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*RENEW* Pokemon Survivor Season One: Episode..

10 hellocat, Apr 22, 2018

Jeff: Come on in tribe Crystal
Jeff asks Feraligatr about the relationships in the camp and he replies that they are okay,. Then he asks Quilava if she feels safe and she says that she has enough friends to stay. Chikorita was ask what reason is she voting for and she replies that she is voting based on relationships. Lastly Aipom was asked if he feels confident. he says yes. Then they vote.
Jeff: OK time to reveal the votes.
First vote
Second vote
Third vote
Final vote
....Chikorita we have a tie and that means we go to a tiebreaker first to burn their rope wins
the winner is
. Quilava which means Chikorita the tribe has spoken
Tribes: 7/7 remaining
Tribe Red (1st Gen): 4/4
1. Pikachu JJvawesomeness0511
2. Machamp Aria_grande
3. Dewgong Spegelliott
4. Magikarp Christian37
Tribe Crystal (2nd Gen): 3/4
1. Feraligatr JonMcgillis
2. Aipom Tanishathomas
3. Quilava Foxy_Piplup
Tribe Ruby (3rd gen): 4/4
1. Absol Absol
2. Corphish Spegelliott
3. Wailord Willdabeast22
4. Milotic Willdabeast22
Tribe Pearl (4th gen): 4/4
1. Cherrim Absol
2. Infernape Christian37
3. Lucario JonMcgillis
4. Buneary TanishaThomas
Tribe White (5th Gen): 4/4
1. Dewott Naegi_Makoto
2. Emolga Silver09
3. Elgyem
4. Bouffalant
Tribe Y (6th Gen): 4/4
1. Greninja Aria_Grande
2. Phantump Naegi_Makoto
3. Talonflame TheRankKing1
4. Bergmite
Tribe Moon (7th gen): 4/4
1. Pheromosa _witchbitch_
2. Primarina Adeleadele
3. Lycanroc Midnight Foxy_Piplup
4. Morelull TheRankKing1
28th: Chikorita Adeleadele 6-6-2 *TIEBREAKER
When tribe crystal got back, Quilava was asked to go to the waterfall, where she was given an idol. Aipom and Feraligatr knew that Quilava has the idol and has a plan to flush it out, but It will cost a member of there alliance.
At tribe Pearl, they celebrate the reward of Pizza and Soda, after placing first in the immunity challenge. They then discuss who got eliminated at Tribe crystal, they all think that Quilava will leave.
At tribe Red, Machamp has a huge argument with Dewgong and Pikachu calls out Dewgong, turning Magikarp against her. Dewgong runs off in a strop
at tribe moon, Pheromosa decides to make a little fake alliance with Morelull telling her if they lose to vote off Primarina.
Jeff: Welcome to the immunity challenge, tribes meet the new Crystal Tribe, Chikorita lost the tiebreaker and was the first voted out.
2nd: Red
3rd: Moon
4th: Pearl
5th: Ruby



1 wwecmw, Apr 22, 2018

Please audition I’m only looking for about 15 more people to get to Hollywood


Castings Question

17 Icarus_Mark, Apr 22, 2018

What is the current record for the highest amount of checks ever for one game and do I have a chance of breaking it?  I'm on Day 11 of a 16-day Castings that I know won't be getting another death and my checks as of Day 11 are 8300.


Drag Queen PYN Season 9 Results

8 Macda27, Apr 22, 2018

(I actually like who won this season, comparing to AS2 and Season 7)
Oreo Shake FoxyWinters
Ariana Venti Maxi1234
Kalorie Bang Bang MonicaStar
Kamera kgamer2218
Layla Dematthews aria_grande
Terra Belle oswordo3
Ivy Winters Amnesia_
Ji JonMcGillis
Fire Cracker Twoshawn3
Monica Lou Whinsky hellomynameis347
I Anne Shook Iconique
Ube Matisse
Malaysia Rosé Mrpokeguy9
Bridgette Slithers Girllover101
Anna Rex top20fan33
Episode 1-
Winner- Ube
High- Ji and Monica Lou Whinsky
Safe- Oreo, Ariana, Kamera, Layla, Fire, Anne, Malaysia, Bridgette, Anna
Low- Ivy Winters
Bottom Two- Kalorie Bang Bang and Terra Belle
Eliminated- Terra Belle (How ironic)
Episode 2-
Winner- Malaysia Rosé
High- Ji and Anna Rex
Safe- Ariana, Kamera, Layla, Ivy, Fire, Monica, Anne, Ube
Low- Bridgette Slithers
Bottom Two- Oreo Shake and Kalorie Bang Bang
Eliminated- Kalorie Bang Bang (Get that Kalorie Karbdashian edit)
Episode 3-
Winner- Ube
High- Monica Lou Whinsky and I Anne Shook
Safe- Oreo, Kamera, Layla, Ji, Malaysia, Bridgette, Anna
Low- Ariana Venti
Bottom Two- Ivy Winters and Fire Cracker
Eliminated- Ivy Winters
Episode 4-
Winner- Kamera
High- Layla Dematthews and Monica Lou Whinsky
Safe- Ariana, Ji, Fire, Anne, Ube, Malaysia
Low- Oreo Shake
Bottom Two- Bridgette Slithers and Anna Rex
Eliminated- Bridgette Slithers
Episode 5-
Winner- Fire Cracker
High- Monica Lou Whinsky and Malaysia Rosé
Safe- Ariana, Kamera, Anne, Ube, Anna
Low- Ji
Bottom Two- Oreo Shake and Layla Dematthews
Eliminated- Oreo Shake
Episode 6-
Winner- Kamera
High- Monica Lou Whinsky and Malaysia Rosé
Safe- Ariana, Layla, Fire, Anne
Low- Ube
Bottom Two- Ji and Anna Rex
Eliminated- Ji
Episode 7-
Winner- Monica Lou Whinsky
High- Fire Cracker and Ube
Safe- Kamera, Anna, Malaysia
Low- Anna Rex
Bottom Two- Ariana Venti and Layla Dematthews
Eliminated- Layla Dematthews
Episode 8-
Winner- Fire Cracker
High- Ariana Venti and Ube
Safe- Kamera and Monica Lou Whinsky
Low- Anna Rex
Bottom Two- I Anne Shook and Malaysia Rosé
Eliminated- Malaysia Rosé (Another Rosé queen robbed)
Episode 9-
Winner- Ube
High- Monica Lou Whinsky and I Anne Shook
Safe- Anna Rex
Low- Ariana Venti
Bottom Two- Kamera and Fire Cracker
Eliminated- Kamera
Episode 10-
Winner- Anna Rex
High- Ariana Venti
Safe- Ube
Low- Monica Lou Whinsky
Bottom Two- Fire Cracker and I Anne Shook
Eliminated- Fire Cracker
Episode 11-
Winner- Ariana Venti
Safe- I Anne Shook
Low- Anna Rex
Bottom Two- Monica Lou Whinsky and Ube
Eliminated- Ube (Deserved Top 3)
Episode 12-
Safe- Ariana Venti, Monica Lou Whinsky, I Anne Shook
Eliminated- Anna Rex
3rd- Ariana Venti (You..


Blog Survivor S1 - Individual Immunity 2

5 Wolven6974, Apr 22, 2018

With 2 people leaving at tribal, only 9 remain. Nearly half of the cast have been taken out of the game. either by fellow players, or by their own means.
But, you 9 are still in, so lets begin.
- chipolates12 (1 Self Vote)
- aria_grande
- Yandereboy12
- lhooper902976 (1 Self Vote)
- Foxy_Piplup
- FireX (1 Self Vote)
- Willdabeast22
- me2013
- Connor_ (2 Self Votes)
Lets begin the challenge.
*insert challenge here*
(holy shit with 11 players and 9 players, random.org loves you xD)
Willdabeast22 has now earned a 1 in 8 chance at winning.
For everyone else, one of you will be the 7th player voted out of the game.
Also, only ONE person suggested a tribe name idea, meaning the merge tribe name is...
KiAkaAo! Thanks me2013 for the idea!
Goodluck everyone.
9th - ???
10th - CalebDaBoss 4/2/2/1/1/1 (KiAkaAo Tribe/Ao Tribe/Aka Tribe)
11th - Cihan 2/1/1 (Ki Tribe/Aka Tribe)
12th - Rubes 2/1/1 (Ao Tribe/Ao Tribe)
13th - Cookie_13 3/1/1/1/1 (Aka Tribe)
14th - MizCrackHead 5/1/1/1 (Ao Tribe)
15th - Sloth_roman 2/2/2/1/1, 3/1/1 (Aka Tribe)
Players who are expelled will also not received proper placements, and will not be allowed to participate in the next season.


Blog Survivor S1 - Tribal Council 6

2 Wolven6974, Apr 22, 2018

Welcome to the first individual tribal council.
11 Players, 1 will go.
Well no. Actually 2 will go.
Because someone is now expelled from the game for not voting for a 3rd time.
as Willdabeast22 has immunity, they cannot be voted.
(9 out of the 11 players voted! Thank you to everyone who voted)
Lets reveal the votes...
1st Vote...
CalebDaBoss (self vote)
2nd Vote...
stamernimd (3rd self vote - EXPELLED)
3rd Vote...
4th Vote...
5th Vote...
6th Vote...
7th Vote...
stamernimd (Expelled)
8th Vote...
9th Vote...
10th Vote...
Final Vote...
The 6th player voted out of Blog Survivor S1 and the 1st member of the jury,
CalebDaBoss, its time for you to go.
And Also, expelled from the game, stamernimd, its time for you to go.
With 9 votes, this tribal was fairly messy, though a group of people voted together, either by chance or by startegy. Its gonna be fun to see what happens from here on.
- chipolates12 (1 Self Vote)
- aria_grande
- Yandereboy12
- lhooper902976 (1 Self Vote)
- Foxy_Piplup
- FireX (1 Self Vote)
- Willdabeast22
- me2013
- Connor_ (2 Self Votes)
11th - CalebDaBoss 4/2/2/1/1/1 (Merge/Ao Tribe/Aka Tribe)
12th - Cihan 2/1/1 (Ki Tribe/Aka Tribe)
13th - Rubes 2/1/1 (Ao Tribe/Ao Tribe)
14th - Cookie_13 3/1/1/1/1 (Aka Tribe)
15th - MizCrackHead 5/1/1/1 (Ao Tribe)
16th - Sloth_roman 2/2/2/1/1, 3/1/1 (Aka Tribe)
Players who are expelled will also not received proper placements, and will not be allowed to participate in the next season.


Rate my avi and I'll rate yours!

15 JackEdgeAKAtheEdge, Apr 21, 2018

(copying Aquaria LOL)
Maxi1234 - 7/10. It's...not bad. I just feel like it could be better. I don't really know how to explain it because I'm bad at life xD
Birks4444 - 7/10. Good, but the mouth pushed it down a point e.e
Paige5459 - 10/10. Not only does it look amazing, but I get good memories from looking at it, soooooo.... But TBH you probably would've gotten 10/10 no matter what just for the thought I get from the avi :P
JonMcGillis - 8/10. Original. Amazing. Iconic.
Philip13 - 6/10. I don't like Chrissy. But then I found out she was in Mensa, as am I, so 6/10 rather than 3/10 :P
jackyboy - 9/10. The immunity necklace halfway covering up the Survivor logo irks me. Other than that good avi.
GoodKaren - 10/10. Ugh one of my favorite avis. Cute and just amazing in general :)
FireX - 9.8/10. You need a mouth design that fits the avi. Once you get that it'll be amazing. The current one is too bland I think.
Vlad21 - 7.5/10. I don't care much for the shirt and I don't think the smile goes as well with the shades as it could, but it's not bad.
burgerman2929292 - 6/10. OMG It's...weird.
cotbey - 9.99/10. Amazing. Really good. There's just something that makes it seems a tiny bit away from perfect.
JustJoeybtw - 7/10. Best you can really get without any designs.


Reality Battle S1 Contestant Submission

6 twoshawn3, Apr 21, 2018

Format: For 3 days every week, the teams will batttle for saftey and 3 teams will win. Now the elimination part will switch between the episodes. One way is that members of the safe team will nominate a teammate, not a coach, of the unsafe teams. Then those two will compete to for saftey. The other way, which will be done when there is only 3 teams left, is the coach of that losing team will pick one person from their team to go up for elimination the everyone safe will vote for on of them to go. When a coach runs out of team members, that coach will be eliminated. The finale will be diffrent depending on the season, but the coach with his/her teamates left will win, earining them 1 Million Dollars and the teamates earning 500K.
And here is what you need for this applications.
A Main Coach: (Big Brother USA or Canada/ Survivor US/ The Challenge/ Amazing Race/ Bad Girls Club)
4 fake players (2 boys and 2 girls)
Team Color
==Team Rupert (Green)===
Coach: Rupert Boneham
-Hoop Dancer
-Ivan Murphy
-Lola Drama
-Rachell Prince
==Team Tanisha (Red)===
Coach: Tanisha Thomas
-Aisha Evison
-Emily Anne Greening
-Joshua Donskoy Shinns
-Matthew Pottage
==Team Andrea (Yellow)===
Coach: Andrea Boehlke
-Tomass Penny
-Olivia Brown
-Alex Hughes
-Jess Eastwell
==Team Dan (Blue)===
Coach: Dan Gheesling
-Micheal Fumus
-Savannah Goodings
-Greg Handle
-Daphne Hoggi
==Team ???===
Tags (Since I don't know how to)


Two's Big Brother S2

0 twoshawn3, Apr 21, 2018

I've been working it on this all day (I know there is no story about it but I'll do it for the next season) Now I need you guys to vote a man and woman for AFP (America's player) and tell me your opinion of it.


Adele's Animal Big Brother- Season 1 Episode..

12 adeleadele, Apr 21, 2018

Bigger Cast Picture- https://imgur.com/a/JsqqdBC
Chart- https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qN8BPZzOuwAKSBJb5KVG9pItOC0u2RXl9-8u_qQ0ZOk/edit?usp=sharing
+ This blog plz and ask if u wanna be tagged!
Giant Panda (Bear)
Yorkshire Terrier (Dog)
Rothschild's Giraffe (Giraffe)
4th Andean Flamingo (Flamingo) 7-6- Jury Member #6
5th Borzoi (Dog) 9-7- Jury Member #5
6th Silver Fox (Fox) 10-8-8-8 (Random.Orged out)- Jury Member #4
7th Knabstrupper (Horse) 10-8-8-8- Jury Member #3
8th- Raccoon (Raccoon) 7-4- Jury Member #2
9th King Penguin (Penguin) 8-7- Jury Member #1
10th Asian Elephant (Elephant) 7-6
Votes close when blog expires!


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