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Discussion Topic: Worst Game on this site?

3 Maxchaos, Oct 15, 2019

What is the worst game on this site? In your opinion.
I'm talking about official Tengaged games, (Fastings, Castings, Rookies, Stars, etc)


The All-Seeing Eye - Trailer (7 spaces left)

0 iAyeEye, Oct 15, 2019

First trailer for the new BB Org starting soon, with a hint at what's to come.
I have 7 spots left to join the 9 currently accepted sign-ups. Those players include 3 TV Stars, a few 1984 alumni, and at least one person who has caused a commotion on the blogs in recent weeks.
To join them, please fill the below in, and TGmail me with it when completed.
First Name and Second Initial:
Residence and Time Zone:
ORG experience:
Social/Strategic/Comp Beast/Floater/Other?:
What % of days will you be able to make 6pmEST?:
Given the choice, and assuming normal rules on communications applied, what 3 luxuries would you take into the BB house?:
On a scale of 0-100 how much would you want early power?:
Are you happy, if cast, to film a 90 second video in advance for launch night?:
Where will you finish out of 16th?:
#Casting #Frookies #Rookies


Nano’s Big Brother: Week 5 Veto Ceremony

5 NanoNerd, Oct 15, 2019

-The Houseguests-
-Olivia( MarthaSpeaks) | Nominee
-Taylor( tswiftlover13)
-Bri( BrittanyNicole)
-Colin( ColinCoco)
-Tink( Gilsgirl)
-Kalypso( kalypsoblack)
-Washed( Washed_Ravioli) | Head of Household
-Dan( bbsuper92)
-Vanessa( MissVanjiee)
-Tara( TaraG) | Nominee
-Gini( GiNi) | Veto Winner
-Drew( Tester)
Yesterday, Gini became the season’s first male Veto winner, and now he can save either Olivia or Tara for eviction. What will he do?
-Veto Ceremony-
Everyone gathers in the living room. Olivia and Tara take a seat in the nominee chairs. Gini holds the Veto around his neck.
Gini: This is the Veto ceremony. The Head of Household, Washed, has nominated Olivia and Tara for eviction. However, as the Veto winner, I have the power to veto one of the nominations.
Everyone listens closely to Gini’s decision.
Gini: I have decided...
to use the Power of Veto on Tara.
Everyone is shocked at Gini for saving Tara. Tara walks over ti Gini and He places the Veto around her neck. She then takes a seat with the other houseguests. Washed then stands up.
Washed: Since Gini just vetoed one of my nominations, I must now select a replacement nominee.
Everyone nervously awaits Washed’s decision.
Washed: Tink, please take a seat next to Olivia.
Tink then sits next to Olivia.
Gini: This Veto meeting is adjourned. (He shuts the Veto box)
Our final nominees this week are Olivia and Tink. Houseguests, voting is now open. You all have until tomorrow night to email me your votes to evict. Until then, have a nice day! (Almost better...)
-Audience Tags-


Only 4 spots left!!

2 txashaun, Oct 15, 2019

Come join now before it's too late!! Premiere is next Monday Oct. 21st


Camping Update

4 ColinCoco, Oct 15, 2019

1)Crystal (F) ( Tommy123)
2)Mama Zu (F) ( Zuelke)
3)Kyla (F) ( Kindred7)
4)Nate (M) ( Nateclove)
5)Kami (F) ( Hogiebuns)
6)Matthew (M) ( Maxchaos)
7) Yaddddiggz (M?)
8)Chad (M) ( Majority)
9)Krystyana Mercédès Benz (F) ( CalebDaBoss)
10)Mike (M) ( Trolllol)
11)Christian (M) ( Christian_)
12)Mac (M) ( Macda27)
When I said it would be short Boy was I wrong.
I only got the Character Intoductions done.
Almost done with a third of the story.
Probably finishing tomorrow or the day after that.


there are 4 more spaces

0 Uniqueness, Oct 15, 2019

for fasting if u want to join please do i would love it if you joined :)


Murder Rooms Day 9 The votes

1 ColinCoco, Oct 15, 2019

1)Brendan ( Tommy123) (1)
2)Norie ( Gay_Horse_) (1)
3)Megan ( adamslater19)
4)Earth Worm ( ShaneDawson12345)
7)Malachite ( malachite05)
8)Bobby ( bklimas)
9)Wrestler ( wrestler3102) (1)
12)Kyla ( Kindred7)
14)Nathan ( Nathorix) (1)
15)Victoria ( Miss_ShugaCain23)
17)Mac ( Macda27)
13)Luca ( LiukBB) 17th (Burnt Alive)
10)Nave ( NaveTreeMen) 16th (Stabbed in the heart)
16)Shelly ( ThickyVicky456) 15th (Turned to stone)
11)Nick ( nnewman3) 14th (Electrocuted)
18)Steven ( sbmorasch) 13th (Head Slashed off)
5)Ryan ( winners1) 12th (Heart Ripped out)
6)Donte ( camell22) 11th (Beaten to death)
Other Characters:
Colin ( ColinCoco)
Jesse (NPC)
Everybody would write the person their voting's name and place it in a box. Jesse would then take 3 randomly.
Jesse:1st person going into the challenge is Malachite. 2nd person going into the challenge. Sorry to break up the reunion but its Kyla. And the last person going in is...Colin. Now follow me.
Malachite and Kyla would be heart broken while Colin just shrugs it off as they head through the portal.
On the other side would be an obstacle course and a Gorgon in front of it.
Jesse:Don't look at that thing straight in the eye for...reasons.
Hearing Jesse's voice the Gorgon would turn to face him.
Gorgon:Why hello traitor,and his peasants.
Jesse:Piss off.
Gorgon:Ignoring his rudeness,Welcome to my challenge. In this challenge would be racing against each other in an obstacle course. The first 2 to make it across will not Die while the other gets ripped apart  by our Minotaur here. 1 rule though if you fall at any point into the mud you will have to start from the beginning. Now get ready,get set. GO!
The Gorgon would fade away signalling the start of the challenge
Yes it was randomised plus somebody actually voted me guess they took the joke seriously.
Here is the poll.


A Horror/Mystery RP (Applications Open)

0 MudkipzFTW, Oct 14, 2019

What happens when the former wards of New Hope Orphanage come back home to face the deaths of their former housemates? 17 youngsters died here ten years prior, but what horrors still lurk beneath the creaking floors and down the haunted halls?


Dancing With The Stars S28 Power Rankings..

1 PowerRankings101, Oct 14, 2019

Lamar is finally gone. He tried hard, but it was his time to go. Now, we have to just see Sean sent packing, and the playing field will be pretty competitive and fair. This week, there was no specific theme, but we got some great dances anyway. Let’s dive in.
10. Sean Spicer and Lindsay Arnold- How did we let Sean get to Disney Night? Anyways, this week was probably his best yet, but he definitely stands out amongst everyone as the clear low bar setter. If he doesn’t go next, then the new voting system and elimination style is a complete failure.
9. Lamar Odom and Peta Murgatroyd- This is the best Lamar has ever been, and I’m so glad he improved every week and tried his hardest. He’s no dancer, but he seemed to really try his best and grew in just the short time he was there. And hey, he outlasted two other couples, including the other big athlete of the season. I’m proud of him for being vulnerable and trying his best. For that, I put him ahead of Spicey.
8. Kate Flannery and Pasha Pashkov- After two consecutively amazing weeks, I think Kate took a bit of a dip this week, being a little bit more stiff and not feeling as comfortable in the dance as the quirky, energetic ones of the past. She had a lot riding on this one because of her past two stunners, so obviously, her dip was the most noticeable. But I still think she did a good job, and there’s a big separation between her and the bottom two. I hope she soars to the top again for Disney night.
7. Karamo Brown and Jenna Johnson- This was Karamo’s best dance. There’s still a stiffness about him that keeps him from reaching his full potential, but I think this puts him back on track to do well in the future. He’s really starting to let loose, we just need an extra push to get rid of all the rest of the stiffness, and being in the bottom two may have been the fire he needed to improve.
6. Sailor Brinkley-Cook and Valentin Chmerkovskiy- I feel like Sailor had a bit of a tough time tapping into some steps of the dance, but there was a sweetness to her and likability in the way she performed it. I still think she’s a step away from winning me over, but hasn’t been able to do so yet. I think we’ll have to hope Disney night will finally put her into contention status.
5. James Van Der Beek and Emma Slater- Because James has been such a front runner, I think there is high expectation for me, so the fact that he had a fairly predictable and simple dance, there was still so much more I wanted. It seemed a bit too simple and left me wanting more. I liked the choreography at the beginning, but wish it had been a little more creative through and through. I’m happy he had this bit of good news though, and I think he’ll be fine for weeks going forward.
4. Ally Brooke and Sasha Farber- I haven’t been Ally’s biggest fan all season, there’s no doubt. But I really liked her jive this week, and think this was the first time I have actually considered..


hey my name is uniqueness

5 Uniqueness, Oct 14, 2019

and this is my first blog and i would like to say hello and nice to meet u all :) i hope i have a fun time on here :) hope to meet new friends but no haters tho i love u all even tho i been here for like 3 hours and made final 3 once in my first game :) but i would love to get to know everyone at one point even if we hate eachother cos i am such a kind person
I wish you all luck in our future games together and in your games that you are in now i hope u are playing hard and strong and if u dont win try try try again no one can win everytime ;) at the end of the day its just a game so good luck to u all :)


Latisha's Love Island Season 3 Episode 1

21 Latisha0987, Oct 14, 2019

Week 1 Results:
Terry Dubrow and Holly Allen have won this week’s challenge, earning them an opportunity to pick 2 people to go on a group date. Terry has chosen Dean Kowalski and Michelle Visage for his group date. Holly has chosen Robin Thicke and Lizzo for her group date.
The Bottom 6 for this week are the following:
Carly Rae Jepsen
Juliana Guill
Kelvin Fletcher
Pauly D
Rosanna Pansino
Please vote to EVICT two people. The 2 people with the highest votes will be evicted.
Cast List:
Who will find their true love?
PYN to be tagged.


Discussion Topic: Best Game on this site?

3 Maxchaos, Oct 14, 2019

Alright, so i'm bored and I kinda like doing these kinds of questions.
But I'm wondering, what is your guy's favorite game to play on this site and why?
btw I'm talking about the official games on Tengaged, not challenges or group games (edit)


Nano’s Big Brother: Week 5 Veto Competition

18 NanoNerd, Oct 14, 2019

-The Houseguests-
-Olivia( MarthaSpeaks) | Nominee
-Taylor( tswiftlover13)
-Bri( BrittanyNicole)
-Colin( ColinCoco)
-Tink( Gilsgirl)
-Kalypso( kalypsoblack)
-Washed( Washed_Ravioli) | Head of Household
-Dan( bbsuper92)
-Vanessa( MissVanjiee)
-Tara( TaraG) | Nominee
-Gini( GiNi)
-Drew( Tester)
Yesterday, Washed, the Head of Household, nominated Olivia and Tara for eviction. Now, it’s Veto time.
-The Players-
Every Veto competition has 6 players: the Head of Household, the 2 nominees, and 3 other houseguests chosen at random. Washed, Olivia and Tara will automatically compete. The other 3 houseguests will be...
Kalypso, Gini and Drew.
Our Veto players this week are Washed, Olivia, Tara, Kalypso, Gini and Drew.
-The Veto-
This competition is called “Little Boxes”.
There are a total of 30 boxes before you. Each of them have been numbered. Each of you will get 5 of these boxes.
The contents of each box may include a point chip, a negative chip, or nothing at all. A point chip will give you a point. A negative chip will take away a point.
There are 12 boxes with point chips.
There are 5 boxes with negative chips.
The rest are empty.
Email me which boxes you want if they aren’t taken. However you may only choose ONE box at a time. After everyone has picked their first box (or randomly assigned a box), you can then pick your second box, and so on until everyone has 5.
The houseguest with the most points after all the boxes are picked will win the Power of Veto! Good luck houseguests!
1 (Tara)
2 (Olivia/Randomized)
3 (Washed)
4 (Drew/Randomized)
5 (Tara)
6 (Washed)
7 (Drew)
8 (Washed)
9 (Kalypso)
10 (Gini/Randomized)
11 (Gini/Randomized)
12 (Gini/Randomized)
13 (Tara)
14 (Olivia/Randomized)
15 (Kalypso)
16 (Tara)
17 (Drew)
18 (Drew)
19 (Washed)
20 (Olivia/Randomized)
21 (Gini)
22 (Olivia/Randomized)
23 (Drew)
24 (Kalypso/Randomized)
25 (Tara)
26 (Kalypso/Randomized)
27 (Kalypso)
28 (Olivia/Randomized)
29 (Washed/Randomized)
30 (Gini)
The Veto competition is over.
Here’s what was inside everyone’s boxes:
19: +
Total: 1
2: -
14: +
20: +
22: +
28: -
Total: 1
1: +
5: -
Total: 0
9: +
24: -
27: +
Total: 1
10: +
11: +
12: -
21: +
30: +
Total: 3
17: +
Total: 1
Gini has the most point with 3, so he has won the competition.
Congratulations, Gini! You have won the Power of Veto! You can choose to save Olivia, Tara, or keep them on the block and not do anything. You have until tomorrow to make your decision. Until then, have a nice day. (Mood is improving, but not quite there..


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