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Cast of RPDR UK (Ranked)

4 aria_grande, Aug 21, 2019

Looking at the cast already its going to be a good season with a few robberies along the way.
I am ranking them on their look for the cast photo not on what i think they will place
1st: The Vivienne: This will be unpopular i just know it but honestly you look the best out of all the queens and are giving me a really high fashion queen. In your photo you look very much like ariel Versace which can be a good thing but also a bad thing if you keep basing it off of her
2nd: Cheryl Hole: I really like how you present yourself and by just looking at your outfit you can tell you will be a front runner for the season. You are really good at makeup as i feel you have a subtle talent to you which makes you really stand out from the rest. When we have a snatch game i cant wait for you.
3rd: Gothy Kendoll; Ok i definately think you and Crystal get along together as i feel that you both will have the same kind of style. How you have presented yourself i feel that you are a really good make-up artist and also your giving me Alexis Michelle vibes with a smidge of Nina Flowers.
4th: Crystal: With your look your giving me Adore Delano vibes from the ball in her season and i feel that outfit is amazing. I feel that you will go far in the competition but she may find it hard to break through a design like that.
5th: Scaredy Cat: Now i had to read your bio or you as i know you are the special one. I kind of like you as you give me Valentina vibes as you have been only doing drag for a year but with your look, i feel that you have pushed the boat out with how you look as its rwally eye catching.
6th: Blu Hydrangea: I like how eccentric you are with your makeup as it really complements your outfit but there is something that reminds me of Blair st clair from RPDR Season 10 but not in a good way.
7th: Divina De Campo: I like the name and your makeup skills but the dress looks quite cheap. I feel that you could be getting an early boot and i feel that you wont be very remembered.
8th: Sum Ting Wong: Your a meh and honestly it looks like you over pad yourself to make yourself abnormally large. Also your acting too show girly as it looks like you could pin it back a bit
9th: Baga Chipz: By looking at her cast photo look, her makeup is bland and plain. I wished she had something that is not immediately in your face as i feel that how she has done her makeup is too defining 
10th: Vinegar Strokes: Sorry but her name is disgusting to start with and in her cast photo she is blantly ugly in it and honestly i dont like her makeup skills AT ALL.
Now what i think for placements:
1st: Cheryl Hole
2nd: Crystal
3rd: Baga Chipz
4th: The Vivienne
5th: Gothy Kendoll
6th: Blu Hydrangea
7th: Vinegar Strokes
8th: Scaredy Cat
9th: Divina De Campo
10th: Sum Ting Wong
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✼ PYN and ill tell you how you'll do on..

14 patricenka9, Aug 21, 2019

ColinCoco - 11/14 - I feel like you would be a good queen who would like simplicity and be safe the entire time, until you would not get dramatic enough for production and would land in the bottom and get sent home on your first lipsync.
Akeria - 5/14 - I feel like you would be really iconic and would look like "instagram drag queen" . you would probably have a shady edit and would be problematic but no one would deny you were fierce, you would maybe land in the top a few times and be low once, lipsyncing i feel like you would work it but would only send one girl home, then your next lipsync you would be send home and would have a bitchy exit line that would make viewers stan, the next miss vanjie.
piesyumyyumypies - 14/14 - I feel like you would ty your best but everyone else would just be another level, you would try and be relavant but it wouldn't make you stay a little longer, you would loose in the first lipsync and bow out gracefully, getting everyones respect.
Prague - 6/14 - you would be a really relatable queen, with a funny personality, you would be meme material and you would have a brand on being T H I C C. you would definetely be nice to everyone but if a bitch tried you her wig would be off. i feel like you would win 2 challanges, and was high about once, then i feel like you would be low like 3 times and get eliminated on your first lipsync unfairly, causing you to be a huge contender for all stars.
Rubber - 13/14 - I feel like you would be the bottom first episode then eliminated the next kind of queen, you would be really cautios of your competition but i cant tell you much since i dont know about you, you would probably be a filler but would have a redemption arc at the finale.
GothicZebra - 2/14 - You would be the most fashionable queen on the race ever and would become a fashion model after you left and would be a celebrity, you would never look bad and would win 3 challanges, all fashion ones, you would then be high twice for a musical and for a roast. however you would follow Miss Fame's fate and be low a couple of times due to not being the best at some stuff, you would slay the runway everytime and would be a drag race legend, people would also consider you robbed and compare you to kim chi.
lexeyjane - 9/14 -  you would be cursed with the 9th place curse, a queen that is great but at top 9 something happens where she goes home. you would be high your entire time apart from being safe before the episode you leave. you would be a lethal sweetheart and that would be the thing keeping you on a little longer, when it coems to your first lipsync you get sent home by a lipsync assasin and have a fierce stunt where you spray around fake blood or something, gagging the judges but somehow still loose, a trixie vs pearl kinda moment.
Macda27 - 6/14 - You would do really well at the..


Murder Rooms Day 4 The Revival

2 ColinCoco, Aug 21, 2019

1)Brendan ( Tommy123)
2)Norie ( Gay_Horse_)
5)Ryan ( winners1)
6)Donte ( camell22)
8)Bobby ( bklimas)
9)Wrestler ( wrestler3102)
11)Nick ( nnewman3)
12)Kyla ( Kindred7)
14)Nathan ( Nathorix)
15)Victoria ( Miss_ShugaCain23)
17)Mac ( Macda27)
18)Steven ( sbmorasch)
3)Megan ( adamslater19) 18th (Head got cut off)
13)Luca ( LiukBB) 17th (Burnt Alive)
10)Nave ( NaveTreeMen) 16th (Stabbed in the heart)
4)Earth Worm ( ShaneDawson12345) 15th (Shot by a ballista)
7)Malachite ( malachite05) 14th (Poisoned)
16)Shelly ( ThickyVicky456) 13th (Turned to stone)
Other Characters:
Colin ( ColinCoco)
Colin:The person being revived is...
Earth Worm.
*Colin puts the rest of the cards in the box he keeps holding then strums the harp*
Colin:Happy 1 month anniversary
Kyla:What did you say?
Colin:Oh! Um nothing
Brendan:If you say so guy who invited us to die.
*Colin looks pissed off at Brendan but ignores him*
10 Minutes later
After waiting for 10 minutes in the room the door suddenly opens and on the other side of the room is Earth Worm holding the very thing that killed him
Bobby:What are you holding?
Earth Worm:I dont remember...
Wrestler:Do you remember being shot by a ballista?
*Flash Back to Earth Worms death*
*Earth Worm suddenly remembers something*
Earth Worm: Guys Foll-
Brendan:So what happened after you died?
Earth Worm:Well I had to sign this contract but that doesn't matter right now!
*Earth Worm leaves the room and heads to the locks (Yes its now locks) and the group follows*
Earth Worm:Wrestler put the key you got here. *Points to a lock*
*Wrestler puts the key in and immediately pulls it put as the lock suddenly unlocks itself.*
Wrestler:So it did work.
*Wrestler looks suspiciously at Earth Worm as he somehow knew the key was on him*
Room Reveal time!
2 rooms are here the  Main Bed and the Basement (Where Luca died).
Room List:
Dining Room
Main Hall
2nd Floor Hall
Storage Room
Anvil Room
Main Bed
WHAT TO DO: Send me which room you wanna go to but Mac and Ryan


Random.org Big Brother POV (Day 3)

0 ColinCoco, Aug 21, 2019

1.Ok ( OkSteven) HOH
2.Matt ( mbarnish1)
3.My name( NotAfraid)
4.Krystyana ( CalebDaBoss)
5.Jake ( ItzKarzonTime)
6.Earth Worm (Nickname:EW) Nom
( ShaneDawson12345)
7.Nitty ( KourtneyKardash)
8.Bobby ( Bklimas) (Summary:Appeares too much on my blogs)
9.Kairos ( Blogmaster)
10.Nick ( Nnewman3)
11.Calvin ( Answeriiiiii)
12.Yeet ( Yeet)
13.Mark ( Piesyummyyummypies) Nom
14.Colin ( ColinCoco)
Welcome back everybody to Random.org Big Brother!
Today will be the POV! As we all know about big brother tradition our HoH and Noms will be taking part along side 3 other houseguests those people are...
And Krystyana!
Now welcome to our Pov Competition this is a simple Pov Competition called The Amazing Race.
You will be racing against each other and the last person to make it each round is out. The person in 1st for each round but the 4th and 5th round get Immunity for the next round.
Round 1
1st Krystyana
2nd EW
3rd Ok
4th Calvin
5th Nick
6th Mark
Mark is out and Krystyana is immune for the next Round.
Round 2
1st Calvin
2nd Nick
3rd EW
4th Krystyana (IMMUNE)
5th Ok
Ok is out and Calvin is Immune for the next round
Round 3
1st Calvin
2nd EW
3rd Nick
4th Krystyana
Krystyana is out and Calvin is immune again.
Round 4
1st Nick
2nd EW
3rd Calvin (Immune)
As Calvin is immune the person out is EW
Final Round
1st Calvin
2nd Nick
Sorry Nick you were close but Calvin won this one.
So thats it yea no more to show.


ParaSpoons Ep.4

3 Paralox, Aug 20, 2019

This is spoons, 8 contestants go in and every week someone that is not you is going to say a name and that player is safe for the week is safe.
Gay_Horse_  4th
bassmaster1013 2nd
ColinCoco 1st
Prague 3rd
Brandonpinzu  OUT
8th: Hellocat
7th: Thirteen
6th: ShaneDawson12345
#casting #spoons #ParaSpoons



0 MissVanjiee, Aug 20, 2019

#casting #dragrace #rupaul


Ricochet Season 2 Ep 2: Torn Relations

1 aria_grande, Aug 20, 2019

Main Characters:
1. Kimmy Mcfallen 34 aria_grande
2. Olivia Newton 19 saskiarae
3. Billy bvance1212
4. Summer Whitner 23 tizian
5. Keizo Toru 36 foxy_piplup
6. Michael Yelps 56 [UNASSIGNED]
7. Carlie Pollux 22 calebdaboss
8. Topaz Dier 59 [UNASSIGNED]
9. Jay Chase 19 macda27
10. Alexandra Bell 45 katherinee_
11. Rosie Jordan 36 [UNASSIGNED]
Supporting Characters:
1. Matthew Barnish 29 mbarnish1
2. Rose-Maria Ortiz 43 rosemaria
3. Nox Abernathy colincoco
4. Saskia Newton 19 saskiarae
5. Michelle so 22 tizian
6. Autumn Winters 34 captainzacsparrow
7. Chance Pollux 5 mudkipzftw
8. Charlie Chase 18 UNASSIGNED
9. Noah Laous, 16 novamax243
Guest stars: (Only in flashback):
1. Annabelle Ramsey
2. Xavier "Munchies" Much
3. Eli Ortiz
*Interactive question: 65% voted for Noah to stay with Alexandra and Rosie
Episode 2: Torn relations
::::Scene 1::::
Noah walks behind Rosie and Alexandra with his backpack slung over one shoulder. The other two dont really notice him as they whisper to each other.
Noah: So you want me to stay with you guys? Or not
Alexandra: Yea if you want to. Strength in numbers if you know what i mean.
Rosie: I agree you seem a strong asset and well you saved me so yea.
Noah: Where we off to then?
Alexandra: I feel we need to find a bigger group to survive in.
Rosie: Yes i agree with you as we may be able to survive better. But we need to remember we put each other first and not anyone else.
Noah: Your right. Us 3 are first and thats that.
Noah walks beside Alexandra as they carry on walking through a park. Noah sees the zombie ahead looking at Rosie.
Noah: Rosie, go kill that zombie.
Alexandra: Yeah do it. You need the training sorry.
Alexandra hands her knife as Rosie looks extremely cautious about it with her hands trembling.
Rosie: You really think i can do it?
Noah: Yes you can. I assure you We are here if you need us
Rosie: Ok
Rosie looks scared as the zombie heads towards her. She looks at the zombie dead on into her eyes seeing nothing. No emotion. No feeling. Nothing but just an eyeball which makes her want to kill more as she tears a knife straight through the zombies head.
Rosie: I did it.
Rosie takes the knife out as the zombie falls to the ground.
Alexandra: Lets go.
:::::Scene 2:::::
Olivia and Saskia are in their house making some food that they collected earlier from the morning. Olivia is cooking food while Saskia stays back
Olivia: The food is nearly ready.
Saskia: Okay cool
Saskia disappears going to her bedroom fixing the sheets back onto her bed and straightens her room out. Olivia notices Saskia going off to clean up.
Olivia: Can you make my bed as well please?
Saskia: Do it yourself?
Olivia: Please i am making..


Big Brother: Summer Vacation {Episode 11:..

1 Gay_Horse_, Aug 20, 2019

Previously on; Big Brother : Summer Vacation..
It was revealed to the house that someone had used their carepackage in the game. Bobby B. rightfully won HOH for the double eviction week. Tonight, not only will we learn the 4 nominations for this week, we will be learning something else.
Jasoi - Jasoi
Nave - NaveTreeMen
Bobby Y - ybbob
Justin - jussy007
Aimee - Amnesia_
Mark - piesyumyyumypies
Bengie - countrysavage
Megan - Megan
Tim - TimmyTube
Wrestler - wrestler3102
Bobby B. - bklimas
12TH - Lightning - ChristanPotenza (2-2, random.org): EP. 8 | HOUSE UMI
11TH - ????? (?-?): EP 16 | HOUSE ?????
10TH - ????? (?-?): EP 24 | HOUSE ?????
9TH - ????? (?-?): EP 32 | HOUSE ?????
8TH - ????? (?-?): EP 40| HOUSE ?????
- - - - - - - - - - MERGE - - - - - - - - - - -
7TH - ????? (?-?): EP 48 | HOUSE ?????
6TH - ????? (?-?): EP 56 | HOUSE ?????
5TH - ????? (?-?): EP 64 | HOUSE ?????
4TH - ????? (?-?): EP 72 | HOUSE ?????
3RD - ????? (?-?): EP 80 |HOUSE ?????
2ND - ????? (?-?): N/A |HOUSE ?????
1ST - ????? (?-?): N/A |HOUSE ?????
Immunity: House Suna
HOH: Megan
Pre-POV Nominees: (random.org) Nave & Jasoi
POV: Justin
Aimee is brought into House Umi
Bobby B. is brought into House Suna
POV Decision: Used on Jasoi
Replacement Nominee: Lightning
Post-POV Nominees: Nave & Lightning
Evicted: Lightning (2*-2, random.org)
House immunity: House Suna
HOH: Bobby B.
Nominations: ??? and ??? and ??? and ???
Bobby B: Houseguests, please come to the kitchen for the nomination ceremony. I have decided that the first nominee is..
Bobby Y. The second nominee is..
Aimee. The third nominee is...
Nave. The final nominee is...
Justin. Bobby Y, Aimee, Nave and Justin, you are all nominees for the week.
With remorse, we have to tell you all that one of you have hit 6 strikes for inactivity and must leave immediately. That person is in House Suna.
It is not..
Mark. It is not..
Wrestler. It is not..
Bobby B. It is not..
Timmy. That leaves us with Bengie and Megan. The houseguest ejected is..
Megan. Megan, pack your stuff and leave immediately.
Let's reflect on your time in the Big Brother house.;
You were an inact from the get-go and it was random.org HOH that got you here. You did nothing that entire time and it was basically a random.org..


Escape the night episode 10 (Finale)

7 SeaViper, Aug 20, 2019

The final showdown/ sacrifices
*Iman puts the final key into the machine. In a flash, he is gone. He machine displays a big 3 at the top*
Sea: Oh no no, you aren't getting away with this!
*Drew starts coughing*
Drew: We need to get out of here!
*The four stand by the machine. Nothing happens*
Colin: Wait, wasn't that a four earlier?
Niko: Yeah, it was!
Drew: When Iman disappeared, it became a three!
Sea: I got it! The machine only has enough power to send back three of us. One must stay behind!
Colin: But, that person would die!
Drew: We need to decide quickly, I'm dying!
Sea: I'll stay! I got you into this mess, and I'll get you out of it!
Niko: Sea, no!
Sea: Niko, I'm staying!
Luna: We'll get out of this house, we promise!
*Sea shoves Niko into the machine. She disappears. The number changes to a two*
Sea: Go, both of you!
Drew: No!
Sea: GO!
Colin: Sea, stop playing the hero!
*Luna pushes Colin into the machine. The number changes to one*
Sea: Go, Drew
Drew: Sea...goodbye, it was nice to meet you!
Sea: Nice to meet you too, Drew!
*Drew touches the machine. She disappears. Iman's voice spreads around the room*
Iman: Hello
Sea: We aren't making any deals with you!
*Sea starts to cough*
Sea: We'd rather die!
Iman: But this isn't a deal! It's mandatory! I'm not letting you just die, you must go through more pain first!
*The landscape starts to change. Sea and Luna start floating in the air. A building starts materializing around them, along with nine figures*
Iman: Good luck getting out of time!
*The room becomes clearer. Windows. The room appears to be a living room. The nine people start to gather in a circle*
Iman: Here are nine of your best friends, trapped in time with you! Forever!
*Iman's voice goes, and the figures start to become people, all of which Sea recognizes*
Megan: Sea?
Mark: How did you get here? How did we get here?
Xoclin: Where's my brother? He was last seen with you!
Sea: He's safe, Xoclin
Kat: Well, how do we get out of here
*Kat heads over to the window*
Amara: Well, we could-
*Kat screams as Luna pulls her away from the window. A rock comes through the window, smashing it. Everyone looks out of the window. Below, people are walking in a rebellion, throwing rocks and sticks on fire at things. A city surrounds them*
Rosaline :Looks like London to me!
Pheobe: Yeah, but this isn't modern day, just look at their outfits!
*People are carrying signs down below*
Lucaso: I know where and when we are!
Amara: Care to tell?
Lucaso: 1992, the middle of the uprising against tax!
Zachary: Tax, everyone's favorite thing!
Sea: Great, what do we do?
Luna: We escape the time!
Sea staying behind is the result of me..


Random.org Big Brother Nominations 1 (Day 2)

1 ColinCoco, Aug 20, 2019

1.Ok ( OkSteven) HOH
2.Matt ( mbarnish1)
3.My name( NotAfraid)
4.Krystyana ( CalebDaBoss)
5.Jake ( ItzKarzonTime)
6.Earth Worm (Nickname:EW) ( ShaneDawson12345)
7.Nitty ( KourtneyKardash)
8.Bobby ( Bklimas) (Summary:Appeares too much on my blogs)
9.Kairos ( Blogmaster)
10.Nick ( Nnewman3)
11.Kevin ( Answeriiiiii)
12.Yeet ( Yeet)
13.Mark ( Piesyummyyummypies)
14.Colin ( ColinCoco)
Welcome back everybody to Random.org Big brother today 2 things will happen
1.Nomination Ceremony
2.Random Island
So the first 2 people being nominated are EW and Mark sorry you guys
Now onto Random island is where our evicted (Not permenantly) are sent everytime somebody is sent to Random Island something Random happens like no POV or something (Yes its based on SeaViper's Tengaged Island)


Random.Org Big Brother 3 - Nominations 1

2 Wolven6974, Aug 20, 2019

Ive been excited for this. We have the HOH nominees set, as well as most of the house nominee votes. It's now time to find out who will the first three to be nominated this season.
But before we continue, I need to address a few things.
1. BB will now be referred to as Cole. I'm only allowing the name change as it is very early on in the season and they didn't actually give a name to go by originally.
2. Three players will be earning strikes as a result of not voting. These three are Shane, Jake and X.
3. I have been needing to address this for over two seasons now. You cannot change something once you send it in. Whether you send me a vote or usage of any power, there are no take backs. Once you send a decision in, you have to commit to that choice.
Thats it for now. Let's get on with the Nomination Ceremony.
~~~The Cast~~~
Shane | ShaneDawson12345  | STRIKES - X / /
Tinkerbell | Tinkerbelll
Mark | piesyumyyumypies
Colin | ColinCoco
Tristin | Baseball03
Yeet | yeet
Kairos | Blogmaster
Jake | ItzKarzonTime | STRIKES - X / /
Cole | BBFan44
Gillian | ghb2003
Mac | Macda27
Mykel | CheapCheep
X | FireX  | STRIKES - X / /
Billy | Bvance1212
Tristin, as the HOH it's your duty to nominate two players for the first eviction of the season.
It's now time to reveal who you chose to nominate. I will be doing this different, as I will reveal who are the nominees only, instead of who is safe.
With that said, Tristin's first nominee is...
Tristin's second nominee is...
But now its time to reveal the House Nominee. Thank you to everyone who sent in votes.
THe player chosen to be the House Nominee is...
That means, our first set of nominees for this season are;
X ( FireX), Billy ( Bvance1212) and Jake ( ItzKarzonTime)
With that, this Nomination Ceremony is adjourned.
I wish you all goodluck in the POV. May the luckiest win.
~~~Audience Tags~~~ (If you want to be tagged, just let me know.)


Things to improve Tengaged

2 Robbie626, Aug 20, 2019

1. Hunger Payouts
1st: 140K - 300T$
2nd: 70K - 150T$
3rd: 50K - 100T$
4th: 40K - 50T$
5th: 30K - 40T$
6th: 25K - 30T$
7th: 20K - 20T$
8th: 15K - 20T$
9th: 10K - 20T$
10th: 8K - 20T$
11th: 6K - 0T$
12th: 4K - 0T$
13th: 3K - 0T$
14th: 2K - 0T$
15th: 1K - 0T$
Inspired by Duel payout only players who made halfway can get karma and T$. Top 10 should get their T$ back.
2. Change Hunger Enrollment like Stars
Price starts at 20T$ and color level can decrease allowing players below red to enroll ensuring the game wait time is reduced.
3. Allow players to enroll in 2 of the same type games (Casting and Rookies) again. I am a huge casting fan and would help increase enrollment.
4. Allow T$ gifting by purchase only. $1.99 you can buy 50T$ for winning a group game. The special price is for another player.
5. Reduce the design lab day change to 12 hours maximum and not 24 hours to increase more auctions.
6. Add a Tengaged court again.
7. Add IP games for spanish and brasil users like you did for English users on .es (I am all for diversity but you removed their community and they deserve a fair game in their native language.
I been playing on here since 2011. randomize please consider this.


The World Makes Sense Again

6 AnnieA, Aug 19, 2019

Who even are you, Malaya_?
"Favorite Big Brother Houseguests!
1. Holly Allen - Season 21
2. Jessica Milagros - Season 21
3. Cody Nickson - Season 19
4. Jessica Graf - Season 19
5. Elissa Slater - Season 15"
No wonder you suck at Fastings, hunty lmao
"Favorite TV Shows!
1. Original Charmed (1998 - 2006)
2. 7th Heaven (1996 - 2007)
3. Sabrina The Teenage Witch (1996 - 2003)
4. Reboot Charmed (2018 - Present)
5. Cheer Squad (2016)"
Also, no one cares... *eye roll*


Total Drama (1/22)

0 MarthaSpeaks, Aug 19, 2019

Looking for a fresh start? A place to make your mark? There's 1 more group game series for you to try your luck in.
You can either wait for me to handpick you and invite you personally or you can jump right in and apply today! I have handpicked 5 applicants so far, that list is slim so you might not get a chance at all if you wait for that.
The 1st game will begin as soon as enough valid applications are met. The first game will be whichever one fills first.


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