. Each episode is me reviewing and reflecting on the cast and gameplay of each season. I also want to incorporate all the other Survivor Fans out there who want to/have re-watched all the old seasons and want to discuss. Please take a listen to my first episode! I know it’s kind of long (especially bc most Survivor podcasts are about an hour) but that’s because I’m reviewing an ENTIRE season. I know there’s a lot of work that can be done, and if you have any feedback, I’d be GLAD to hear it (even if it is negative). Please share with any Survivor fans. Take a listen and tell me what you think at TeenSurvivorAddict@Gmail.com. This podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and Stitcher! Hope you guys enjoy!
Again, it is my first podcast so please be patient with me :).


PYN and I'll tell you

9 Tester, Apr 23, 2019

My favorite person from the first page of your friends (excluding myself).
Jasoi - Boicam77
pinkiepie512 - Cheeseman2468, FireWolf, Boicam77 or Birks4444
SAWCHUK55 - BrittBritt or DaddyDev
JonMcGillis - k4r4k
ParvatiS - aria_grande or cocacola__96
Iceey - Babeeeidah
Guigi - Carriexoxo24xo
SeaViper - TaraG


Looking at all the PYN shit

0 aria_grande, Apr 23, 2019

Bitch if you want to know what they think of you. Look back at the last fucking 10 PYNs someone did.
You will probably find the answer there.
Top 5 PYNS; (Most common)
1. Honest opinion
2. Ranking your avi from 0-10
3. If someone would fuck you or not.
4. Linking users to a character from a tv show.
5. Their favourite person from the first page of your friends.
I will wait for any more common PYNS
Like i know tengaged is poor but you dont have to do a pyn to get fucking ts everyday


SPOON S2 episode 7

13 michland143, Apr 23, 2019

Give a spoon to your fave to the comment. The last player without a spoon will be eliminated! Good Luck (Public save, players this game can saved too, yourself too )
AleksLawson_               (SAVED 6TH)
Saftronbtr999               (SAVED 4TH)
Macda27                       (SAVED 1ST)
Sxndra                          (SAVED 3RD)
TMAN54445                   (SAVED 5TH)
MrPokeguy9                   (SAVED 7TH)
WillTraitor                   (SAVED 2ND)
14th-          BigBrother10101
15th-          solesurvivorguy
16th-          Tinkerbelll
17th,18th-  ollyjay202 , LoganPds
19th-          victor89
20th-          xTrinityxx


The Amazing Race S31 Power Rankings (Top 10)

2 PowerRankings101, Apr 23, 2019

What a premiere episode. We already saw teams taking penalties, lead changes throughout the episode, and even some strategy from the Afghanimals. It’s going to be an amazing season, as I love all of the pairs already. Some because of the drama, some for their strengths, and some for sheer likability for being likable. Week two, here we go.
10. Rupert & Laura (Married; Survivor)- Rupert & Laura started off strong but took a deep dive REAL quick. I was really disappointed to see how slow they were in finding many of the locations later in the episode. I was even more disappointed by Rupert’s attitude saying that the Survivors are the toughest. It’s rude and not the same Rupert we all fell in love with years ago. I’m Rupert-ed out, and while I enjoy seeing their love for one another, I’m not loving Rupert’s cocky attitude and poor execution in challenges. Good for him for climbing up that wall, but by the time it happened, it was too little too late.
9. Corinne & Eliza (Friends; Survivor)- Corinne and Eliza are clearly going to be villains this season. But how long will they actually last? It’s a shame that there are two Survivor teams on the bottom, but I truly think that they’re pretty weak going forward just because of their first impression in this first leg.
8. Chris & Bret (Friends; Survivor)- It’s shocking to see how low the Survivors all did this past week. While they got seventh, I just have a gut feeling that all of the Survivor pairs are the weakest of the bunch. Chris is very strong, but it seems like Bret is lagging behind a bit. It’s a shame putting three pairs from my favorite show on the bottom, but we saw Art & JJ, two similarly bigger, older guys, go early. I could see them going sooner rather than later.
7. Janelle & Britney (Friends; Big Brother)- I don’t know if Janelle and Britney are smart enough to win this whole thing, but I could definitely see them being physically strong enough to go further in the race. I like them a lot, and while they’re not giving me an impression that they can win right now, I think they’ll still do pretty well.
6. Nicole & Victor (Dating; Big Brother)- I like Nicole and Victor a lot, but Eliza and Corinne already pegged them as dumb, and while I think that’s a harsh word, I do think that they aren’t the smartest two there, and they’ll have to rely more on their physical prowess to carry them through. I think Victor is going to do most of the heavy lifting, but the thing that puts them over Janelle & Britney, who seem to have the same strengths going for them, is that they have that deeper romantic bond, which will probably give them a bit of an edge.
5. Becca & Floyd (Friends; The Amazing Race)- Out of all the Race teams, Art & JJ excluded, Becca & Floyd placed below the rest. I think they bring so much positivity and optimism to the race, but I just don’t see them beating teams like the Afghanimals..


Jussy’s Celebrity Survivor S2 Ep.1

6 jussy007, Apr 22, 2019

You’re getting a look at your tribes.
Niall Horan mbarnish1
Josh Hutcherson J0K3R
David Gallagher TMAN54445
Margot Robbie Tester
Alli Simpson HanaL117
Rita Ora SeaViper
Zayn Malik Adam94
Tyler Posey Jameslu
Corbin Bleu ollyjay202
Chloe Grace Moretz CalebDaBoss
Madison Pettis ParvatiS
Asia Major piesyumyyumypies
Blake McIver Erwing patricenka9
Liam Payne gumball221520
Jonathan Lipnicki Jasper6X
Scarlett Johansson hellocat
Kelli Berglund Elibelli321
Sabrina Carpenter michland143
HULTZ tribe & CANNAN tribe have both won immunity & are safe from tribal council.
NORRY tribe, pm me with your vote to nominate one of your tribe mates. Voting will end when there is a majority vote or the blog expires. If you fail to vote you will receive a self vote & an X by your name...three X’s & you’re out!
In case of a tie, random.org will determine the outcome.


SPOON S2 episode 6

13 michland143, Apr 22, 2019

Give a spoon to your fave to the comment. The last player without a spoon will be eliminated! Good Luck (Public save, players this game can saved too, yourself too )
TMAN54445                    (SAVED 9TH)
Saftronbtr999                 (SAVED 3RD)
Traquinas                       (SAVED 12TH)
Macda27                         (SAVED 4TH)
BigBrother10101                    -
TheLeon                         (SAVED 11TH)
Sxndra                            (SAVED 7TH)
WillTraitor                      (SAVED 13TH)
MrPokeguy9                    (SAVED 10TH)
gumball221520                (SAVED 6TH)
iichaoskimmy                  (SAVED 5TH)
superice                          (SAVED 2ND)
AleksLawson_                  (SAVED 1ST)
Squigs                             (SAVED 8TH)
15th-          solesurvivorguy
16th-          Tinkerbelll
17th,18th- ollyjay202 , LoganPds
19th-          victor89
20th-          xTrinityxx


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